New Dragon Ball Super Movie Teaser

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Wow, Goku must of really pissed off the king of Sadala for him to turn into a full ape like that. And damn, Sadala is really Icy!

While looking better than Super is a given, this looks a hundred times better than RoF and BoG based on that style alone. Actually looking forward to it.

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Why do they keep doing the punch against punch thing? That shit hurts like hell, it's not practical like blocking with your forearm.

>A Sayain has no limits.
Somebody tell that to the supermanfags.

Nice! Another Goku fanwank movie yeaaah!
God, I used to love Goku

Broly is back :)

Off yourself underage

Sup Forums poster spotted

>a Toei adaptation that finally captures the artstyle of its source material
What the fuck?

So, the anticipated antagonist is Broly?

Legendary Super Saiyan who's been hinted at since the original manga I'd imagine; the same fag that Vegeta kept sperging about during the Namek arc. They're probably gonna add elements of some of Broly's and the SS4's design to him hence the muscular build and fur skirt.

Are you retarded? It's the king of Sadala, concept art of new U6 Saiyans have already been leaked. New movie is set in Sadala.

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a reset is coming isn't it? that goku looks weak as shit

He's holding back for a fair fight, if King Sadala was really strong enough to defeat Blue Goku he'd be in the Tournament of Power, so obviously he isn't that strong even in rage form. Goku always wants a fair fight though.

>New movie is set in Sadala.
What is this? The newest retarded theory since "Kale is a Pride Trooper?" The teaser said "Earth has Goku," so the movie will involve some threat to Earth. We know that the U6 Saiyans are good guys, so the chance of them threatening the Earth is slim. Not to mention that the Saiyan's arm braces are similar to the ones worn by the U7 Saiyans (see Nappa's armor.)

It's important to note that this is pre-produced so don't think this is representative of the actual movie. I sure hope it is, but who knows at this point.

looks like anotehr goku clone

>Earth has Gok
>Salada has SS4

>Why do they keep doing the punch against punch thing? That shit hurts like hell, it's not practical like blocking with your forearm.
It shows equality

Monkey King is literally the original SSJ God

Which means he's a Freeza era soldier. The U6 armor is the same as the old U7 armor before Freeza. This means either U7's Saiyans were all resurrected, or there was another survivor and this guy has been training in secret all this time and is pissed off that Goku was working with Freeza.


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>caulifags trying to make this about u6
nah, that guy looks too buff and muscular to be them

Every DBZ movie is that

it's the original SSJ God

El Grande Padre called El Grande Tataratatarabuelo, who has the power to turn back time by a gorillion years.

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Animation looks ok but I feel like this new character design for Goku doesn't look good on those backgrounds.

>U7 Saiyans turn into gigantic bloated apes
>U6 Saiyans keep form and stay somewhat skinny in comparison when ape
checks out user, stop coping that Sadala is the new Movie.

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Or at least sunbath on his brand new boat

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the villain is Yamoshi

That's what I've been saying, but people kept calling me a retard.

It looks stupid .

aka a brolly ripoff

What do you expect from Broly 2.0?

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>goku paid the ultimate price for spamming god ki memes'
>can no longer go super saiyan or transform at all
>that scene in 130 was actually yamoshi's spirit escaping from his body
>becomes the new villian for the movie
>gokek gets a new power up at the end of the film that rivals ui in power

You can all thank me later.

they dont have tails retards

don't you ever get tired of wasting your time with this low tier meme :p

Who is the guy with the blue armor? He's in the promotional art for the new mobile game

>U6 centric
Time for it to be the worst movie in the series

You just coped the reddit post on dbz’s front page . And quite frankly you should of staid there with your retarded theories

So if a teaser for the new movie is already out, I wonder what the surprise at the end of 131 is going to be.

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If what this user said is true You need to get the fuck out now.

You can see his eyes go silver in the teaser, but nice try faggot.

It's Raditz.

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Looks fucking terrible

What's with that animation?

>screenplay Akira Toriyama
It will be shit

redditard spotted

that some good shit

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>deleting my post
What, am I not allowed to insult the trailer?

Fucking janitors the movie looks boring idgaf

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Fuck off yamamuro
You are fired

Remember when people use to like things, and have fun. It all went down hill after i can to this site so many years ago

This. Someone jokingly suggested to Akira he should just do a total reset of DBZ but he took it seriously.

link me to video. otherwise you're just pulling shit out of your ass

brand-new character designed by original author Akira Toriyama; the character is stated to be a Saiyan from a time other than Goku’s.

Are you a retard? U6 saiyans dont have tails. This guy has a tail.

>more U6 soyiyans wanking
We live in the worst timeline

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All you saw was a few seconds you utter retard.

That animation looked really off. Like it was look over done.

But it looks worse tho

The guy has fur on his body. I hope it's super saiyan 4.

Japan doesn't care about dragon ball anymore this movie is going to bomb in Japan. This is the end of the line for Dragon Ball.

That's not a u6 saiyan, their eyes are different

I don't think this is actual animation from the movie, just a promotional piece. I'm assuming the art style will be very close though.

It was probably the frog

Saiyan antagonists are boring. I'm not budging from that opinion. It brings nothing new to the table. The film better have one hell of a story because I really can't see myself getting invested in another new Saiyan transformation.

Either way that's no reason to delete my post. Like, what the fuck kind of modderation is that?

You mean best timeline

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Goku needs lots of foreplay before he can get it up

Well Yamoshi confirmed.

Not him but I think the “Goku can no longer go SS” would be interesting if true. There was a heavy emphasis on “back tingles” being associated with SS transformations and the scene focuses on Goku’s back with most of the damage/blood bursting out from there. I get that “we” don’t like Reddit but it’s not a bad theory. Unlike Gohan, Goku will have a legitimate reason for not being able to go SS and we can skip all the warm ups he does by going from 1 to 3 to God to Blue.

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I'm sorry, but did Jiren already lose? Oh, that's right. The tournament isn't even over yet. In fact, there's 1 more episode to go. Does not having the lead at episode 130 count as a loss? Is that what you're saying? Because if you're saying that I can assure you that you're wrong. Why would you make this topic when the fight is still on? Jiren is still fighting right now and he has been the best fighter from universe 11 for how many episodes now? He's fighting one of the worst universes in the the entire multiverse who just happen to have a lead because Goku feeds off the energy of fighting for his friends. But you know what? They still fucking suck. Universe 11 is one of the best fucking teams in the tournament, they went 13-3 so far and would of already won if Toppo didn't job. Maybe you should shut the fuck up before you make retarded topics like this. You know why? Because you're going to be embarrassed when Jiren wins and someone bumps this topic. Oh look at that, Goku just lost ultra instinct. Are you a fucking drunk? Are you retarded? Are you autistic? You are a fucking idiot and you should never make a topic on this board again and I'm fucking serious. I almost have a feeling you're the only guy making all these anti-Jiren threads because you're a faggot hater who doesn't like the team because they're good. Fuck you, be good at something in YOUR life and then maybe try to troll these fucking teams on the board, like I give a fuck. It's so easy to spot out your threads now, you're a retard. Always doing stupid shit like this. Why don't you try to be a good poster? Just for once? For once in your fucking life try not to make a topic like this. That's just you, you're always right at getting it wrong. Fuck you. You are nothing.

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Why? Goku would still lose

>no ss
>all saiyans powers get reverted to namek base form levels
>now piccolo and tenshinhan are top shit and the movie is about them

based toriyama

Who the fook is Kogu fighting???

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Why the animation and art look like something Studio Ghibli would make?

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>This movie looks boring from the literal 20 seconds of footage I saw

You're a retard

>some boring random ass movie to sell more merchandising and will build more inconsistencies in this Swiss cheese.

Oh wow, I am so totally looking forward to it.

Goku makes vegeta's wish on his behalf, but instead of specifying the U6 saiyans he just says "bring back all the saiyans, and give them a new home in my universe"
The post-credit reveal is raditz and nappa walking towards Goku's house when they get stopped by the hooded figure shown in the legends trailer


Different art/animation director who is fairly new. Yamamuro won’t be working on the movie.

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Sincerely shitposting is still shitposting.

Something else that gives weight to this theory is that Toriyama wanted Ultra Instinct to be completely separate from Super Saiyan

Clearly the GRANDE MONO.

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If the king of sadala is that strong why didnt he participate in the tournament?

Does this mean Caulifla and Kale are coming back?

really liking the fluid animations
this shits gonna be gud

>Broly is his distant relative
>"You may be a match for me! But, you won't be able to take down my lovely Great Nephew! It was prophesied he would have 10-fold my power"
>Uses Super Dragon Balls to resurrect Broly
>"Soon, you will Meet Broly! The Ultimate Saiyan! And with his Resurrection, we now 6 Saiyans of our own, to turn him into a God!"

>"Kakarot, why aren't you stopping this!?"
>"I kinda want to see what type of power this guy will have! Not every day you get a chance to fight a Saiyan God!"

>As Broly begins to form, regaining consciousness after Vegeta's outburst

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Are they married yet?

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Fuck no. 'the hero loses his gimmick power's is never fucking ever a good story in shonen, east or west. Nothing interesting ever comes of it

No cause it's not a U6 saiyan. Expect a passive reference at best


What do you mean user, it really worked well for GT

>base form Goku roughly as strong as the new guy

What even is this movie?

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Cabba (Broly)

Goku didn't lose any power in GT

Hed been holding back his whole life


Are you retarded? That's an OC for a mobile game.