New Houseki Chapter Soon?

What do you think will happen? More suffering?

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In that pic Rutile looks almost like an owl

>More suffering
Probably not, wasn't this supposed to be a Jade chapter?

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I don't see it

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>Euclase chapter
>then whats-his-name chapter

We are hitting a low point clearly.

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There was going to be a cooldown period after all the stuff that happened in the last few chapters, the chapter after this might return to the perspective of the gems on the moon

I hope so, I don't care what the loyalist gems do, they are irrelevant to the story at this point.

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It's the haircut framing a round face, with the nose style and large eyes with rounded brow, reminds me of barn owls from the side

Found an example

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You mean like this?

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Not bad.
Since owls are pretty dumb as far as birds go, this can also be used as a subtle dig at Rutile

Now someone needs to do an edit of that 4 spooky owl fledglings gif with gems

(You) new classmate

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omg user you got it perfect, holy shit

>Since owls are pretty dumb as far as birds go

take that back you cunt

Corvids > other birds

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Gems don't know how lucky they are that they don't need to deal with cheeky crows and rude seagulls.

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Imagine if they had magpies on that island
>Rutile has to stay awake all day to stop them from stealing pieces of Padpas shiny hair

what do people see in jade?

Prime bullying material.

Is the NCOP out yet

Leave out fragments of Antarc instead, easy way to ruin their nests when it melts (and hope they ingest some, too)

Will we get a nice and lighthearted chapter next week?

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I hope so. Almost every gem is in pure despair right now, we need to give them time to heal.

They got over it reasonably quickly, it's time for more suffering.

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I'm expecting a civil war and punished Phos(completado)

Handdrawn Phos is definitely cuter

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When everyone is insane the only sane one is seen as insane

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Looks much closer to the manga style. While I like the art direction the anime took, I think the manga has better character art overall.

The character art in the manga starts off looking a bit funky but it does get better right about where the anime finished

>tfw never gonna see this lovable retard again

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Phos will be reborn but it will be a different Phos.

That's pretty much what I'm expecting to happen, it's a good way to both get a cute Phos back whilst simultaneously fucking with old Phos

Hail to our lord and savior Euclase!

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Do you think Euc ever felt envious of how beautiful and sexy Lapis was? While Euclase herself is pretty boring and plain. Dont you think she probably secretly hoped for Lapis to die? Out of pure resentment, spite and envy. You got a beautiful gem with long, lucious blue hair, walking full of herself on the hallways with all her harem, ignoring your rules, and you? You are just the boring old secretary. No one even notices you are running things on the background. I mean, when it comes to it, they adress your boring partner and not you. Im sure Euc couldnt stand to see Lapis smug, full of confidence smile everytime she manipulated some gems, and grew bitter as a result. What does Euclase have? Only the power to tell the weather, oh no, its raining. Fucking borefest. Instead, Lapis had hyper observational skills. It shouldnt really be a surprise that Euclase felt Lapis was a better, more powerful, more beautiful and desirable version of herself. And when Lapis finally got her head taken, she felt relief, but also knew that her inferiority complex would never be solved and that she would have to live for all eternity wondering why she couldnt be as cool and sexy as Lapis.

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Damn. Normally this kind of post would just come off as autistic but I think you might be right. HnK's characters are really fleshed out when you dig in and start thinking about it.

Nah, Euclase and Lapis are BEST FRIENDS.

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Sensei is holding the gems back.
They have geniuses like Lapis and Euc who can do complex probability calculations in their heads yet they haven't advanced past the stone age.

I'm not sure why people make a big deal out of this Lapis/Euclase thing given that Lapis was a head in a box for 2/3rds the manga and has been just hanging out in Phos' consciousness for the other third

Because the relationship between two of the most intelligent gems is intriguing.
And the fact they use their intelligence on different, almost opposite way adds even more to it.

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I mean, that is literally the only page where it's alluded to, unless you're counting the previous few pages where Euclase catches Phos out.

What voice do you imagine Lapis having?
I'm kinda imagining Chiwa Saito's Senjougahara voice but she already voiced fleshbags so that's out.

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Chika Anzai

I love seeing happy gem friends. I hate all the suffering and fighting, it makes me sad ;_;

True, except for this page we have nothing directly indicating the perception between Euc and Lapis.
But we have a basic image of Lapis from Phos' dream, and it is actually already more character development than some of the existing gems.
Phos' new way of thinking and action can also be consider to be kind of "Lapis-ish" so more or less now whenever we have new actions from LaPhos, Lapis also gets some character development.
Now that Euclase is getting more screentime, this rivalry feel between Euclase and Lapis will continue to grow.

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Still mad they cut the hair off.
Wonder what they did with the remains of the hair. Knit a sock for Gorm?

>and it is actually already more character development than some of the existing gems.
True, but that's mostly a consequence of there being 28 of them, and the series is on a monthly release schedule that averages about 25 pages per chapter, so some gems are barely going to get any characterization by necessity. For example, I'm pretty sure the one thing we know about Neptunite, that she's vaguely weird, is just a clever way to distract from how we know nothing else about her, and the joke is that Benito is actually getting a bit of a character arc at this point despite being the "boring" one.

I do agree that Lapis is pretty interesting solely from being a bit more morally ambiguous than the other gems, but whether Lapis becomes more of an actual character depends on how she appears from now on, and Phos will probably end up merging with her anyway.

Too bad Rutile is a quack, not a hoot

I'd quack Rutile's hooters.

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I actually like how the author goes with characterization. She makes sure we at least can give one clear attribute to every gem before expanding on them (or not).

I'd like it if every gem got some time in the spotlight, but I doubt it's going to happen

How is Rutile so sexy?? Most of the gems are just cute, but Rutile somehow manages to be extremely sexually appealing.


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yah but these mannerisms, the expressions is what made phos phos, unless those come back then phos will just leave on in my folder ;_;

How will Rutile react to fixed Paddington?

I'm really excited to see this. Their relationship has been established as very strong, but we've only ever seen them say one or two lines to each other. I really want to see Pad and Rutile interact.

What would the other gems look like as owls/birds?

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rutile is sexiest gem

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I beg to differ

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Well Bortz is easy. Just take a regular raven. You don't even need to change anything.

Time skip chapter is what I expect. If so, I'm interested to see how they two gem civs diverge.

Rutile x Pad doujin when?

Picture of Rutile inside Pad

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Remember me?

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Hey, Bluezo, right? How's the moon?

Blue quartz?

Don't bully Benito. It's a cute mineral.

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Also here's some R18 of Benito and Nepti

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>too posed
why are they always so mean

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I want more dresses
They all look cute
I wish I had a slim gf so I can dress her like that

Also, will Pho every be cute again?

do not gempost kthx

Would Dia be a white dove?

Whatever happened to the niponfag?


Ah yes, you.

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Benito Mussolini

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Can't wait to see if the moon gems get new outfits like phos did.

Do you think alex will look any less like a nerd?

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>Phos gets like 5 people killed in the span of a couple years
>falls asleep for a century
>only two gems that we already know had a reckless side to them got killed
Remind me why they work her up at all?

Not after the lunarians give her glasses to avoid her rage attacks.

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*steals your waifu*
What now, Jhalla?

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My waifu is dust.

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Phos IS cute

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>Gems have no genitals for sex

How exactly would gems know what eroticism is if they don't have the parts or purpose for it?

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Can Phos be saved from herself?

>handling the fork with the hand so close to the tines
This triggers my autism really badly.

you spelled evil wrong

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How dangerous would it be to attempt to have sex with one, lets say; Obsidian?

Do gems even experience physical pleasure? would they even feel anything from sex?

really makes you think

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pretty dangerous

where are the leaks?

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We didnt deserve him.

people sperged out at an user who put out a lot of art, mostly cause he couldn't speak english well.
and so we lost an artfag