New Dragon Ball movie
Goku faces his ultimate enemy, La Creatura

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>that fluid animation

is dragon ball fucking saved?

why is it in english

We pokemon sun/moon now?

Esto es el fin.


i ain't clicking that shit

>that clothes animation
>fighting a fucking SS4
dear god i feel like a kid again

It would be pretty bad if the fucking movie didn't have good animation

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Fucking gringos

here you go

that doesnt look digital


>the way Goku is bouncing on his toes

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With a bit more of detail. At least Shintani didn't turn Goku into a downy face autist like SM Ash.

we can only hope

Holy crap, something Dragonball related that actually can be called genuinely good looking.

Will this take place on planet Sadala? will we see or girls again?

>Earth has Goku

What do you think?

>that warm up Goku does before fighting

Yeah and it's okay when Goku does it.

So why is some people thinking there's a SSJ4 in that?

Don't get my hopes up

why isn't it in spanish?!

It's the legendary Super Saiyan of U7.

the artstyle looks like shit, but better than what we have seen so far in dbs, i guess its a good thing, this will give the animators more creative freedom to do a better job, but at the same time im curious to know what will happen with off model artists like takahashi or shida i hope they dont get nerfed.

Goku vs Salada Kogu?

No idea. He's wearing a fur pelt, but you can see he has skin.

>Earth has Goku
Fuck off with your bullshit, faggot.

>looks like a fan animation despite supposedly having a movie budget

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Are you blind?

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>I am so used to digital bullshit that anything that isn't it must be shit

That's not a U6 Saiyan. The guy's forearms are as thick as a man's head. He's fucking /fit/. Why would good ol' Goku fight a fucking stick figure after his brutal battle against my dear friend, Jiren the Gray?

And what part of that aside from the fur pelt looks like SS4?

>fan animation

A fan animation is more in-line with that Gohan Blanco/Jiren mexican shit

>tfw Goku pissed Sadala's king off so bad he turned full ape
>tfw Sadala is pure ice

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You know, since he's wearing fur around him maybe it's a revived Yamoshi. Though the only reason I think that is because Yamoshi died ages ago so I think caveman which makes me think fur pelt.

maybe they redesigned then for the movies
and sayian teens look realy thin

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do you even know what digital is? are you implying that they are producing this movie via cel animation?

It looks better than Super but that really isn't saying much at all

Doesn't look like the fur from a SSJ4 tho. The yellow eyes are reminiscent of one though.

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I fucking hope so.

atleast its not actual fan animation

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his armor is green
is clearly fucking bardock
>the ORIGIN of the sayian strenght
goku is fighting his father

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The designs aren't trash like SM


Are you ok?

dragon ball legends

So, who's the new Saiyan?

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Straight from Toei, concept art. New movie set in Sadala, tons of new U6 Saiyans, man Goku was fighting was king of Sadala turned ape form in rage.

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I cant fucking belive it
they stole the tittle of the best dragon ball game
Everytime i seach for Dragon ball legends it will show me some shitty Mobile game now

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broly who turns out to be the reincarnation of yamoshi

Why did they get him in the tournament?

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>the new movie isnt gonna be centered around goku
>the movie isnt gonna be a continuation of super

where are the faggots that said this

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King Salada of course

movie is set years after tournament of power, U6 brought back to existence, goku visiting planet Sadala.

YouTube link:

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>U6 Saiyans.

Ah fuck no...

> Finally a big saiyan who doesn't look at all like Broly
> Must be Broly reincarnation

>La Creatura

Transformed Zarbon?

Welcome to Planet Sadala, Kakarot. THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING? URRGGGGGHHHH

>turns into green ape

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Goku fighting the original legendary super saiyan. My guess is after the fight the original Saiyan will acknowledge Goku as his rightful successor.

Will Goku be able to use Blanco again after ToP?

>look at me I'm a contrarian like you guys am I cool yet

Finally they ditched the plastic looking art style for toddlers.

>looks worse than the movies from twenty years back


DRAGON BALL HAS BEEN SAVED. (Not that I hate the TOP arc)

You know, is encouraging that both trailers for Legends have stuff from GT (Omega Sheng long, Pan) from the get go

No. It looks good.

Outta any animation or art related board right now you shit taste fag

>ywn see Caulifla's erect nipples poke through her top on a chilly Sadala morning

Goku will defeat a Broly (forma peluda) with his new lederhosen form

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>green aura
>yellow eyes

Will this be a new transformation? Will SS4 become canon again, but a new take on it? Is this the original SSG resurrected? I could imagine the wish at the end of the tournament ressurecting him somehow. Goku did say he wanted to be able to fight someone EVEN STRONGER.

Movie looks fucking amazing. Hopefully it's writing will be up to par

thats some oc from dragon ball legends

only spics think the term canon actually matters to creators.

He can probably use the form at will since he's mastered it, and Toriyama did draw an image of Goku Blanco in an undamaged gi. We'll probably see Blanco at the end of the film. Goku will probably stick to SS1, SSB, and UI: Omen.

They see buttcape, they see SS4. It's what AF has done to them.

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contrarian like who, retard?
everone seem to enjoy this new artstyle even on this board, as i said the artstyle is not my cup of tea but definetly its a step up from we have seen these past years

To be fair, SS4 Goku has yellow eyes, and the Saiyan in the teaser also has yellowish eyes.

SS5 you mean and man, it's easy to forget that wasn't even suppose to be Goku. It was that guys OC. I wonder if he would get pissed if design elements were taken from that for this guy.

Yamoshi is weak though. I bet Katopesla can woop his ass.

Isnt Yamoshi just Bardock after being send back in time?

Finally the artstyle screams chala head chala unlike the no blood bs modern style

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Bardock special isn't canon and he only became a super saiyan, not a god

no thats filler

i thought the movie was gonna be about frieza
i hope its not gonna be some time traveling bullshit at least

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The style looks good

Of Course it is broly. You can clearly see his body becoming more muscular as he powers up.

I hope the new movie expands on Freeza and Jiren's story, not just Yamoshi and the monkeys.

So guaranteed to be the worst movie in the franchise, beating out RoF and Bio-Broly

I don't need that obvious explanation from you it was just a point. And the OC is called Tablos.

Why is the new Super movie trying to copy Boruto's animation style?

The fuck? Is that Sasuke? What the fuck happened to Naruto? When the fucc did it turn into DBZ?

> Says a Naruto fag about Dragonball
When did we come full circle

cutegang wins agin

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forever no
Broly is non canon and actual shit