Candy & Cigarettes

The second chapter is out.

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Dump it god damn it.

Your wish is my command

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50 yr old DILF impregnating a girl 30 years younger than him

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Such a delicious butt

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Somebody tell me if I think this is cute or hot, because I can't even tell anymore.

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Do not lewd the loli

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So the first thing I thought of when I saw this was "Is that old guy going to impregnate the loli?".

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>Do not lewd the loli
Can I lewd the gun? You know, screw on a suppressor to her muzzle, firmly insert a double stack magazine into her lower opening, tapping her bottom to make sure it's properly seated, and tugging back to cock her. It'll get really hot and dirty, but I'm always careful to clean my guns after using them.

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First time hearing of it, this ain't bad.

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why didn't the author publish this in comic LO so that he could do sex scenes?

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Stupid sexy grandpa

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Not much of an assassination job if everyone knows his identity is it?

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Holy fuck, this art style is really something

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The last one. Sadly, they won't translate it weekly, but the chapters are quite big.

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Looks way too much like Monster. Same creator?

Thanks for telling me about this and dumping, definitely going to follow it now

loving this manga, hope it doesn't get the axe

He also made Copellion

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Good stuff.

Those buttcheeks are treasure.

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are you baiting or both blind and retarded?

Thanks OP, you've introduced a really great manga! Hope you'll dump the next chapters soon!

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Really good stuff. Thank you, OP.

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For some reason, this gives me 90s vibes, both the art style and the general theme/concept. It's like Leon met Tarantino when he was still good. I like it.

Old men impregnating youths is good.

Creator is obviously a huge Tarantino fan.

This is monthly isn't it?

>glockblocked by a little girl assassin
This is wild

Given the number of pages here and how I'm pretty sure it's been a month since I read the first chapter... It's clearly a daily web comic like Tomo and Mousou.


Just a quick look at the MAL page will tell you it's published in Young Magazine the 3rd - a monthly magazine.
Also, what's SP stand for? Secret police?

Yah, the art is unusually great for a 4koma.

Security Police.

Secret Private

So, this is basically like Leon the Professional? A loli venture with an older male and go on a murde spree? Wicked.

Yes except the loli is doing all the killing.

Yeah, but the roles are reversed.

>the roles are reversed
>old man wants to fuck
>Loli doesn't want to take advantage of him

Thanks for dumping.

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Feeling it when reading that part, and now I'll write it. Holy shit.

I came into this thread expecting nothing and am now quite interested. Thanks OP.

Badass old men in media is one of my fetishes.

wouldnt mind making her tingle

As an ex bodyward he can gain acces to places or people.

On the contrary, being a familiar face can drop a target's guard. They also cleared out all witnesses so it's fine.

Gonna need a "makes me wet" edit on this, please.

Most excellent.

>Murder boner
I'm not the only one, right?

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you just wanted someone to say sex police

Something tells me this is going to end like The Professional, but with the loli taking care of ojii-san's kid.

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you called it like how i called that tomoko would unknowingly end up as the most popular girl in school even before the kyoto chapters. no one will acknowledge you because you are so right. this is our fate

>That makes me tingle

Explain further

Thanks a lot, OP.

How many chapters or volumen are avaiable ?