Is this the last interesting Dragon Ball fight...

Is this the last interesting Dragon Ball fight? After this it seems that every fight is won by just getting another Super Saiyan power up.

God damn, the SSJ shit is the worst. Goku should have done it once, and then it should have been a mystery for him how he did it.

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If this were later Z or Super, Goku and Picollo would be soundly defeated until one of them got another SSJ power-up to defeat Raditz.

What, did you not watch the Buu Saga?

>if it were later Z then SSJ power up would have saved them
Okay so you didn't watch it.

That fight was bullshit anyway. Piccolo could have killed Nappa and maybe Vegeta the same way but his beam cannon was written out lazy.

I miss when Dragonball was more focused on outsmarting opponents in interesting or unintentional ways now it's just screaming contests between ausititics.

Why didn't Piccolo just plunge his arms and extend them underground and grab Raditz's ankles?

The fight with Veggie was pretty good.

Not really. The tail weaknesa didn't exist in either and Nappa was too big to Full Nelson. Wasn't much they could do.

More or less.
But watch out OP, the manchildren with shit taste can't handle anyone criticizing their GodEmperor Goku, despite the innumerable flaws present in everything past DB, ending in DBS, a show that's pure shit that only suicidal freaks and brainlets enjoy.

Because then he can't fire his beam.

Nappa would have took it head on like a retard.

DB should have ended with Goku dying after he fell from the cliff as a toddler.

>Grab ankles by extending arms underground
>Have Goku fire a Kamehameha but use a solar flare to temporarily blind Raditz before doing so
>Defeat Raditz and Goku doesn't die

They could've just done this really

>charge Special Bream Cannon
>extend hand with charged beam cannon into to ground
>fire it off from between Raditz' ankles

Considering the Kienzan incident, that's likely. But Vegeta would have likely warned him to dodge.

well to be fair, at that point, Piccolo didn't really care for Goku's well being, hell he was still wanted to get back at Goku.

This, killing Goku was actually icing on the cake for Piccolo. Until Piccolo realized that they needed him because Vegeta and Nappa were coming

Yeah, OP. That's the last interesting fight in Dragon Ball. That's why after Raditz everybody lost interest, its popularity decreased and the manga was cancelled. Stupid faggot.

Piccolo was about to get 5x stronger twice in that fight. That's just as bullshit as SSJ

>it's popular, that means it's good
Kids were the ones watching Dragon Ball because anyone slightly mature would not stand the incoherent writing. DBZ and everything after it is way, way more of a kids show than Dragon Ball.

You stupid, pathetic manchild.

Vegeta vs Everyone in Saiyan Saga was good.

Krillin and Gohan vs Guldo was fun until the telekinesis shit. Everyone vs Frieza was great and the Super Saiyan stuff was a good conclusion.

Cell saga is where shit goes down the drain. Fight choreography is great but it's all power ups. The best fights are Piccolo vs 17 and Goku vs Cell due to both fights featuring equally matched fighters.

Buu saga is a mixed bag: Great fights like Goku vs Majin Vegeta where the victory condition is convincing Vegeta that he's just fooling himself. Gotenks vs Super Buu was also great. Some people might hate that fight due to Gotenks wasting time, but his creative attacks and annoying attitude are what make the fight so entertaining after 3 arcs filled with generic energy blasts. After that it's mostly trash fights until Kid Buu vs Everyone which gives great character moments and development.

tl;dr: The fights where the main villain is fighting multiple main characters are the best.

you what? Are you talking about the Special Beam Cannon? Because that's not Piccolo himself getting stronger, it's a move.

The Kaio-ken wasn't a bad addition. It's a power-up but since it takes a toll on Goku's body, it doesn't feel nearly as broken. The most interesting part of the Goku vs Frieza fight was everything before he went super.

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>a filthy secondary calling shit on anyone
Dragon Ball is a staple of battle manga, because of the quality of the fights and Toriyama's great panneling before he lost interest. You can be a huge contrarian to think you are better for prefering other chinese cartoons. Go eat a dick.

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His power level got higger than Radtiz. He basically went kaio ken x5

None of the transformations in DBZ are broken though. They all have downsides. SSJ consumes energy at a quicker rate when you don't have it mastered, which is what 18 exploited while fighting Vegeta. SSJ2 is just the same thing with sparks. SSJ3 is basically Kaioken: SSJ edition. A transformation so taxing on the body that you literally have to be dead in order to use it at max power.

Not saying you aren't right since SSJ's drawbacks are far better than Kaioken's, but most transformations in DBZ barely do anything save for the original SSJ which isn't even that broken.

I know of its ethos, everyone fucking does. The fact that you have to bring that up as a defense just proves my point, you retarded manchild.

It wasn't Piccolo that was stronger per se, it was the beam, he basically concentrated all of his ki into a single piercing strike, though he needs a long ass time to charge it, and if he misses he's kinda fucked.

No, Goku vs Vegeta is.

Well he did miss AND was about to do it again. Piccolo sure had alot of energy for a guy missing an arm.

I like Kaioken, but it's part of the power gap issue since Goku was literally able to multiply his power level despite being stronger than everyone else already.

last interesting fight is Cell vs Gohan

Could've been made more interesting if Perfect Cell won against Goku without a trick, and Gohan powered up to SSJ2 to overpower him in revenge.

Best DBZ movie?

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>World's Strongest!zd9GAKQa!0eXjd88w5De5BnH2t9Pg1pQja1surBG6hf17znb88ik
>Tree of Might!aAMiDDCI!4bXT1ZXK1x7anaWoXSyBOni3k3xPOvrUsR1xOyx1AWM
>Lord Slug!XQlXWY6J!KzQ0EXtWRBkBrtbTs-wk33YbAMKDCTbVi6NksFY20YU
>Coola's Revenge!iR9xgDzL!JMA_nQtQIjIsfQYgEZvTJuxVawxutsPrJXSedXNyTWE
>Return of Coola!bccjQbwZ!RPSwI1l8HtRo_oLBD1dGncla9c-H08om0j6RxZ94yQw
>Super Android 13!qA9Xlbob!gwY75paTP40V3FIf7rSLyploaFQJD5cac92eN6SZVBg
>Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan!jJlVHCgT!iL1udP0W0acuKM_7jjYAqGbbSF4JSyYV2JgMA1hvHMM
>Bojack Unbound!PVVBAC5Z!5FY73ocd7oZjrp6rdkkCgx6DBJ84XQBSbxHyDfEdIl0
>Broly - Second Coming!mE01nBKa!VqrJnT505CksWGXtpOqBy_ELbKWurc6ZAsJ37kFpofg
>Broly - Bio-Broly!zB8j1AqQ!GOLdSvr8UeHgiskgOzqvvVOL2F0PsnPW2NjEs1FMz-A
>Fusion Reborn!OYN1lJaB!hX8cj_2kfnvmd9xQlCkiaMAHwN95Kze9SDF5BjmTNKs
>Wrath of the Dragon!PYdlXZZD!g5z4xrbPPMVhGmEL_uyneAoIUC5jIZ9o5HsT29qZP5k

>Ultimate Gohan is stronger than Super Buu
>Gets defeated.
>Super Vegito was stronger than Gohan Buu
>Gets defeated.
>Goku runs out of ki for ss3 against KId Buu
>Wins against Kid Buu.
>Semi-Perfect Cell is abut to lose against Vegeta.
>ends up surviving, killing Goku, Trunks, Android 16.

Is there a mega with the rest, especially the DB movies?

Why don't they just discover some method of splicing Saiyan genes or DNA to humans so the rest of the gang can actually be on par with the Saiyan fags?

Or some other mcguffin Deus ex ass pull like a mysterious buttplug that levels up humans to SSB

It makes no sense that humans are fighting with saiyans in the first place.

No need for this shit. Just bring back enemies that aren't incredibly strong in terms of power but have unique abilities and traits to make up for it. Give the human cast more unique moves and shit so that they can handle those threats.

>Just bring back enemies that aren't incredibly strong

So "super god Mary Sue Saiyan silver the hedgehog Saiyan hyper mega blue Goku" can fart in their direction and atomize them?

You didn't love Vegito vs Super Buu?

Make it so Goku is preoccupied with the big bad or make it a unique ability that gives even Goku trouble. Ginyu is weaker than Goku, yet Body Change gave him a lot of trouble. Not that hard.

That fight was fun but the arc was really dragging during that moment. Plus, it was a return to the MC being immune to the villain's abilities, which had already happened moments ago with CHADhan vs Super Buu. It's a good clichè, but repeating it immediately after a similar event just felt pointless.

Goku vs Vegeta was way better since it required a combined effort of Goku, Gohan, Krillin, and Yajirobi to defeat Vegeta. Also no asspull power ups everything we saw was already established.

Frieza isn't a great fight as much as it is a great moment. You are willing to ignore the SSJ power up because you are just as pissed as Goku that not only is Frieza alive but he just killed Krillen and Piccolo.

Every fight afterwards was just a recreation of the Frieza fight, villain is evil look at how evil he is, villain shrugs off the strongest the Z fighters have I'll have to go beyond they say unlocking a new form never seen before.

What's this about Gohan being immune to Buu's ability? I honestly don't really remember much of that fight before Vegito came on the scene. I know Gohan got absorbed though, so it couldn't be that.

Anyway, like the Gotenks fight, Vegito's attitude towards and when fighting with Super Buu is a lot of what makes it fun. Plus him getting turned into a candy and still being able to fight was one of my favorite parts of the whole series.

Immune was just a poor word choice on my part. I meant it as in the hero being so absurdly strong at that point that the villain couldn't even harm them. Buu couldn't really harm Gohan until he absorbed Gotenks which is basically what happened in Vegito vs Super Buu. Vegito was so strong that Buu couldn't really do anything to him.

And I totally agree with you that Vegito vs Super Buu is a great fight, but when I actually think of its placement in the arc I find it annoying. It's basically a mix of the Gotenks and Gohan fights, because Vegito's attitude is similar to Gotenks but he's invincible to Super Buu's attacks unlike Gotenks, who actually struggled against Super Buu for quite a bit.

Basically Vegito vs Super Buu just repeated a mix of stuff we had already seen a dozen of chapters ago. It's a good fight on its own, but its placement in the arc just bugs me a lot. At least it's not the CHADhan vs Buu fight though, that was just boring and pointless much like Gohan's return.