Why do you people like her so much?

Why do you people like her so much?

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thirsty girls are the best, that's why. i dropped franxx and i still love her.

She is cute and loves her darling. Her smile is literally worth the deaths of thousands.

>Why do you people like her so much?

She's sexy, rebellious, one hell of a fighter, playful, wants a boyfriend (and gets it) and is vulnerable.
What is not to like ?

The horns and fangs.

Everything a rare perfect 10/10

Well I've liked dinosaurs since I was a kid. One with a cute smile seals the deal.

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its a smile to love with a character to protect

She has a big ass head.

>thirsty af, but not yandere
that's already better than 95% of competition, and i barely scratched surface of her character

"I like you and I want you, now, we can do this the easy way or the hard way" -9 iota

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No piani

*blocks your path*

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>blocking anything

You are funny, user.

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do you still play with hotwheels too?

Kino girl

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i don't like her, but I don't hate her either. I prefer Miku who's more fun and Ichigo who's cuter.

Transformers, actually.
Now if you'll excuse me. I just woke from my nap and need some chocolate milk.

Because she is a seasonal waifu bait

She is created to be perfect waifu bait for immature teenagers

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don't test me user

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Dino pussy

I want to hold hands with 02!

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I don't like her.

Because Sup Forums is comprised mostly of lonely losers who in life couldn't notice a girl's subtle hints of interest, even if they were saying sexually explicit things right in front of them short of hitting them in the head with a brick. And even if they did notice, they wouldn't do anything out of autism or potential embarrassment.
Due to this, they are all lonely and desperately just want someone to do things with and care for.
Hence a dinosaur girl that claims an user as her own withing minutes of meeting and starts acting like your wife, would be a dream come true. Plus she has insecurity issues and questions her own meaning in life, and cannot form relationships with others like anons so it is natural for the two to support eachother, like the jian theme suggest.

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When the hoise was divided between boys and girls she ignored the line and skipped over to hiro and jumped on his back. That won me over. So often in anime girls treat their love interests like crap


>genuinely affectionate
>not tsundere, no reservations about Darling looking at her
>incredibly strong and protective, but restrains herself when Ichigo hits her
>Doesn't care about squabbles, just wants to spend time with her darling and have fun while she can
>only sad and cold because of emotional resistance built up from never having a partner and being a monster
She's what the modern anime romance story needs to fix the damaged caused by "misunderstandings" and forced drama.

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So this

No way, fag

>to fix the damaged caused by "misunderstandings" and forced drama
oh the cruel irony that she is in a show that's entirely forced drama

Hey pal, the Kiznaiver gym is 2 blocks down

Nice try, shitposter-kun.

Actually its that way

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100% this

Nice dubs Ichigo, get over Hiro already

Is that supposed to be wrong? I don't get why.

This. Waifu material if they want your cock and are jealous with it. They want to hoard it all to themselves, and only yours.

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3D girls like this literally exist, though.

>Not choccy milk
You don goofed son

Name 6

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You're mom.

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I wish she would shove one of them down my dick

>*blocks your path*

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this is good shit

Every day until you like it.

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I don't think you've even seen the show.

I wish Kanye would make her watch better anime.

Seriously, this is like the third time in less than a week that an user makes the same thread

And this is the third week in a row that the kimposting is still here

>Why do you people like her so much?
Are you gonna redoing this fucking thread twice a day, every days?

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>you will never ride this

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flawed but not a cunt, is hot and is a badass, does homage to other great anime characters without being a cheap knock off of them .

She is a good character. not great, but a good one.

Assertive, yet cute. Good combination if done right.

Also helps that Hiro isn't a complete faggot, and acknowledges her thirst for his cock. He's just taking things slow though.

t. contrarian which is why you like contrarian girl

Why does she look so angry?

>implying it’s not a false flag by an 002fag to gush about their waifu
First day on Sup Forums, eh?

I'd rather say patrician.

classic contrarian delusion

she's fairly mediocre
her only good quality is being a pendulum between smug and depression
the true best girl is nana

So the exact same personality as Sup Forums?
/ourgirl/ indeed

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no, most of Sup Forums is just depressed and a minority is perpetually smug

What is a truly good waifu then?

an honest one who isn't all mysterious about shit and operate on a constant need-to-know basis like 02

Napoleon complex

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Why does Ichigo get such beautiful fanart compared to 002? This isnt fair


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"Poliiiice! Get this angy midget out of the way"

You don't look for fan art.

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That still compares in comparison to though

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But she does

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Ok user. Sure.

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There's no need to be upset with me

Based drawfriend is really delivering.

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Let's do it properly this time old thread fags.

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Can you make it go slower when she's at the top, then faster when she's coming down? More weight, y'know.

It's funny, I typically don't like her character type, but for all the show's faults they do make a good job of selling her.

Cute bully, whose smile should be cherished.

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Of course.

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Am I a bad person for wanting her to finally burst out in tears?
But only because IMAGINE healing afterwards.

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I want to watch Hiro restore her smile.

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Don't worry, there will be smile restoring .

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