Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho

Say hello to the AOTS

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Hello Mitsuboshi Colors

That's my second favorite but it can't beat SoraYori

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No tears now, only smiles.

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>calling a show the AOTS in the OP
Thanks for inviting shitposters and fanbase wars. I'll be in the other thread.

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Cutest couple of the season.

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This. OP is a megafaggot.

I cried today because of this show

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>teenage drama

But that's not NadeRin.

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Being friends with Yuzu-chan!

This but after signing a legally binding contract.

If this show wasn't 'drama of the week' I think this episode would have been a lot more powerful. They overdid it with the three crying outside the door though.

Hello AOTS
Off yourself and your stupid ass QUALITY anime

Eh I agree, but I think the drama of the week plot is almost inevitable in tv series. Movie length is the right length for almost every story.

Nadeshiko is the most annoying character so far, slow down with your shit taste buddy

Mitsuboshi Colors is terribly animated but the humor is great. I haven't found a comedy anime that fun since NouCome.

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Yuru Camp is great and I truly love it but it's no match for Sora Yori, especially with today's episode.

Yuru Camp is more of a traditional CGDCT show

It's the wallmart Ichigo mashimaro ripoff, they try so hard to be like that and fail. No one can top Ichigo Mashimaro.

>inevitable in tv series
Not really.

What did they sing?

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We don't know, because the writing is shit and them having fun is less important than some fucking narration.

But IM has worse comedy

I wish that I could turn back time~

The ED.

The Girls Are Alright.

Hello Violet Evergarden

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Screw 'em, I'll take on all comers, Sora Yori is amazing. One of the best shows I've seen in years.