Osomatsu-san Thread

Only 6 more days until the season finale, let’s reminisce.

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shut up, runt

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Even kara can’t pull off that hideous outfit.

Incest is the lifeblood of anime.

>Oso is the thinnest
Unpossible! How does he do it?

the 1st OP of 2nd ss was so good.


I like that outfit I think it's cute. Looks kinda weird on Karamatsu though

I prefer the fourth op and ed, they’re so nostalgic and catchy.

>getting older means realizing oso is the best matsu and an ideal partner
Is this true?

Same, the ed is especially comfy.

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Will next episode be a serious one?

3rd ED >*

>Best matsu
>Ideal Partner
If you enjoy babysitting and not having money, then sure.

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Go back to the canon tumblr name group Choro.

What were your top five skits this season? For me it's
>Matsuyo and Matsuzo
>Chibitas Revenge
>Super Detergent

It will be serious-ly frustrating.

In no particular order
>Super Detergent
>Iyami alone in the wind
>the whole summer episode
>Todomatsu and Osomatsu

Out of curiosity how many of you are neets like the boys you idolize? How many of you actually have jobs? Where do you work?

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I think you’d have to like them in order to idolize them? I work at a restaurant and I clean dishes so last episode really hit home for me

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Oops I misread! Yeah I could definitely relate to my fave

He seems like he’d be mature if he had a real reason to be.

Who is the best partner, realistically speaking. Choro and Totty would probably be the two most financially supportive, but Choro is obnoxious and Totty is a nothingo girlyman.

who else wants to get a job?

Realistically speaking, I think it would be Jyushimatsu, but I'm probably biased because he's the only one we've seen in a healthy relationship (apart from Choro and dayoon girl, but we barely saw them interacting).

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I work part time and live with my parents, so like a semi-neet. I work retail.

Jyushi is in his 20s still wets the bed. A bed he shares with 5 siblings. And he has his mom clean it for him.

thanks for the laugh user

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Nobody in the world wants that. We only work so that we can have leisure later.

I work in a cafe, but I used to be a neet when I first started watching the anime.
I still feel pretty attached to the characters despite not being in the same situation as them anymore though.

It’s just facts. Personally, a bedwetter seems far from ideal to me. I’ll take the histrionic dumbass instead. He’s easy to manipulate and can hold his bladder.

The what now?

He also whacks it to pictures of bugs and spends his free time watching kids at the playground.

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Who else wet their pants besides Jyush and Kara? For some reason I'm thinking Todo but I can't recall the exact scene.

Probably some Tumblr nonsense

Mahjong skit, but I'm not sure he actually did or if it was figurative.

Wtf when did kara wet himself?

Been NEET scum for about 3 years now. These kinds of episodes always hit me hard.

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It was in one of those short skits that were online to promote the JRA special.
Also unrelated to the anime, there was a time when "Karamatsu holding in his piss" ended up trending in Japan on twitter.

>Summer Episode
>Trapped on the island
>Chibita's Revenge

You know that if one of them is a pedo then it’s Choro

How? Just because he's a perv doesn't mean he's attracted to kids. All his figures and magazines are of girls with huge boobs.

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I'm a produce department manager at Walmart. I've been a regular produce accociates for 8 years before that, I was only a neet for my first year being out of high school. I do still live with my parents and my sister though, I'm helping them out paying most of their bills, I like my family too much to be away from them, we're super close.Even though I'm not a neet I still find the show really relatable somehow.

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>also working at walmart
This is too eerie, but I know with confidence we're not in the same one

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Are there any characters that grew on you throughout the show, I started out hating Jyushi but as the show went on I started to love him.

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Why is he so cute here? Better catboy than ichi

I used to hate Totty but now he's my second favorite.

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Ichi. I used to dislike him during season 1 and felt he was super overrated, but despite him still not being at the top of my ranking I've learned to love him.

Nah probably not. Walmart is a pretty common place to work.

I likeTodomatsu and Choromatsu a lot more than when I first started the show. They still aren't my favorite though.

Which Matsu would enjoy enemas the most?

Ichi. Obvious answer

Is anyone gonna watch either of the older series after this one is done?

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I would if there were more translated episodes around. I've watched pretty much everything that's been translated so far.

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I'm thinking about watching the rest of it raw.

Ichi would enjoy anything you do to him except needles.

Nah. The things I like about san are things that they changed from kun. The characters are completely different, and so is a lot of the humor. They may as well be completely different franchises, and I don’t feel any attachment to some old cartoon that I never would have watched on it’s own merit.

Maybe I’ll finally watch Gintama though. I hear Saiki is good as well.

Please don't die thread

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The lack of yamposters has truly made this thread beautiful.

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Otakuism is a slippery slope to traps and lolis.

Shh they will hear you.

imagine osomatsu bragging about how big his dick is and how he can last for 10 minutes and then turns out hes got a chode and cums from putting it in

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If anything I appreciate the lack of arguing.

Not a NEET because I go to uni, but not truly independent yet. However my older sibling is a coddled NEET and my mother doesn't understand me trying to pass my course, even telling me to give up - I'm seen as the problem child instead because I cost more money. It's kind of a fucked up story.

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So is being a weirdo who gets turned on by bugs. Plus in the rental girlfriend episode he picked Iyami over chibita which kinda proves he prefers mature looking women.

This. Also materials imply he's into femdom. He wants a mature lady to tease him.

I’d worship Oso’s chode

season 2 was a letdown and its going to ruin the penultimate episode by repeating the same joke from last time, except there wont be any redeeming qualities to it cause you can see it from a mile away and unlike last time the drama here was actually fairly leveled and wouldnt upset the balance of the show going foreword if they decide to make more

Rental girlfriends was written by Yukio Okada instead of Matsubara, and while it was a great episode that might explain why there were some character inconsistencies with Matsubaras matsus. Like Oso picking Chibimi. There’s no way he wouldn’t be all about that oppai.

Oso can be pretty innocent too though, like when he thinks about scenarios where he'd meat a girl he describes the whole toast-in-mouth-crash-into-hello cliche (in an ad campaign).

Osomatsu is a simple man, and his dick is strong. You know that given the choice he's going for the titties. Rental Girlfriends is also the episode people use to say that Karamatsu hates uggos when he later took home and almost married an uggo. I did like Ichimatsu in that episode, though. One of his edgiest moments.

ANN lists which episodes each of the three S1 writers worked on, but not which skits in those episodes. Ep 14 credits both Okada and Matsubara, and the skits were We Caught A Cold and Todomatsu's Line. I'm wondering if Cold was another one of Okada's, since Todomatsu's Line feels very Matsubara to me. It's possible that the edgymatsu we knew in S1 was the work of Okada, and that's why he seems so neutered this season. If they do renew it for an S3 I hope they bring him back as a writer. I think the other one, Michiko Yokote, mostly did shitty Iyami skits, so she can stay gone.

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Wow it's almost like... Okada is a better writer...

Karamatsu does hate uggos though, he didn't willing take home the flower fairy and was miserable around her.

Honestly I just sort of feel like they'd go after any type of female that isn't a complete uggo.

Having only one writer on the show is just a recipe for disaster in my opinion, especially a gag series that's meant to be unpredictable while still having some consistency.

This, and actually treats them well. This user gets it.

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All of them but Totty, he's probably closet gay.

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I wish I could force feed Karamatsu his brothers.

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Whoops didn't mean to quote you

I've been jumping between semi-NEET and NEET for 5 years straight. Got kinda bored of it, trying to study but I'm failing and my father figure got badly sick so this week ep hit me really hard.

Which Matsu's butthole would you willingly lick no complaints?

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You know the answer. Though to be honest I would like to use a dental dam for hygiene's sake.

>ichi and kara fangirls are uggos

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I've broken down who has writing credits for each episode, as listed on ANN. There is no confirmation listed for who wrote which skits in an episode, but looking at this list it becomes easier to piece together each of their writing styles. For any that are sharing credits I listed what minor skits were also in the episode other than the ones in the main title.

>1. Osomatsu-kun Returns
>2. Let's Get a Job / The Melancholy of Osomatsu
>3. Tidbits Collection
>3.5 Matsu Juice / Virgin Heroes
>4. Let's Become Independent / This Is Totoko
>5. The Karamatsu Incident / ESP Kitty
>6. It's a Birthday Party, Dajo / Iyami's Great Discovery
>7. Todomatsu and the 5 Demons / To the North
>8. The Calming Osomatsu / Totoko's Dream
>9. Chibita and Oden / Juushimatsu Falls in Love
>10. Iyami and Chibita's Rental Girlfriend (Also contained the Choukei "you don't have to change" fishing skit)
>11. Christmas Osomatsu-san
>12. Year-End Special-san
No writing credits
>13. Accident? (Contained Sanematsu, first Joshimatsu skit, and the Fappymatsu skit)
>14. We Caught a Cold / Todomatsu's Line
>15. Interview / The Life of Chibita's Flower (Also contained second Joshimatsu skit)
>16. The Ichimatsu Incident (Also contained F6 lube skit)
>17. Juushimatsu Festival
>18. Iyami's Counterattack (Third Joshimatsu skit)
>19. Jidaigeki Osomatsu-san / Choromatsu Rising (And another Joshimatsu)
>20. Iyami's School (Also had Hatabou's mystery meat sketch and delinquents AU)
>21. Mahjong / Kamimatsu
>22. The Star of Hope, Todomatsu / Final Sheeeh
>23. Kerosene / Dayon Tribe
>24. Totoko's Huge Panic / Letter
>25. Osomatsu-san, Such As It Was

Bet your timbs that he'll be hooked up with Atsushi

I think they're kinda cute. The osomatsu girl is the cutest though.

Totty's coffee roasted boipussy

The Interview skit was god tier.

Thanks for the info, user. Have to thank Yokote/Okada for that blessed Iyami Kart. At the same time though, they did the F6 Lube skit which was absolute torture for me to watch (not in a good way). It seems like all of them can have their good and bad skits, in the end.

I don't know why but I get the feeling Totty and Kara would have the cleanest assholes.

Why would I know that?

I could see him as using men to get money or favors. Like last episode he was probably talking to Atsushi on the phone and got him to give him a job.

Sorry, meant to say "you know my answer" - I'm a shameful Karamatsu Girl.

Also was pretty enjoyable wakaba.
With this list, can we gauge what matsus are preferable writing-wise for each writer?

This is my speculation as to who wrote what

All Joshimatsu skits
Matsu juice and lube skit (two F6 skits)
Iyami's great discovery (not very confident)
Iyami School (also not very confident)
Majong (also not very confident, but the genre switch makes it stand out)

Virgin Heroes (since yokote probably wrote juice)
Birthday Party (since Yokote probably wrote great discovery)
Rental Girlfriends (and matsubara probably wrote the fishing skit)
We Caught a Cold (not confident, but todo's line feels more matsubara, he loves totty)
Hatabou's mystery meat (would make sense as a follow-up to birthday party)
Final Sheeeh (because Matsubara didn't write much Iyami and loves Todomatsu)
Totoko's huge panic (letter had to be matsubara)

Everything else except jyushi festival. That one's a toss-up between the other two, but I'll bet Yokote at least wrote the one where Jyushi sells BL.

Matsubara probably wrote both Interview and Iyami Kart. I wouldn't assume Yokote wrote anything on the Joshimatsu episodes other than the the Joshimatsu skits. Her writing style seems pretty distinct, and favors the joshis, F6 and Iyami. Both of those seem more in-line with what Matsubara does.

Ah, my mistake. Okada did a few I like, though. I like all of those you listed except for the last three.

theory: the real karamatsu died via severe chocolate burn, that's why he's so different in s2

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Assuming I'm correct , I think getting rid of Yokote was the right move. All she really contributed were Joshimatsu skits, F6 skits and forgettable Iyami skits. I think Okada did a good job with Iyami and Chibita in Rental Girlfriends, and he seemed to be the go-to person for Hatabou. I also liked his edgy Ichimatsu if I was write about Cold. Matsubara's writing really was the soul of S1, though. He did the large majority of the SoL skits. Unsurprisingly he also did a lot of AUs, which is why I think the delinquent skit goes to him, as well as all of the Jidaigeki skits. And all of the heart warming or dramatic skits were his, as well as the big production skits.

I don't think any dip in quality for S1 is because Matsubara isn't a good writer for the show. I feel more like he's worn down, or maybe he just lacks inspiration. Looking at where is writing credits are and where they are missing in S1, I get the feeling he doesn't care for writing about the side characters, but is now pressured to because he's the only script writer left and somebody has to. Okada did some good stuff in S1, and maybe if they brought him back Matsubara wouldn't be able to focus only on skits that interest him.