Post western books that would make great anime

Post western books that would make great anime

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*earlier today

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Oh, i didnt see it

This. A lot of religions should get anime adaptations, actually. Hinduism IIRC would make an insane battle shounen. Their gods have stupid powerlevels.
Too bad so many religions are treated so carefully and it's so hard to adapt them into stories in case people get offended by it.

>scene where they are building wall with bricks
>comrade accidentally set bricks the wrong way
>squad leader tells them they have to start all over again
>squad: "eeeehhhhh?!"

>comrade offers ivan some potatos
>he blushes while he accepts the offer

>squad getting back to bunkers
>but wait, one comrade missing
>no one is allowed to sleep till they find him
>turns out he was left behind at the wall sleeping under a blanket
>ivan: "yare yare"

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I got into the wheel of time because of /lit/ and I heard the author had died so Brandon Sanderson took over for the last book(s)?? so I also bought the book in OP's pic. How good is it? Should I take a break from wheel of time and start reading it?

I literally just finished this book. Holy shit yes

Sadly Japan would fuck this up so bad. About to start book 2.

We need more rape isekai.

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Stormlight archives is amazing, you should definetly read it. It has 4.64 on goodreads.

If you like fantasy at all its a must read

We need mistborn animE.

Wait I thought /lit/ hated books like WoT, something something the shounenshit of books.

hinduism already has mangas though so I don't think indians would care if you adapted it to anime.

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Oh God I have to wait until 2020 for the next Stormlight book. Even the next Mistborn book was pushed to next year.

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Who would play Mat, the greatest character there ever was?

Malazan Books of the Fallen

the main criticism I saw was that the books carried on needlessly/no need for the 12 books

They do. Its being recommended every now and then ironical. More or less.

Worm by wildbow would be really fun. Shounen battle series with a female lead. The battles would be pretty amazing animated

Realistically, how many episodes would this be?

>No 1984 anime
But why

Culture of Critique

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>An introverted teenage girl with an unconventional superpower, Taylor goes out in costume to find escape from a deeply unhappy and frustrated civilian life. Her first attempt at taking down a supervillain sees her mistaken for one, thrusting her into the midst of the local ‘cape’ scene’s politics, unwritten rules, and ambiguous morals. As she risks life and limb, Taylor faces the dilemma of having to do the wrong things for the right reasons.
That sounds fucking awful, I love female leads in western books, but what's with the capeshit bait?
Setting is modern times, right?

This would rake in the fujobucks.

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Well, there's /lit/ and then there's /sffg/

Ender's game + the whole saga

Its modern time. The novel is generally very highly rated.

>The priest's story
Man, that would be amazing

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>The novel is generally very highly rated
And who cares about that?

Boris Vallejo should make anime fantasy art

People who dont judge a book just by its synopsis

Mortal Engines

Unironically this. It could easily be worked into either a moeshit pedobait SOL, or a serious dramatic mystery that will leave Sup Forums on suicide watch. either way, i'd watch it

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Lets be honest, an animated something is the only thing that will do Stormlight justice. A live action version will need a CGI budget bigger that Avatar's considering how fucking EVERYTHING in that world is so alien to Earth.

But fuck yes, anime version. I always imagined Syl as being voiced by a smug seiyuu like Hana Kana in my head when reading the books anyway

I agree, shame that its so unlikely to get one. I doubt many people in japan read sandersons books.

But theres a moderate change of it getting big budget movie adaptation, which might be good

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Crime and Punishment

>vanilla doujins of Hester and Tom

How do I start funding this?

Sanderson books are basically anime anyway

>6-foot-long-sword fight while falling sideways through a super-hurricane

Pretty much

Islam would be suited for a war-focused adventure drama involving a major conflict between Sunnis and Shias. Start as comfy and peaceful and then became dark and serious.

Christianism would work as high fantasy story with some dark themes in between.

Buddhism as fantasy-centric SoL.

Chinese religions would be a magical wuxia battle shounen.

Finally Judaism is a psychological thriller epic.

Harry Potter

Three Hearts and Three Lions
John Carter

The West just does isekai better


Berserk already exists, user

Yeah, by autistic ponyfags on spacebattles

The Divine Comedy

Inferno by Studio Khara
Purgatorio by ufotable
Paradiso by KyoAni

Hey now, not all of the autists on SB/SV praising it are ponyfags.

Then what if its animated by the same studio?

You're right. They're probably trannies.

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Religion is isekai before isekai.

Moscow-Petushki Moscow to the End of the Line by foreign publishers. Adapt as two 30 or 40 minutes OVAs.

you keep using that word

i love shounen tho??

All quiet on the western front.

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My fucking nigga
Get on this shit, nips

I honestly think Japan could do a decent job of it. The series in anime enough, but more importantly, for all I like about Sanderson his dialogue is absolute shit and anybody who could take his story and make cuts for the screen do that Shallan isn't throwing her two paragraph wit around everywhere is needed

Ewww.... Mormon sci-fi. Ewwww...

This would be absofuckinglutely amazing if animated properly.

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The greatest ecchi harem ever told

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Halo: Fall of Reach

The early honor Harrington books. Before it devolved into a quest to develop missiles as main characters.

I'd be genuinely interested in seeing this as an anime.

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His Dark Materials trilogy, bonus because it could never be adapted in 3d

No one in this world is mad enough for this.

Fuck yeah.

Mistborn is much more likely, but she'd end up being black or something to get big studios to pick it up

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user that sucked
And it only goes full shonenshit in the last few chapters

A better Isekai than anything the nips have come up with.

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This.Warhammer actually has a lot of things that would look grat in anime format,imagine fucking Eisenhorn series adapted in 3 seasons...


Would be a great souls game

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The Forever War.
Very episodic and it even has time travel (realistic, so only forward through relativity and speed).

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The Alex Rider books would make a great deconstruction shonen series.

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Oathbringer was alright, but the twist that humans were the voidbringers all along I saw coming a mile away.

Adolin's blade slowly coming back to life is hype as fuck though.

honestly this would be pretty fun. Napoleonic wars but with dragons.

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Didius Falco books. Smug Roman republican detective working for an Emperor. Main love interest is a haughty gluttonous tsundere, best friend is a buff man maried to a loli wife and father to three lolis. I basically read them imagining it's an anime. Sex, Not!NTR, and suspense in post Nero Italy.

Fuck that, just give a Gaunt's Ghost adaptation, just imagine the fujobux

I feel like the plot wouldnt work in modern times since everyone carries a smartphone. The Yeerks would have their cover blown in a matter of weeks if not days.

>Liking Temeraire
>Literally made every conflict he was in worst with his fucking soapboxing
>Gives birth to traitorous offspring
>Screws his captain constantly
>Causes Dragon Riots

I agree. Oathbringer has a few great scenes but holy fuck, all the traveling and doubling down on development Shallan already had.
Evi best girl though.

Yeah, Oathbringer was pretty terrible in comparison.

Honestly I mostly read the series for Syl and Kaladin scenes, since their interactions are great. Wasn't enough of that in Oathbringer.

The count of monte cristo


I read the first two books. Does it get that bad?

>I feel like the plot wouldnt work in modern times since everyone carries a smartphone.
Star Trek doesn't work either as smartphones btfo the communicator Kirk had in the original series. user stop being autistic and have the show set in the 19XX period the damn books were written in.

Just go with the old "Everyone will just think it's photoshop" excuse. It's not a perfect solution but it could work.

Plus the animorphs don't want to blow the Yeerk's cover because that leads to the Yeerks just burning everything from orbit.

No need to set it in modern day, just set it when it was written.

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I just want to see it adapted in some way even though it's likely impossible.

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This could work only in terms of violence thing, which definitely would be lowered in western version.

French manga Radiant is close to this concept, it got anime adaptation for this fall. The Edge is more splendid work, though.