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Friendly reminder that filthy ningens will forever be useless in Dragon Ball

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should've brought back Chaddroid 16.

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>Tien's Chi Kung Pao fails to push Frost

absolutely P A T H E T I C

That's why Frieza's plan was smart.

I like how mangafags claim that this chapter is flawless because of their hate toward the Anime.

You can hate things from both version you know.

Tien and Krilin's treatment in the Manga isn't something that should be defended because they could have Job later on.

nobody claimed the chapter is flawless. There was a lot of mangafags pointing out they didn't like how fast the humans got ringed out.

It's weird that the huge flaw of the this chapter to me is the lack of reaction from 18 at his husband being ringed out.

So many wrong things with this chapter

>Humans job even harder in the manga

Why did toei make this angle to an evil smirk as if to imply something
why did they make it seem as though goku would get a new transformation

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Better or worse?

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No you're just a buttmad humanfag. Manga handled it realistically here. Anime just wanted filler fanservice.

>and you call yourself my husband

Stop false flagging

Most of them are toeispics claiming that they prefer the Manga.

They try to make us look bad, ignore them

I don't get people that get mad both in the anime and manga for humans losing, they have been out of their league for a long time, deal with it

It was incoherent considering what she said before that in the previous episode but still better than no reaction

Left arm/shoulder is too far up.

no, it was awful. She had just been saved by him.

Krillin in the Anime wasn't so bad, at least he had some moments.

Same for tien, even if it was shit.

They got nothing in the Manga

The last time humans mattered in Dragon Ball was when Gohan is pushed back, Goku encourages him all the more. Piccolo backs Gohan up, despite being little help, and seeing this Tenshinhan, Yamcha, and Kuririn join in, and then finally Vegeta does as well. Scolded by Goku, Gohan releases all of his power. Cell is wiped out.

Everything after that is the Saiyan show.

am i banned

>hurr stop falseflagging
Come up with a better argument

This tournament was supposed to give them some light going by what Toriyama promised


Damn that's smug

Nice false flagging

That's why super is pooper

>Manga handled it realistically
not an argument.
We have no reason to give a shit about 90% of the cast besides that originating from U7, realistically since universes were struggling to find fighters of high enough level it would make sense for some of them to be on the same level as humans so they could get some time to shine.
There is really no reason toyo couldn't have given them a single elimination before getting ringed out by frost.

Said the humanfag

Ignore the false flagging.

They're toeispics trying to make us look bad

>Toriyama promised

He also promised Vegeta would be the hero in Revival of F.

The new DB movie is about Freeza and the history of the Saiyans.

New Super Saiyan forms mean more merchandise, DLC, etc

try this

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Because they are nothing, as much as people like then, they aren't very strong and would struggle against Ginyu Force tier enemies

There is no reason to not expect fighters on their level in this tournament.

And krillin can still harass people like freezer back in namek

No it's a valid argument. You're just too butthurt about the weak humans to see it. They weren't going to amount for anything but early elimination fodder. Frieza put some use for them by gaining Frost's trust and taking out U9 for U7 before Frieza took out Frost and cost U6 a strong player.

Man I sure love being a ningen, how about you guys?

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Is that your only argument? I'm not falseflagging as anyone as I don't care for this retarded Toeifag vs Toyofag war but it's funny how insecure you are.

Is there any way for a non-american to read this online?

they just fighted other universes slot fillers, the same as them, because roshi/tien/krillin purpose in the tournament was just to fill slots
it was the same as krillin fighting cui while everyone else is god tier

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That was filler. In the manga only Vegeta helped Gohan against Cell

muh evil angel conspiracy.

There are fighters at their level but they never sought them out because they were on the defensive rather than looking for opponents. Frieza sold them out to Frost so they were unfortunate enough to encounter someone out of their league so early
To suggest the earthlings should be on par with the vast majority of the tournament fighters when U7 has a low mortal rating is just insulting, the other universes have higher quality fighters to pick from.


Don't know if this fixes it, but imo doesn't look as effective

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is that better or worse?

You don't need to defend everything from the Manga.

Toyotaro's treatment of the human characters is crap given that their place in the team was supposed to allow them some moments in the Manga.

Especially since that Freezer's strategy didn't need to happen that fast

go home and get your tea box

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>Never really claimed to be or presented himself as a strong fighter; we all snicker, but no one really hates him for jobbing to a Saibaman
>At least succeeds at being a pro baseball player (rich as fuck)
>Won a game of baseball against GODS (not as badass as FIGHTING amongst gods, but quite the achievement/memory for a pretty much regular human)

>Never really claimed to be or presented himself as a strong fighter; remarkably self-aware of how weak he is
>Eventually married and fucked a hot blonde
>Now has a loving family
>Earnest and brave: fully expressed his fear of entering the ToP, but entered anyway
>Tried his hardest and actually got a few ringouts while helping his stronger wife
>Saved 18, knowing full well that she’s more valuable toward the team than himself

>Wants to be the strongest warrior, tries to catch up to Goku
>Trains day in and day out to absolutely no effect
>Forgot the Dodonpa and Solar Flare apparently
>Three-eyed freak
>Chased off Launch (the only chick who ever gave a shit about him), who now has a drinking problem due to the realization that she was in love with such a goober. Now the two are lonely, emotionally-dead, and separated forever.
>The only person who likes/remembers/pleasures him is a freaky Chinese midget
>Unloved and forgotten by the Z-Fighters and Toriyama/Toei
>Denies himself life's luxuries and comforts, thinking it'll actually make him stronger
>Runs a sausage-party dojo full of nameless jobbing cucks and can't even be bothered to teach any of them how to use Ki
>Launch was intentionally axed from the series for DARING to have any emotional attachment to him. At least Yamcha and Bulma are friendly exes.

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holy shit, thanks user.

I prefer the Manga but even I can recognize that this chapter was badly handled.

The strategy isn't bad but it feel rushed, it's something that could be nice in the middle of a tournament with a tired krilin and tien, this way, it would have been much better.

No, I found my true calling as a female.

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Save THAT for later
Blanco incoming

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Neither. You just have to remember that DBZ had tons of padding, while the manga was always quick with the action scene( we now know that it was caused by Toriyama being a lazy genius, but the end result doesn't change)

>one vs one fights at the start of the FUCKING battle royal
>First elimination was 10 mins later, in a battle royal where many of the teams where just hastily created within 48 hours
>All U7 has elimination, even the shitty humans, unlike other universe where even TOPPO, THE FUCKING GoD CANDIDATE has NO ELIMINATION!
>U7 has the most ring out and the ace universe from the start
>Frost easily tricked by Freeza without Freeza showing crucial evidence that he doesn't care about his universe (telling U7's weakest link)
>Made Gohan, one of the U7 Strongest fighter, waste his fucking stamina to fight Frost and wasted BOTH of their energy for a made-up battle.
>Many Fighters were trained to fight 1v1, so they obviously will be not as good in teamwork at a chaotic battle royal, resulting to multiple early ring outs of weaker ones.
>Stronger fighters preying on weaker ones for easy ring outs, even JIREN was looking for fodders, ignoring Toppo's advise.
>Freeza has NO idea how strong is Frost compared to him, since he can't read Ki energy, so Freeza opted to tricking his look alike instead.
>Magetta has a use! DESTROYING GOHAN'S KEK CIRCLE, which was retarded to begin with. Then Frost uses his speed to speedblitz Krillin, being DISTRACTED by Magetta's suprise attack.
>Cunning one tricks a naive musclehead to go full power early in the tourney, and then backstabs the idiot after the idiot exhausted his power, thus making the Freeza waste no stamina at all to eliminate a fairly strong enemy.
>Frost shown to be capable of ringing out multiple U9 jobbers when he goes all out.
>Freeza saved Gohan from wasting his stamina to fodders
>Piccolo owned the strongest of the Furryverse 1v1 EASILY
>but U7 is struggling the battle royal, not being the ace universe who's every member has eliminated an enemy, and not every U7 fighters was capable of ring outing almost everyone they fought.
Toeifags BTFO once again.

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I prefer the manga but fuck Toyotaro, the Krillin treatment is simply garbage. I don't really mind about Tien tho, it was useless in either version

Your only argument is that the manga handled it "realistically" when there are a million of realistic scenarios where the humans could have gotten eliminations before getting ringed out.

>this thread

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So saiyans were gladiators right?

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>The new DB movie is about Freeza and the history of the Saiyans

>Why did toei make this angle to an evil smirk as if to imply something
Red herring. They wanted to imply an evil conspiracy when the reality was just that his universe was full of scumbags and he was elated to have them gone

our guests will be here soon ZAMAS! Stop embarrassing me! Revert back!

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I never said it's flawless. You annoying, childish, toeicucks get mad when I dare enjoy something that you deemed is bad.

>Especially since that Freezer's strategy didn't need to happen that fast
It happened at the right time. Better do it now so the stronger members of U7 won't waste energy and Frost won't stick around and be a problem later. It also clears out the ring of the weaklings.

You fucking idiot. The strategy itself isn't the problem, is the way it happened that it the problem.

Tien and krillin could have got some elimination before that

I know Super is shit but Krillin's no ego power-up thing he got in that filler episode should've been retained

Let me slip into something more appropriate.

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How about this then?

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It happened in the RIGHT time because TOYOTARO decided that it was the right time.

The RIGHT TIME could have happened later

And people say Frieza's plan was wrong. He saved Gohan for wasting his full power on fucking U9. Frost showing up a panel after this shows this.

You have no real argument but MUH HUMANS NEED SHINE.

It was never going to happen.

Based breadposter.

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yeah that kinda sucks, I had hope Toyo would put more effort to tien. oh well.

No it happened at the literal right time. You just wanted the human fodder to get shine. Nothing more.


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It's basically the same reaction, a smirk just happens to be more easily taken out of context.

Tien shouldn't even be there to begin with. Same with Krillin and Roshi.

because toyotaro doesn't need to care, toei doesn't care either, they just need to fill a chapters quota
tien didn't go out sacrificing himself to take out someone like toppo, he sacrificed to take out another team fodder, making the act mean jack shit

This is why ningen should be eradicated.

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And there is no actual reason for them not to over the hordes of nobodies introduced this very tournament and last arc.
It's like you don't understand that tournament arcs are garbage if you're not invested in the characters participating in them.

This is why Kale needs love.

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Wasnt SSJ Gohan and Lavenda even in the anime?


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That's why you take her to the lego store.

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>all the filthy ningens itt

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So you wanted the humans to go take out stronger opponents in the tournament simply because those opponents are literal whos to us.

I guess you were expecting them to contribute to beating the Pride Troopers or U3 or U6.

The opposing teams feel so fucking boring and lifeless. Toyotaro can't write characters for shit

Replace Cucketa with 17


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Don't reply to me unless you have an actual argument.

Gohan is fodder so him using his full power shouldn't be a concern either.


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That's the nature of battle royal, not everyone will stumble to someone equal to their level first. All the weakest ones will be eliminated early on, especially from those hastily built teams.
Anime was shit at showing ToP being a true battle royal. Toyo showed a little closer to the definition of it by making Frost and Freeza team up, make Magetta target their circle early, Frost not wasting time SPEEDBLITZ Krillin, who was suprised from Magetta's destroying their formation and made the humans face someone beyond their power on their own early on since Gohan and Piccolo was quickly ambushed by another team, stopping them fom immediately supporting the weak humans. It is meant ro be chaotic, and for someone of their level, even fucking SS Goku level enemies would easily handle them.

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>no argument
the only one meaning someting are bugs bunny, toppo, hit, jiren, vegeta, goku and frrieza, if you aren't one of them you're just in the tournament to fill in team slots, showing any of them struggling against fodder would be the mistake
U6 saiyans aren't even ss2 and cold is old frieza tier at best

Shutup zamasu

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They just showed a short teaser for the new movie in the new mobile game app stream.
It's in there if you go back a bit



What is with the edgy teenagers itt hating on classic characters who are loved by all such as Krillin.

Is this the death for dokkan?
but muh stones.