Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho

We are reaching the end of the journey for these dorks, what are your thoughts so far?

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Made me cry.

Best anime original in quite a few seasons.

8/10, contender for AOTY alongside Devilman Crybaby so far.

Kept me believing in anime originals. Let's hope we get another good one sometime soon.

***,*30位/***,*43位 (**3,848 pt) [*,100予約] 2018/03/28 宇宙よりも遠い場所 1(イベントチケット優先販売申券) [Blu-ray]

I gotta say I held strong for most of the show but that last scene with the computer fucking wrecked me emotionally

I want to fuck Shirase while she calls me mother.


Get back to work, Gin.

The strongest AOTY contender so far, the rest of the seasons will have to pull out extraordinaire shows to surpass this one.


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It's a good cute girl show with decent but ultimatley under developed drama and adventure elements. I very much enjoy it but have no idea how people are calling this AOTY. If the finale is good its probably gonna be a 7/10 at best.

Lie down.
Try not to cry.
Cry a lot.

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is that Secret Society BLANKET?

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>that image

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It's BLANKET's Antarctic chapter
their influence is spreading.

What they're singing?

A smile worthy of all the protection.

Easy AOTS, AOTY contender

tears were shed for poor shirase

Horray, the witch is dead

What is an 8/10 for you

It's good, but most of the dramatic emotional scenes have come on a bit strong with the music and everything, which takes me out of it.

Same. It finally hit her how many emails she sent and how much she missed her. And how her mom will never, ever read them.

My heart

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Is this the last episode?

>they find her mum

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Show the momsicle.

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Once again proving everything is better with cute girls.

Sex with Hina-chan!

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Whose cum is that? Hopefully it's Shirase's.

Oh fucking hell that ending punched me straight in the heart.

Of course, she takes after her father.

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Its fine with fiction, but after seeing those men vs women survival shows I know this would never, ever work in real life.

I hope we get to see puddi again

Fuck I got fucking wrecked

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Tell me user, how many times did you cry during this episode.

Be honest.

Hold me anons

about 2-3 times


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That's adorable
God bless the gooks

Next episode is bikini one right?

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It took 12 episodes for Yuzuru to realize this?
Is she actually unironically autistic?

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>reality tv

She wasn't in the first two.

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She's never had friends before.

dem feels man ;_;

i lost my dad and 2 sisters in a tragedy. so i know that feel.

She stalked the others at the end of the second episode.

But that's because no anime, game or VN makes me cry. I can get sad, but tears won't come out
Still a great episode. The prolem is me being fucked up

I've got to say that Kimari was a very weak mc. You can easily cut her out from half of the show and it wouldn't change a thing.

Bow down to your queen

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she is probably ugly as fuck

Shitposting thread is elsewhere

That's because she shares that role with 3 other characters

at least she didn't find dolphin porn on her mother's notebook... yet.

No user.. just some dust got caught in my eyes

Shirase is the true MC.

Did you make the most out of your youth, user?

More like Gin nudes

No, I only watched shitty animu.

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It's like they really found her mom's frozen body, like we were joking at the start of the season.
The laptop is symbolic for her corpse.

I ended studying business, so not really

Isn't it worse to peak when you are only 16?

I can't believe Shirase's mom is fucking dead.

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Never shed a single tear, really.

I cant believe Megumi withheld every email Shirase wrote until her mother died

This is actually the part of the episode that should make you the most depressed.

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I wish the sister got more screentime.

It's the symbol that Shirase's mother really is dead. She never read her emails.

I can't believe Megumi fucking killed Takako

Newfag user will never experience the Yorimoi one episode per week.

Actually, she's weak in appearance but that's because she's a healthy and dumb girl with no issues. Even her own arc was more about Megu than herself. But she's extremely social (she's perhaps the most social of the group after Hinata) and doesn't hesitate to get close to others to bring up issues that would otherwise stay buried inside.


one of my eyes got a bit wet... is that sadness user?

Only twice, once when they found the laptop, then again when the emails started flooding in.

I had a great childhood but my bad teenage years sour all the memories. Feels like I jumped from age 13 to 21 in a year.


Peaking at 16 is fine. Most people peak around 15 - 21.
I peaked at 11, being the boss on the playground because I was the tallest kid in school.
It was all downhill from there.

Just imagine how brutal it must be to realize that all the mails you wrote your mother ended on her laptop... unread.

calling it. They will also find her mobile somewhere, and what she called beautiful was an image Shirase sent her.

This guy is getting creepier every episode.

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>you will never be bored alone one night and decide to marathon this weird antarctica anime in one go

I bet that would be a good experience

Why is that?

Even the second time, this bit spooks the everloving fuck outta me. Imagine hearing this.

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I felt like I was at least of the verge of tears the whole time. My lips were doing that trembling thing thing that I honestly thought was just an "anime thing" kinda like how when 90% of the time when anime characters are sleeping they blow snot bubbles yet nobody ever does that IRL. Then the ending came around and got the tears flowing. This show has made me cry more than I have in years collectively.

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Because you wasted it on the internet.

fuck me, the end hit me like a truck.

So what will they do for episode 13?

I'm 25, never left my country and I'm half way through a college career that I'm starting to think it's not for me. I'd say no.

It woudln't surprise me

I read the exact same comment last year with Kemono Friends instead.

I didn't cry, but I could feel my eyes getting watery. Honestly, that stuff happens so easily to me with media these days and it's a surprisingly enjoyable thing.

I know I didn’t, but there’s no sense dwelling on the past.

No. Shirase's story got its closure with this episode. Now it's time for the epilogue.

I like it so much. All these dorks that say anime is reclining were wrong after all, anime is still great.

Only once.

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And it's true.
Damn, I still remember how I thought this was going to be one of those shows that barely have a thread each weak, but by episode 5 I stopped going to the threads because they were too active. It was also a very nice season.

I admit that my eyes got slightly more moist than usually, but I didn't cry because I'm not a faggot.

>pick up first episode because I thought the premise was so weird it would be an amusing kind of disaster
>end up crying like a baby right now

What the fuck

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>you're in Antarctica
>night, you strayed too far away from your campsite and you're caught in the blizzard and you don't know where to go to reach your companions
>suddenly, your radio acts up
>this plays