Berserk Chapter 355


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I'm waiting so long.

Me on the left.

21 fucking years man

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>inb4 guts begins to stutter like a faggot because he didn't expect caska to get unpotatoed

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And the next page will be
>ON HIATUS! See you in November.

I'm crying

>the fucking detail on this page

What the fuck

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He's still got it man
>inb4 the trauma turns Caska into a potato again


I'm just going to clarify that "raw" would be if the panels were not been translated. This "raw" manga is translated into Korean.

>casca in that angelic elf outfit

holy shit this was actually too much for my heart to take

Is this still digital?

>spend months waiting for weekly tier chapter ending with Casca PTSD

yeach, fuck you Miura, next we gonna get short nothing happens chapter and yearly hiatus

>What triggered Casca more than the eclipse was seeing Griffith's body like that

I can't believe it, I lived to see the day where Caska goes back to being normal again

Who's ready to see them go back in the boat when the hiatus will be over in 2019?

Guts was born s struggler and die a struggler. Moments of peace are eyes of a storm. ALL of them

>We get ayy lmao faced Casca
>In the same chapter we get this
Miura? You ok? Or are you fucking with us?

Miura is mad gay for griffith.

I'm seriously starting to believe that QUALITY is due to offloading work to assistants and Miura only works on select few spreads and panels now.


Casca's face is actually on model with the way it was drawn in the 90s. It's honestly probably done on purpose.

Nah, the quality is due the fact he's fapping to Yayoi while drawing.

That's because Griffith is his self insert

Translation fucking when?

Within a decade after Bannerlord gets released.

Miura is Pipin. Grifith was the guy going out with all the girls he liked in highschool

Where is his nipples?

>Berserk is going on hiatus!
>See you this winter!

The torturer's dinner plate

>Continues next time

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>Casca found seeing Griffith tortured worse than the eclipse


Here we go again!


>Casca climbs out of the treehouse
>sees Guts
>[autistic screeching]
What did she mean by this?

She still loves Griffith. The shitposters were right. FUCK MIURA

pls no

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Fuck off retard, seeing Guts gave her such a huge flashback to the Eclipse that she totally broke down, not the memory of Griffiths skellymode physique

From what I got, Casca couldn't exactly remember everything (last thing she seemed to remember was going to rescue Griffith from the torture dungeon)? Then when she saw Guts she remembered the rest and screamed in horror.

>Seeing Griffith like that was worse than the band of the hawk dying and being raped by monsters
Casca please.

why seeing griffith tortured? she doesn't remember the rest?
she doesn't know he's pretty fine now and has an eternal body?

Griffith did nothing wrong -Casca

Casca was obviously remembering more as she was going to meet Guts. The page where she is smiling and crying is when they ask her if she remembers Guts, which she obviously does because she loves the guy.

Her PTSD kicks in and she remembers after she finally sees Guts, who is now covered in even more fucking scars, looks aged and broken, is missing an arm, and an eye.

Cuckfags begone.

she locked up eclipse banquet, the rape and demon baby
those are the things that broke her
everything before and after that is fine

>why seeing griffith tortured?
Because Griffith was castrated meaning she couldn't fuck him anymore. Luckily for her Griffith had a red behelit

Oh yeah... Absolutely none of you would have taking the opportunity to do what Griffith did even if you ended up like this..

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She is used goods anyway.

>Time works faster in midland than in fantasia
>Guts and co BOATs back to midland
>Its a perfect time for another eclipse

I seriously don't understand Cascafags. Casca enjoyed it so why be so anal about it?

Puck has to keep his behelit away from Casca otherwise she's going to use it so she can be closer to Griffith.

>I'm sorry, Guts...

if someone came to your room and raped you in the ass and it felt good, how would you feel?

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I'd ask what brand of strapon she is using

nah, she feeling, the scars of guts
loving and sad when griffith was wounded
hating and angry after that
she knows he relief will come with understanding of that and accepting he'll be forever linked to griffith (love or hate)

It was just a prank bro

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It's not just assistants, artists do anonymous work on all kinds of projects. I doubt he did the griffith pic.

guts is fighting the destiny of the hawk king, bringing hell disguised into heaven to humans

She just remembered the rest after realizing Guts is missing an eye and arm, and thus confirming that the Eclipse event was real

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will casca save guts from hate?

>Griffith really did fuck me. I'm so happy

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Dammit Sup Forums, I didnt ask for these feels

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the best picture in the whole manga
she's cute and deserves to be loved

Time for fresh meat.

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Lost children sub-arc was the peak of manga
prove me wrong

>mfw Casca really does look like a slightly older/updated version of her Golden Age self

I think people need to go back and do a reread if they don't like her face. This chapter was gorgeous through and through.

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The breaking of sexual innocence would produce a lot of energy, but Miura wouldn't do that because i'd mail him weapon grade anthrax if he did

>Guts with full gear on
He's leaving the island, lads

No she is just happy to see guts alive again, remember her PTSD was caused by Femto

Waiting on the translation

>Just wanted Guts to get his fucking hug
Miura plz

>A spread dedicated to Griffith's tortured body
>N-no she cares about Guts

he could have got a little more casual outfit to be desu

the bottom of the pit
full darkness everywhere, no hope anymore, very well done

So. What will top out the berserk armor? Another cursed armor?

>Casca's psyche is purified and she is excited to see Guts again
>but when she sees Guts she instantly realizes that he has mentally never moved on from the Eclipse and her joy turns to horror
They may have healed Casca's heart, but Guts' is still shattered.

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Guts and Puck still have the behelit from the beginning

golden age

So who's the strongest member of the Godhand? Saw some people mentioning Griffith being a pawn in the last thread. Aren't all of them on an equal level of power?

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>tfw it was guts that needed healing the whole time

void is top dog

The art is such weebshit now.

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But Guts HAS moved on from the Eclipse.

After Conviction, his goal has switched from revenge to finding a safe place to live with Casca. He was planning to live with her in Godo's house at the end of Conviction before Zodd destroyed it, forcing them to flee to Elfhell instead. I believe he even said he hasn't thought about Griffith in a long time during one of the recent chapters.

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It can't be HELLped

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I assume it's Void

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>But Guts HAS moved on from the Eclipse.
Good job ignoring the manga, you fucking faggot.

kill yourself

Troll cave.
Still gets me hard.

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>Berserk armor gets enchanted with guts beherit just like the sword of actuation
>Guts is now immune to God Hand's fuckery and can get close to them



Griffith's lips are definitely from the new style

my love for you is like a truck

I'm mad he didn't even at least smile, man came through like he was the final boss or something. Casca has been a potato for decades and he approaches her like that?

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Where's the nearest cliff?

fuck off, the golden age was closer to this than the eclipse
miura is designing a fantasy world, with light and darkness, not a muhegdyteenager manga