characters you would bend over for

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I would rather bend him over myself

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Who's that?

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why is greed such an idiot? if he had just popped his shield to full like he did vs ed he would never lose to wrath, and every time they fight he doesent do it despite having time and opportunity to do so

what a qt
I miss you

Who knows

>implying you have a choice

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I don't know who the user is that keeps posting Greed in the OP, but I like you. Good taste.

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More like Bleed.

wrath go

Posting actual best Greed

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>has plenty of prep time and element of surprise
>knows his opponent can counter his ability if he uses it during combat
>jacks off instead of activating his shield

I often imagine myself as greed, just doing whatever I wanted.
Because in real life, I can't do what I want.
Feels bad man

In a heartbeat.

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I didn't ask for this feel

This is 500% of my power!

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This. Deku is a qt

arrogance is a hell of a drug, to be fair, he did try to activate the shield when he realised Bradorey is basically the human terminator, but he just chopped him limbs off before he had time

all Greeds are best Greeds, even the non-fma Greed

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