What went wrong?

What went wrong?

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- Toei rushed the premiere because Digimon was tanking on the ratings

- Toei refused to use Umakoshi's original designs and change the cloths to latex because it'd be cheaper to animate

- The director was a rookie, the producer was butthurt for not being allowed to work on precure and the main writer has never seen Saint Seiya before. It was like Mel Brooks's The Producers but played straight.

- The staff had no idea of what was going on. They were throwing darts during the entire series. That's why the flashbacks are inconsistents, the tone is all over the place and they shifted villians constantly. Hell, the staff thought the entire show was going to be on the Paleastra until it's demolished.

- Like they didn't know what they were doing, they chose to make a "soft reboot" by following the old show (Galactic wars, silver saints arc, 12 houses arc) but for making possible, the heroes had to look incompetent and cowards, the saints too retarded even for SS standards and the villains only getting away with everything for the general retardation. It was Disney's Star Wars but without Disney's control of the media

i want to erase this abomination from my memory

Kurumada stepped into the animation studio, fired most of the winning team that had adapted his horrible manga into a real masterpiece.

Best of my memory is Season 1 tried a bunch of new shit that didn't work like latex cloths, an elemental-wheel that determined powers and Cosmic STDS, then season 2 threw all that out for a straight rehash of the original show.

Also, this guy, fuck this guy.

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I still think a ninja saint was an OK concept ruined by a terrible execution but it was Omega so it had to be terrible.

It's Spic seiya. I bet it had another gay sanctuary arc.

It did.

Gold Saints are retarded. Or Evil. Or Both.

Second season. I didnt mind s1 being sacturary arc but second season was where it all went to shit when they went after pallas

These people are right. It was an unfocused trainwreck.
They wanted a new audience but it just didn't worked so they panicked and tried to bring back the old fans, the result is a huge mess.
However it was also somehow fucking great. I just love the energy they put into it and the kinda/almost/sometime fresh take on the franchise.
S1 would range from bad to incredibly good and even if most of S2 was mediocre it also had some goodness.

Omega could have been much better but I believe what we got is still a blessing, compared to say Soul of Gold or Legend of Sanctuary. I will forever remenber this serie fondly and cherish the thread we had.

New anime project when?

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Netflix is doing something

Safe to say it's just another retread of the original manga.

It's existence


at least Ikki was cool, as usual

People also forget how it spit on many of the smaller characters in Saint Seiya. I mean Hydra Ichi, who at this point was a Hades War veteran with decades of experience was considered weaker than them. Or how he had turned to the Ares side at one point cause they gave him a Silver Cloth. I fuckin hated this shit with a passion.

Haruto and Ryuho sucked, but other than that Season 1 is fine. Season 2 is a trainwreck but at least we got Libra Shiryu back.

>start watching season 2
>there's like 4 gold saints
>Libra gets killed in his first serious fight

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>Haruto and Ryuho sucked

You'd think being Shiryu's son would have been enough to give him some focus

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>What went wrong?
Precure shit.

The saintia manga Is getting adapted with Toei raping Araki's legacy and using his style

It'd be great if the Saintia manga wasn't total garbage.

I'm starting to think they aren't actually making it honestly.

The fujos will eat it because the gold saints

Entire second arc
>koga and co are now shit again
>Libra dies 3 episodes in
>ikki "dies" seiya and shiryu straight up job
>The omega


I'll always be butthurt that the scorpio girl and the new Athena had to die and we got stuck with the same old useless hag.

I don't think Saint Seiya was even any good from the start, quite frankly.

Actually, Omega was made to distantiate the franchise from the fujos and seek for new audience. It utterly failed

i thought hues were the ones who actually liked seiya

Terrible show with a few cool episodes. The first time Orion beat Koga bloody was wonderfully animated. The final episodes of season 1 was also fantastic. Season 2 had a great arc with that cursed bronze sloth.
Sadly, that's about 6 good episodes in total.

Awesome openings though. Much better then the show.