Ghibli is overrated. None of these films have any redeeming qualities to them...

Ghibli is overrated. None of these films have any redeeming qualities to them. It's all just a bunch of retarded leftist memes made by some elitist, pseudo-communist jackass who does nothing but preach about MUH HUMANITY, MUH MORALS.
All of these movies just show some dumbass MC and their attempt to fulfill some bullshit childish fantasy. Absolutely disgusting.

It's shit. Ghibli is shit. Miyazaki is shit.

Prove me wrong, you autistic fuckheads.
Protip:You can't.

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hey do you know what miyazaki's main inspiration is?
growing up in a close-knit community where everyone helped each other get shit done. which is much closer to the natural tribe structure humans are meant to live in than the diseased 'nuclear family' neighbor vs neighbor lifestyle of the bank cuck western world

But Sup Forums is reddit?

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>hurr durr lets all just be gay and happy hurr durr
Oh, but fuck me for being who I am, right?

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That sure is a lot of buzzwords

You're wrong by the very fact that I am better than you, and disagree with you. Now, go take a long walk off a short pier, pleb.

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>He responds to me like he's my equal
No, no. Retard. You really need to drink bleach.

Look man, I couldn't give less of a fuck about you or your shitty opinions. I don't even care if you disagree with me or not, but you could at least tell me why you think the wrong way, rather than shitposting like a complete fucktard.

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End this shit thread.

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Feel free to wake up anytime, mods.

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>It still responds
>it still thinks it is on equal terms
>it tries to make a joke, but since it is inferior, it fails miserably
>it should really end its pointless existence already

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>thinking it's just one person
Classic, Sup Forums always needs a fucking boogeyman. Go back.

>>It still responds
>it still thinks it is on equal terms
>it still tries to make a joke, but since it is inferior, it fails miserably
>it should really end its pointless existence already
Follow your own advice, creatura

With the power of dubs matter, Kakine will turn this post into something belonging to a foreign world

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You should really stop projecting so much

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>still no argument
>just some deformed abomination shitting up everything it come into contact with
Jump off a bridge.

checked, Pharaoh

Why so mad vigin-kun?

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>He keeps making threads
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>the inferior creature thinks I'll listen to it
How laughable

We need New Dubs so that someone can check em

You're right about Miyazaki's films being preachy idiocy, but they do also have redeeming factors.

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Thats not my thread
>this is all it knows how to say
Rope. Tree. Ladder.

Oh, good. It looks like you're not blatantly shitposting.
What are some of those redeeming qualities, user?

>the creature is now so delusional, it thinks it's better than me, depite me telling it it throughout its shit thread that it is below me
HAHA. But no, really, kill yourself. your opinion, much like everything in your sham of a life, is shit. Don't worry, as you will not be missed.

Technical aspects, for one thing. Miyazaki's stuff always has an admirably high quality for visuals (animation, presentation, color pallet, direction, etc). Credit should be placed where it's due. He consistently has an incredibly tough standard for beatification and detail.

Ghbili's films all have the same plot. It's too samey and the art style is horrifically bland.

were Miyazaki's Starting Point and Turning Point ever released as ebooks?


Could you give me some examples of how you came to this conclusion?

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Right, but theres just something about that so-called standard thats just so off-putting. In terms of scenery, the artwork is alright, but everything else is pretty low.

Please leave

Also this.


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Teen thread.

>says the whiny, hyperactive autist.

I respect your opinion but you should really check this 5

Check these.

Stay mad, loser.

Sorry man, aint nothing to check. Take solace in what I got and check it

>who does nothing but preach about MUH HUMANITY, MUH MORALS
It would actually make his movies somewhat decent. The problem is Miyazaki is the embodiment of style over substance. He never has anything worthwhile to say in any of his movies. If there's a theme, he's never really able to delve into it on any deep, analytical level. His characters are quite one dimensional and barebone. There's really nothing going for his films besides the visual pulp as he's doesn't have much interest in creating anything besides orientalised Disney movies.

Get the fuck our of here, unvirgin scum.

Abe is very angry that Sup Forumsnons are not getting along. Abe demands that you stop acting like faggots and be civil

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It's ok since these are films aimed at young children.

Only if he gives more reproduction propaganda anime.

Fail liberal bait lol

stopped reading there

please quit Sup Forums for your mental health

None of them can actually argue with you even if you were right and not baiting. Most of them have this pseud outlook where art needs to be free of politics while the truth is they are inherent to everything and being afraid of making such statements consciously or not makes your work vapid, insincere and weak by extension. As long as this shut-in perception of reality bullshit is in place above actual values of reality there'll never be any decent discussion.


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Miyazaki isn't even that popular here.

Today, I will remind them.

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