ITT: Anime tropes you love

>MC is on the ropes by the antag
>Starts to explain how he's at a disadvantage due to the antags abilities

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>Fighting. The character is slowly, but steadily loosing control of the fight. Gets beaten down.
>Time for the shirt to get ripped off and make a epic comeback as he adapted to the enemies fighting style.

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Did Ryouma ever do that?

you mean every jojo fight ever?

Nah, but I didn't have a picture to fit the trope on me so I just went with one of my fav pics.

>Antagonist shows up while the MC is far away
>proceeds to beat the shit out of the side characters
>MC arrives and understandably pissed
>antagonist: "haha I beat them and I'm going to beat you too!"
>cue MC wiping the floor with the antagonist

>I'm only using __% of my true power

>protagonist is being pushed back by the big bad
>willpower builds up so high he becomes fucking insane
>everyone in the sidelines just stands in shock/terror at the MC brutally massacring the enemy

>protagonist deliberately doesn't use his power to full potential at all even though he easily could


>next major story arc
>opening plays second part of the song

So basically OPM?

why are these threads always filled with shonenfags?

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Because shounen is a genre built on tropes and made almost entirely of tropes. Some shounenfags are aware of this and tried to rationalize their shit taste with the 'it does its tropes well' meme, but it doesn't change the reality of things.

This I like some shonen tropes and such but trying to defend them and say it does it well is pretty stupid.

>they dust out an old prototype
>blows the fuck out of newer suits based from it
>keeps up with the MC

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>it goes in anyway

user I'm not sure if this is an anime trope...


>Starts to explain

Worst thing about shounen

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>Character gets red eyes
>Badass music starts to play
>Character starts wrecking shit

>character has sick as scarf

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Not sure if this counts as a tropes, but for some reason I love superpowers that consist of some kind of limb or substance coming from a character's back. Examples are the rinkaku from Tokyo Ghoul, diclonius vectors from Elfen Lied, and Crona's black blood from Soul Eater. Anyone know more cases of this?

Because other genre's tropes ammount to depression sex and daily activities.