Hunter x Hunter

42-50 hours until spoilers
2 chapters until Hiatus.

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Don't throw the "h-word" around so casually, you're hurting me.

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Someone send cute hisoka please

what episode is this gif from? i dont regonize it at all

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when do we get confirmation of the haitus?

god, I love killua's poofy hair

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I can't tell you that, it's from the Heaven's Arena arc based on clothing.

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>filter selected text

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It's 12 chapters. Togashi wouldn't do less for 20th anniversary.

Where do you guys go to shitpost hxh when it goes on hiatus? I know there's somewhere and you're hiding it from me

how bad of an idea would it be to make a discord

its a terrible idea but I'd still join

someone made a forum, but it didn't take quite off, and it seems a tad too serious

Why are so many retards thinking that Mizaistom is a conjurer ? Have they been paying any attention during their reading ?

1) The cage that appears arround Mizai's targets when he uses his Cross Game is only a aesthetical effect. If it was a material cage, the three guys who attacked him would have been able to move inside the cage. However, they were totally paralyzed from head to toes. (meaning Mizai's ability is a semi coercive manipulator ability that manipulate directly the target's body without manipulating his mind).

2) His cards are his controllers. Most manipulators can only manipulate their target through a real object that they're always carrying on them. Sharnalk's controllers are his cell phone and his antena, Illumi has his needles, Morel has his pipe, etc... Mizai has his cards.

I’ll probably migrate once the H word comes in. Nice that they included a speed reading cafe.

what'll happen if these two meet each other?

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Titanic 2.0

The last page before Hiatus will be Hisoka over a dead spider

For those people who are still undecided if they should support Cammy or not. Consider the following:

>Cammy is noble
>Cammy is gorgeous
>Cammy has Royal Blood
>Cammy is highly educated
>Cammy dresses like a true noble-woman and is well versed in the book of etiquette, book of manners and code of politeness
>Cammy is kind

Now its should be clear who you're supposed to root for.

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Cammy is dumb as fuck. She's objectively the dumbest prince with Marayam (hell, it could even be revealed soon that Marayam is a young genius and that he's far smarter than Cammy)

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I am betting on Sale-Sale getting killed while thinking about the bombs he had prepared for the banquet.

If she is so dumb, then how come she learned Nen before "geniuses" like Tse, Halk and Tubeppa?
How come she developed one of the most hax Hatsu?
How come she is a Zetsu master?
How come she got away with murder?
Cammy is smart!

Is he the Phantom of the Opera?

Her mom. You can tell because of the look of regret in Duazul's eyes. She wishes she had aborted Cummy.

I'm not trying to bait anyone but togashi really outdid himself with Camilla. Compared to his past females she leaves them in the dust. Their are only 2 (two) females who could rival her beauty, character and cynicism and it would have to be Keiko-chan and Kuwabaras sister both from YYH. And this really isn't up for debate. Liking bisky either means you're into men or little kids. Pitou has 4 phelanges and is a bug. The rest I don't even need to address. I honestly just don't see why more people aren't into Camilla unless their is some big reason and I'm none the wiser. Honestly these threads (and all generals on Sup Forums, Sup Forums, Sup Forums, and even Sup Forums) would be hands down much better and more discussion would flow if everyone had the same waifu.

>2 chapters until Hiatus.
is this real, or do people just try to limit their expectations?

you're right user

someone do it

I love Cammy!

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(you) so that you don't have to samefag

Yurifags are going nuts.

It'd be a complete shitshow with all of the underage people. The only positive part would be blocking cammyspam.

>implying we'd join a cancerous discord group

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>Yurifags reading HxH

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yurifags usually like yaoi too

but there's no yaoi in hxh

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How high of an IQ do I need to follow this arc?

Anyone else here /bestboys/?

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True love

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This thread is trash. This volume ruined HxH. Possibly forever.

nice art but bad pairing

You know it.I wouldn't be surprised if Togashi shoves an opera scene with a chandelier crashing down, he's already ripping Titanic and Alien why not some more.

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he remind me of my waifu sakuya

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>This thread is trash. This volume ruined HxH. Possibly forever.

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Is Togashi a James Cameron fan?

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oito is unironically the only person I ever fap to

I thought he was. Is there an interview to confirm this?

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reminder that Togashi has been foreshadowing an enormous, coming bloodbath since before the last hiatus. reminder that the shitstorm is going to happen at the banquet. reminder that Chrollo and Hisoka are Salome and St. John. except Machi could be Salome, and Herod Chrollo. Then she would be bringing her "father," Chrollo John (hisoka's) head to the banquet, as Chrollo requested.

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All I remember is that he likes the first Alien

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They nailed Togashi's spagatini hair

Reminder that Togashi's naming conventions have always meant jackshit for foreshadowing and basing theories on paintings, just because the painter shares a last name with a character is retarded.

How much of a shitshow will these threads be if c*mmy wins the succession?

It's more likely she'll die, in which case the shitposting would go on for days.

Thats not the only thing they nailed in that picture

she is going to be the bigbad acording to the portrait

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Pitou is my wife and we are happily married

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that part is stupid, but the rest makes sense. The matching poses is called a visual quotation, Togashi has done it before I think. and the events depicted in the painting seem to thematically align with the current HxH events

No, the big bads will be Ben and Tse.

probably similar to O MY RUBBER NEN moment

Not to mention there are a lot of heads flying and talks of beheading when it comes to Chrollo and Hisoka.

Anyone else disappointed that the princes are learning nen?

I honestly wanted this arc to focus on the nen beast abilities being wielded by regular people. Doubling up on powers just seems unnecessary.

Take Benjamin. His tiger wrestling was supposed to show he was strong as fuck. But now that we know he's a nen user, that scene was totally stupid. Of course a nen user could wrestle a tiger, it's completely unimpressive.

Lucky for you my Hisoka folder is massive.

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Cammy will be King!

Send whole folder please

Chad-Chad will be king.

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They don't wield the nen beasts.

I never thought Togashi's female cast was particularly great in terms of beauty. Maybe Botan is his most well done female design and Keiko's pretty good as well

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Not to mention that the nen using princes also have a huge advantage since their beasts have more strength to draw from.

I bet we won't even get to see woble's beast in the entire arc, since it would probably kill him if it appeared once.

Im also thinking that's how Tse will die. Overuse of his undeveloped nen getting consumed by his hatsu and beast. Guy's a genius but still a regular human. He aint Meruem.

not King. Bigbad, endgame is rescuing the good princess from the pods

What he/she said: whole folder please.

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>implying the hxh threads aren't already full of underage kids

Sadly my internet is a fucking joke, at best all I can do is a half ass dump of /ourguy/

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I'm aware there are a lot of kids here, but their spammy writing style is somewhat controlled by the timer, and they can't attentionwhore and form cliques. I'm not stopping user from making one, but I'm warning him it won't be worth the headache.

>all I can do is a half ass dump of /ourguy/
Bless you user, even small amounts of charity are appreciated.

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What is your ideal resolution to the hisoka/spider arc?

>hisoka gradually picks off spider members one at a time
>finally gets to chrollo
>kills chrollo
>but chrollo stole c*mmy's hatsu
>hisoka dies

retarded. He kills them all or most of them, the revenge powered nen keeping him alive after death runs out, he dies and thinks about how he wished he could've stayed alive to see Gon grow up and be with Illumi. /end

Hisoka starts killing the spiders and when they try calling the Zoldycks for back up both Illumi and Kalluto betray them, Illumi telling him how he's been working with Hisoka and that he wanted to get his brother so Hisoka wouldn't get him while on his killing spree. Chrollo who then makes some edgy comment about how Illumi and Kalluto will be joining Hisoka soon in the afterlife gets his throat slit by Hisoka's card.

Hisoka is Salome and St. John who asks Chrollo for his own head.

I want to see Hisoka tease Machi on the boat

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It's the best.

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God, why is he so perfect?

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>Not to mention that the nen using princes also have a huge advantage since their beasts have more strength to draw from.
What? The only way yo increase your natural aura is by meditating, according to Wing. Learning Nen alone won't give you that much extra aura.

I want to see Machi's cartoonish angry face again

>solos the spiders despite all there advantage and lives to tell the tale, but is mentally broken beyond repair
11/10 scenario to be honest.

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