Send jojo memes

Send jojo memes

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Oi copper, that berk nicked me luggage.

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>vanilla ice
I just got the reference

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Saved a few of these so contributing in return.

I've been searching forever for a Sup Forums screencap of a post that greentexted the jojo parts describing them each in a sentence in a funny way, it made me pick up the series.

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Smol Jolyne is so cute.

Have an anime version of her

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I have some more out-of-context, but they're not really jojokes, more just images portraying how bizarre the show is.

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Was he really such shit father?

According to Jolyne, he was.
(Part 6 ending spoiler) But at the end of part 6 she learns he never was there for his family because he was either protecting them or staying away from them to prevent any harm to come to them

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he said sheea hawt attaku has no weakness, not bait za dusto

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Kira beanikage

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Great, now I actually want to watch something like this

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Well he does switch bodies with a more generic salary man

Technically yes.

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please don't tell me my mosaic panels are being spread around by facebook normalfags

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why did jotaro get such a lame death?

Kill yourself.

No, they're being spread around by neo-Sup Forums normalfags.

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Which one is yours?

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Should you really be surprised when you make reddit-tier images about a series for entry-level plebs?

That's like being shocked about making some One-Punch Man edits and seeing them on facebook.

Aren't they the wrong way around?

I prefer Hamon over Stands
Also Jonathan is best JoJo

Anyone have the laughing DIO? Arigato

Why is Araki so aganist moustaches? I feel excluded and can't cosplay as anyone

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Daniel D'arby