Who is the best anime mom in your opinion?

Who is the best anime mom in your opinion?

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Whichever ones manage to avoid death by flashback scene.

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That new seasonal one from Fate is looking the best.


Minase Akiko
That dojinshit is canon to me

>tfw you're too old to experience the /ss/ life
If i ever get isekei'd I'm totally going to start seducing girls and women when I'm like 6.

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The hell are you talking about?

5/5 doujin

Sachiko. Hands down.

Even if you don't care for the series, she was so well done and likable.

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It's a tie for me between Medusa Gorgon and Ragyo Kiryuin; tough choice.


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>not recognizing the art style
What a newfag.

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I want her to arrest me.

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Maybe the ReLife program can expand to shotaification.

>jyogi one

>fucked in the head
I-I love my mommy

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this is one hell of a fetish amalgam

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the what?

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Female koyomi :o

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>tfw you will never be able to quench the thirst that pic related causes inside of you

Whenever I think about anime moms she's always the first one that pops into my head. Rinko is the second

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Winner winner

Ya-chan was fucking hot. Shame there wasn't more focus on her

Wait whos that? Araragi's mother? When she appearded?

Mama Raikou, obviously.

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>This will never EVER be you

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Why there is steam getting out from her ass?

I want to give Ryuji a little sister

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How can any mom compete?

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It's steam from the steamed clam

>armpit hair

mamaragi :3

Hentai manga suggestions????

>milf hair

Well, you can always fix that yourself if you're such a barbarian.

>it doesn't activate the caveman part of your brain

You have to go away.

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Moms belong to their sons

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This. Mom x Son is the purest form of love.

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best mom

I don't like it, it just feels wrong to me.

And yet she belongs to a shit ton of other guys since she's a literal prostitute.

what a faggot


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Anime when?

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You are in the right user, dont listen to these disgusting fags. They probably like chest hair in women too.

I remember this.
Did it turn out to be really boring or something?

>comparing chest to armpit hair
found the pedo, bet you also hate pubic hair

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I love it when the parents of the MC adore MC's friends and love interests.

The first volume was surprisingly good, I hope vol 2 gets translated soon.

No, pubic hair is a must. But I hate how every time I want to look at pubes pics they also add that gay ass armpit hair.

Did they fug?

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Nah it's pretty fun, it's just the LN has stopped being translated and the manga is 17 pages every 6 weeks.

Grumpy MC who just wants a fun Isekai experience but has his clingy mum adventure with him when she can oneshot every monster and about 50% of her dialogue is unknowingly suggestive.

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Lazy drawfag here. Removed the pit hair, couldn't be fucked to properly blend the shading though.

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you missed the other pit

BnHA mom is simple but still attractive

I'm thirsty af of her now

Well shit. I was almost half way there

I need her now

Fixed it.

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the mom from that adult swim orignal show with the purple hair

You posted her

There's only one answer and you all bloody well know it

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If it were half as good as you're implying it would be way more popular.
Gaijins are thirsty as fuck for mommy milkies.

Where did this bitch even come from? The anime? Or the ultra sun/moon games? She wasnt in the first sun game.

anime, it's the "teasing daughter about his male friend" type

Nekomonogatari White Episode 4

fuaakkk what was the souce to this
i saw it once

I want to steal her away from her husband

I've read the first volume.
It's terrible.
Boring plot which make SAO look like the Iliad, annoying side-characters, lame humour with a shitload of bad puns,... The mom is cute and the illustrations are great.
If this is popular, it only shows how much people are desperate for lewd moms.

Komi dad would kill you before you even thought about it

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Dude, I might enjoy geting pumped by strong men in all my orifices while wearing cute outfits but at least I am not THIS gay


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It's worth it

that's the first time I've noticed the dad behind them

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It won some awards, it's doing pretty well.

Japan still hates older women.

Megumi's mom is pretty hot.

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Fgo has many cute babas

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