How do we stop those god awful loli characters that are obviously only there to appeal to the watchers parental...

How do we stop those god awful loli characters that are obviously only there to appeal to the watchers parental feelings? They all fucking suck arse.

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How do we stop those god awful OPs that are obviously only there to appeal to the lurkers' gay feelings? They all fucking suck arse.

oh she's going to be a parent alright

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>parental feelings
My sweet summer child

so your secret plan all along was to just make a loli thread? how tsundere, you just should have asked nicely.

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NO. Lolis blow ass.

What are you fucking gay?

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I'd blow a loli's ass.

>parental feelings

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>appeal to the watchers parental feelings?
I'll admit Kanna got to me. Now I yearn for a cute daughteru to nurture and protect.

Kanna behaves as if she was mentally retarded though.

Stop watching Moe and instead watch good shit like HxH or Evangelion


The only thing Abe hates more than filthy gaijin is loli haters

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Didn't we have this thread yesterday?

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Do you think her foreplay was a tease? "Hahah.. I bet you can't get me pregnant by fucking me silly the whole night!"

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Maybe you're just having a deja vu?

Neck yourself kudasai

That's the point. Only a mentally retarded child could look up to a person like me.

Nice way to bait newfags

jesus yall morons

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By stabbing them with your dick.

Fuck lolis.

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If you insist.

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But lolis only appeal to the feeling in my dick

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Didn't we have this thread yesterday?


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That is verboten?

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Would you prefer a slutty loli who will never age but is completely devoid of any innocence and is not interested in you, or a loli who is trapped in a perpetual state of childlike innocence but ages normally?

Already on it

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ay, you can talk about those little shits as much as you like, just don't bring Mashiro into this okay

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She's the worst. She's a spoiled brat.


Both of those choices are horrible.

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Trips of truth, bro. Mashiro is undeniably shit.

Legal loli
Pro:Pushes you to do your best
Neutral: Mind of an adult in the body of a child.
Con:will nag you if she feels you aren't living up to her standards

Yakuza loli
Pro:You will be protected by her underlings from harm
Neutral: Your meetings with her must be a secret
Con:Anything she sees as betrayal or disloyalty will have dire consequences.

Submissive loli
Pro: Is always happy to do what you want.
Neutral: Can be clingy and is always seeking your approval
Con: Lacks initiative to do things on her own


Lamia Loli
Pro:Great at giving hugs
Neutral: Has the body of a snake
con: Long body is likely to accidentally break things and cause messes.

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She is so cute.

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I want to fuck my daughteru.

>parental feelings?

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Ojousama Vampire.

My God, she's so insanely adorable. I'd give absolutely everything to be with her.

Fuck man, why does it have to be that way, Sup Forums? Just being alive is painful.

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This is Japan's secret plan to increase their birthrate

You're digging too deep

Tsundere or Ojousama Vampire

Is that why animes like net-juu aired? To tell people that adult women are still cute and the loli animes make you want to reproduce?

I’d like to dig too deep into a loli

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That's the thing no one tells you about little girls. You can always just make your own.

I don't want to go near a disgusting roastie, which would unfortunately be required for that. They scare and disgust me. I just want a qt girl to take care of that I can hug and go on cute dates with so I don't feel so alone. That can't be too much to ask, can it?

Grandma Vampire

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>krispy kreme

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I mean if you're fussy you can get a preowned model down at your local orphanarium.

I don't want to go outside and talk to people. I just want a qt young girl that loves me that I can be alone with and spend time together.

BASED Abeposter

Pubescent Housewife

Barely even a contest


You're shit :)

>calls Mashiro the worst and a shit
>while fucking Benio of all people was in the same show
Mashiro was literally one of the few redeeming qualities about that show.

benio is not a loli

No, but she was one of the worst fucking characters ever conceived. Mashiro is like a saint by comparison.

But this is a thread about lolis, benio has nothing to do with this thread. "She's the worst" is obviously related to the OP image, where the other 3 girls are just plain better than her.

>the other 3 girls are just plain better
False. At the very least she's better than Tama.

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No. Tama has at least cute ears. Your mutt can't even transform into her doggo form.


What would sex with Mashiro be like?

Tight and heavenly.

Quints confirm.

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Yandere Vampire
Quints of truth

>Yandere Vampire
I see you're a man of culture as well.

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Pure Toddler

Tomboy vampire.

Prepubescent ojousama.

she cant because she is a kitty

Why they are so cute?

so naive

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>parental feelings
the fuck

How about we tell fucking useless brits to stop writing arse, there is no such thing as an arse

>How do we stop those god awful loli characters
Stop watching anime, you need to stop them first. Supply and Demand theorem

You'll need to do something better than that super satan.

I want to make a loli make a face like this

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Is your lolicon-ness not partly fueled by an instinctual paternal desire?

That's something I actually never thought of, I just find lolis sexy and want to fuck them, but I think you're right, some part of me just wants to become parent and watch my own kid grows up, not that it's ever gonna happen.

is she okay?

Back to Sup Forums, pedo.
All anime children should be for nonsexual, parental feelings.

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She's fine

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I want to make a loli make a face like this.

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i want to make a loli make a face like this

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>parental feelings
idk about you guys i just want to fuck the dragon loli

Me too

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What's wrong with appealing to parental feelings?

She's pretty up front about it

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>She sees your dick

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>Unable to understand complex or abstract ideas
I wish I were a cute loli so that I could get away with this, and not be called out for being autistic

Does Grandma Vampire even have a downside? The con of Grandma is completely removed by Vampire, and the con of Vampire isn't even a real con.

They'll pull all kinds of strings to get to you.

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I want some characters that i can see as daughters and not cumtoilets thank you no go back to your harems

I see your daughters as my cumtoilet.

>parental feelings
You missed the whole point of a loli then

What is the connection between lolis and rock CDs? When and how did this become a thing?