Scanlation Thread

Cleaner/Typesetterfag here. Have raws and translations you want used? Post them here. Can be of anything.

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Ask me what I'm working on I think you know the answer

Anyone ripping Weekly Shonen Magazine from EBJ around and wouldn't mind posting the second chapter of Bakemonogatari?

Been wanting to get into this on my free time, What's the usual font to use?


Used to do that shit years ago, good times. Got to work on cool manga too and cool groups like illuminati manga, red hawk, deathtoll etc.
augie,zap raygun v2.0

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Please say BEASTARS.


Is there some strategy to dumping a translation on Sup Forums? Every so often it'll just autosage and die out.

I have 10 volumes of futari ecchi cleaned and ready for type setting. just can't find a translator.

Havent read it in years. Good stuff


Comic sans.

I'll let you know, if you use Augie, your scanlation is automatically shit.


What’s the superior font?




How do I rip from Viz (as in the shonen jump app/website) for personal archival purposes?

How do I set ebj to single page mode?

Another extremely overrated font. It looks horrible.

Comic sans

Translator looking for a typesetter/other stuff to work on Eguchi-kun wa Minogasanai, or "Eguchi-kun doesn't miss a thing"
It's a manga about an elementary school boy with the shittiest super power ever: Being able to notice every little erotic moment that happens in daily life. It's short, simple, sweet and sexy. Basically guaranteed views
Raws here:

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what about
sans comic sans

Joke's on you, I use CC Monster Mash for all my handwritten text

First time ripping from ebj so sorry if I did something wrong
part 1
part 2

Thanks, the rips are just fine.
If you want to save yourself a lot of space, you should crop them and run them through an optimizer since they're quite inflated.

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The whole chapter basically drops down to ~75 MB.
This is still completely lossless since I refuse to save a raw indexed, that's reserved for the release.

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WSJ is finally 2048?

Weekly Shonen Magazine, yes. But only on EBJ, that's why I asked for an EBJ rip. I can get 1600px myself.

WSJ is still 1400.


What’s the redrawing like?

>*kills your IRC channel*

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Comic Neue

Daily reminder that cleaning mag scans FUCKING SUCK


The word is "nonexistent," Mr. Translator.

Typesetters, what size of the file do you usually request from the cleaners? original? or already resized ones?

Already resized to final output resolution and DPI. Anything else and it's more pain for the TS.

then don't clean it. those freeloaders deserve nothing.

That's what the proo-
freader is for


Is it possible to buy stuff on EBJ using a BitCash Prepaid Card?

Great, I did research a bit after I posted the question.
Has anyone ever used it? I see that the code is basically 16 hiragana long and you need to input it in 4 rows with 4 hiragana each.
But what about the leftover money of that code? Will it be added to your account or is it like a normal voucher and the code is basically worth the purchased amount less which would suck since you'll always lose some cash this way.

Seems like a pain, but better than getting a credit card for the sole purpose of buying manga.

Do you have a debit card? Just use that.

Maestro, yeah. I guess I'll use that then.