He hasn't watched the 7500+ episodes of Sazae-San

>He hasn't watched the 7500+ episodes of Sazae-San
What's your excuse for not being japanese and watching the most important anime ever made?

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Can't fap to this.

I'm not Japanese. Didn't say "Desu" enough times.

Sure it's long running and popular, but is it actually important?

>It has been broadcast every Sunday from 6:30 to 7:00 p.m.
who watches this. and how is there enough material for 7k+ eps of 30 minutes each

How possible is it to even do that? The author didn't allow any sort of merchandise deal, not even home video. Am I seriously going to watch like 7500 tapes?

>who watches this
Nips who have been following the series since they were kids and want their children to watch it too

>How possible is it to even do that
Kill yourself and pray to be reborn japanese

>who watches this
Pretty much the entire nation watches it

it airs at 6 am for fucks sake

Do you know how to read? It airs at 6:30 PM, which is pure primetime

Its pm not am

Do you not know the difference between AM and PM?

I actually watched the 2200th episode 50 minutes special about beigoma and going to a town in Fukushima. It's like a much more boring Doraemon.

To be fair, the have a deal where they can't really air the episodes outside of tv.
So you pretty much do have to either be japanese or somewhat find bootleg tapes.

Is this the nip Simpsons?

what a pleb

The Nipsons.

Sazae-San isn't as mean spirited and doesn't have the social satire angle, nor celebrity of week.

There are two different types of anime. The otaku shit, which is most of what gets discussed on Sup Forums, is essentially a late-night infomercial. The main networks aren't airing anything else during those hours, so they sell the timeslots to whoever wants to buy them. Once an anime company has paid for the timeslot, they're free to do whatever the hell they want with the 30 minutes. They're not forced to put in commercials or anything, so they use most of the commercial time to advertise anime merchandise, LNs from the same parent company, soundtrack CDs, other anime from the studio, ect. They don't get any money from these kinds of commercials (outside of the few sponsor commercials), so they rely almost entirely on merchandise sales to pay for the cost of making the anime. That's why DVD sales are such a big deal for these shows.

The other kind are picked up and aired by the network itself, rather than just being paid programming. The network buys these shows to air on their channel, then sells commercial time to various advertisers to make up the cost. This is also how nearly all television works in the west. Long-running shows like Conan and Sazae-San both fall under this category. As long as tons of people are watching them, they can charge a lot for commercial time because so many people will see the commercials. It's also worth noting that shorter anime sometimes get aired this way, although it's very rare. Kaiji is one of the few examples I know of.

I'm watching daily Doraemon lately.
Best Anime ever

aww i remember doraemon and that cute song

ever noticed how doraemon's latin voice is kinda like mickey mouse?
oh the irony

>not castilian or catalan

Looks like the anime version of Caillou.

It sounds pretty fucking boring, I've never seen a single episode and have no desire to.

It's not like it's a question to you people. You either do or you can't.

The Simpsons should seriously someday do a couch gag with Sazae's family on the couch. Maybe for their 30th anniversary/Sazae's 50th next year.

Fuck, will the moon landing really have been half a century ago by next year?

I've never seen an episode of this in my life but whenever someone abbreviates Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei as SZS I always read it as Sazae-San at first and I'm not sure why.

I'm liking the adventure episodes a lot
Similar to the movies

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I want to watch some of the movies but I can't find good subs for any of the older ones

>What's your excuse for not being japanese

I don't want to be a subhuman

>and watching the most important anime ever made?

I'd prefer to overdose watching the original Dallas of all things.

That's no way to talk about the masterrace you white pig

im a proud western man. and i love forks

Yes we can

>That's no way to talk about the masterrace you white pig

Were it not for the white masterrace you yellow-fags would be still be living in mud houses.

I got to watch some episodes.
It was ok but there is another show airing right before, that's basically a clone and kinda better as far as I remenber.

kek. i mean, they're not nigger-tier, and sometimes quite based, but still...


Shin-Chan is often great though.

Not shin-chan and honestly I don't know how it's called.
It's about a little girl and her familly, art style is simillar to sazae, same short stories and feeling. Really, it's a sazae clone.

Shin Chan is the shit, also Sazae San is pretty "comfy", nips known how to entertain kids.

The gas station clerks and cafeteria workers who watch the Simpsons wouldn't get that reference.

Chibi Maruko Chan, which also is the shit.

I'd rather watch Maruko-chan, Doraemon, Ojarumaru if I didn't need subs

Yeah I think that's it.

>The Nipsons.
Underrated post.

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You'll never be Japanese enough to enjoy it properly.

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It's feminist.