Has a 10/10 waifu who would die for him. Chooses the yandere loli instead

Has a 10/10 waifu who would die for him. Chooses the yandere loli instead...

Why tho?

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Ginko a shit

Ginko a shit

>a 10/10 waifu
Maybe if she were half as old.

Ginko a shit

Ginko a shit.

Ginko? More like stinko.

I like Ginko, but Red Ai is cuter.

shirabi is shit


more like gets roped into it, but he still wouldn't choose Ginko, he's made it clear

Anime Ginko looks much better than the LN one because they left out a lot of the shitty stuff she did.

Just go to sleep already.

Ginko a shit

She was disgusting in the last episode.

Don't you get it already? Yaichi doesn't want any slut, no Ais, no Ginko, no Cake. He just wants to have weird Shogi matches with males.

By your metrics all the other girls, and I mean every single other girl, in that show are 100/10

because he's gay.

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You're calling someone gay while posting femdom material picture? This is funny.

ginkofags are brain damaged, no surprise there

Oh wow, I get it why people label her as the worst girl.

t. Still not watch it yet


All that's necessary for a 10/10

>a lolicon
>choose the loli
Gee, I wonder why

>ginko treats MC like a bitch
>ai treats MC as her owner

Obviously he has good taste.

Ginko a not shit.

Then what is she?



>Ginko a shit
Why there's no Shogicon option?

You don't need to post the link more than once, kill yourself, shit eater

a tree ^

Lolicon author. Of course the main heroine and loli will win.


a shitty shit shiiiiiiit.



She is a 2/10 at best.

Corrrection.The loli was told to fuck off and he had her move out of his house. He didn't pick her either.

>no Ginko a best option anyways

Why do so many people hate our queen Ginko-sama?

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Wouldn't make any sense if he's not picking her.

Ginko a shit!
Ginko a best!
Ginko a l__e!

>Picking either Ai or Ginko when they are both ugly and smelly hags

Probably people wouldn't hate her even if she was a cunt to MC as long as she wasn't jealous of the lolis.

I don't. I love Ginko. Ginko is best girl.

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Both Ais are miles better than Shitko to be honest.

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WTF I hate Ginko and love Ginko

More like Stinko amirte? >

Shitko? Stinko? More like Gunko.

Autism. Applies to this thread too.

>Chooses the yandere loli instead...
Why are you saying that like it's a bad thing?

Ginko? More like Ice Queen.

Ginko? More like Ryuuo's wife.

Shitko? Stinko? Gunko? Ginko? Ice Queen? Ryuuo's Wife? More like mai JC waifu.

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Shitko? Stinko? Gunko? Ginko? Ice Queen? Ryuuo's Wife? user's JC waifu?
More like a tree.

Anyone else fucking hate Ginko?


No. Maybe. Yes. Actually I don't know.

No, why do you ask?

No. Mai bruh THK loves to hate Ginko.

Shit thread. Sasuga Ginko.


I wish this 10/10 was my wife.

>Ginkotards are seasonal waifufags

Thanks. I have over 20 posts in here. Giving it my best is my way of life.

Novel Ginko is even better because she actually gets dere moments that make her likeable.

Here have another you, ginkofag

Shit thread for a shit girl

What is a shit? Please explain.


Don't insult me, bro. I hate ginko.

This thread full of samefags.

Violent cunt that would hit him for talking to other women. Chooses girl who adores him instead.

Dude, he is crazy.

Not Ginko.

Ginko is only good for anal

Ginko and by extension her/his lovers

>Chooses yandere girl who adores him and would kill other girls instead.
Crazy or CRAZY?

t. the population of chile

Red Ai is the only good choice.

Ika sure is a 10/10 waifu.

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The thing is, that girl is fine having more little girls around him, as long as they're little girls, and there are 4 of them. You need to be gay to reject a 10yo girl who will enable you to get 4 more girls ranging from 6 to 10yo and instead going for a used 15yo violent cunt

>calling every girl "waifu"
I don't like this meme.

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Ai has learned intimidation skills from her mother, but would never resort to violence.
Ginko is just a violent inmature cunt.


Ai would manipulate and have other people do the killing for her. It's genius.

Sasuga resident autist-kun whenever Ginko is the subject*

And even so,a marriage with her would be more happy than with Ginko.

We need more Ginko a s***. Sing it with me my brothers.

>Ginko a s***
A sink?

A sexy.

A smug.

A shit



>yandere loli
WTF I hate Ai now.

>not 4 letters
Look at this fail.


Dangerous Beast.

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>hating loli
Normalfag Ginkotards, everyone.


a soiled bitch
monster you mean