Sora Yori

At a place further than the universe, what could possibly await us?

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with Kimari's hairtcut

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I literally had trouble seeing the last minutes because of all the tears.

It took me over an hour to finish the episode because I kept pausing to fight back the tears welling up in anticipation.
Then it fucking happened and I cried anyways.

The whole opening of the laptop scene hit me much harder than I thought it would.

This would have been a good enough ending for me.

Letters from the past.

If we had started the show from Shirase's perspective I think this would have bookended nicely.
But ostensibly, Kimari is still the main character and she's the one who will have to send us off next week.

Nice episode, but it's not as good as Soyorifags say.


She needs to be shaved.

Everytime I watch an episode im like
>This is not making me cry
>Ok yeah this is a bit sad but im not going to shed tears over this episode
>I will not cry
>I will not

>episode 13
>Shirase suddenly starts walking off to the mountains

To every user in this thread.

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>My third-rate idol can't be this cute.

Did Gin and Takako know that their funding had been cut and they would not be back the next year when they were leaving the observatory site for the last time?
Or was that cut a result of Takako losing her life?

>This would have been a good enough ending for me.
It was the ending. Next episode is probably more like an epilogue.

So how did all those explorers survive blizzard in the god damn 19th century without any steel motor vehicles and other equipment? Shit's crazy

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The death probably had something to do with it.
Risk is investor-repellant.

Many didn't.

The latter.

What? When did you all decide you were friends? Was it in a thread I wasnt invited?

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Now that this anime is almost over, it's time for the rankings.
Post yours, anons.
>I'll start.
Hinata > Yuzuki > Shirase > Kimari

How the fuck do they keep making home run after home run?

This is awkward, we just uh, forgot to invite you, you know how it is.

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It's kinda sad thinking how she had been feeling while writing the form. So desperate and scared of losing her first friends?

Hinata > Shirase > Yuzuzu > Kimari

Yuzuki = Hinata > Shirase > Kimari

They didn't; they fucking died

>1 msg in Takako's outbox
Oh no.

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Shirase > Hinata > Yuzuki > Kimari

Yuzuki > Kimari > Hinata > Shirase

Shirase > The others
All the girls are great though. There is no one that I dislike.

This show was so good. I'll really miss it when it's all over.

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Nudes to Gin

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Girls = alright.


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Hinata = Kimari = Yuzuki = Shirase

This is the only answer. The girls are perfectly balanced so that they are all likeable and my ranking was modified on every episode, so fuck it.

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Nudes of Gin to Shirase.

Someone make a strawpoll, I need data about which of these girls is most alright.

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The atmosphere of the mission and sharing it with you all was the best

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Why would you send your daughter her dad's junk?

It's rare to see an anime where all the characters are so great

Where do you want the Yoris go in S2?

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Isekai with the Yoris!

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So, what does 'Gin and Takako's daughter' mean?

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Remember calling Hinata fat and ugly?
I'll really miss Sora Yori threads

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There is no path.
Beyond the scope of light, beyond the reach of Dark…
…what could possibly await us?
And yet, we seek it, insatiably…
Such is our fate.

We still do call her fat and ugly though

>always wears shirts with food on them
>snow suit has a penguin on it

Uh oh

Its just like with you and princess, Ange. Futa

She is fat and ugly but it doesn't matter because she's our friend
I'm gonna miss these threads

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iPS cells
They even play Mahjong.

I'll miss Hinata's fat ugliness.

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she eats penguins

Give me screencaps of the episode so I dont have to take them myself.

Oh man, this show hits like a damn truck.

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But which one has it? This is important.

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let's make it official


Mahjong magic.

Gonna miss these threads. Post the earliest Sora Yori pic you saved

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I don't save that many pics b

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Hinata == Yuzuki == Shirase == Kimari > Megu

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Will it end with Kimari making up with the bitch or will it end with a timeskip where all the Yoris are old and are standing in front of the finished observatory?

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I started liking Hinata
But ended loving Yuzuki


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There are loads in this thread

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No, I refuse to dehydrate myself again.

Hinata, naturally

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Hinata has been my No. 1 since she showed up but right now...I dunno...

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It will take something like 5 years and the Yoris will still be at their 20s

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>I'll really miss Sora Yori threads
We'll all do, these were the best threads of the season and the best show of the season.


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Why does Shirase visit Hinata's room every night?

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for fun

because they are lovers

Somehow this is the first fanpic I saved

She's teaching her how to play mahjong.

To discuss pengins

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Forgot pic

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Wouldn't you need four players for that though?

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