I'm rewatching the old Tenchi Muyo series and holy shit it feels like a brand new experience

I'm rewatching the old Tenchi Muyo series and holy shit it feels like a brand new experience.

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Girls were great.
Villains were good.
Don't watch past OVA3.
Tenchi Universe was fun.

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War on geminar was really good, never saw anything else in the franchise. Are they worth watching and if they are why

Yes it turns out giving characters personalities beyond the checkbox otaku archtypes makes for more compelling writing.

Ova 4 was ok, new ova when?


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Are they worth watching or not? I want good harem series ffs

They are, the first OVA is in my opinion the best out of the entire series so give it a try and if you do not like it you may as well drop it.

Not too long actually.
This time, Tenchi's kids and Kenshi will show up.

I agree the old OVA versions were better.

I would suggest watching it.

Universe then the first movie and second movie. Tenchi in Tokyo and then the final movie. Best order to watch it if you are going in blind.

>I want good harem series ffs
Then the OVAs are what you want.
Tenchi Muyo is the Granddaddy of all Harems, made before Love Hina ruined it with a formula.

It pretty much had the whole waifu war thing before Evangeleon if I remember right.

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Avoid Pretty Sammy and Magical Cooking Club at ALL cost.

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Ai was OK for what it was, promoting tourism and it kept the main girls in the spotlight unlike OVA 4 did.

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He means to avoid the Pretty Sammy OVA and Cooking club. The Pretty Sammy TV is actually pretty good.

I completely forgot there was a TV series...

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OVA, and both tv series are alright.
Tokyo is a bit more meh, but I liked it more the second time.

Universe is the shit if you don't let the use of stock animation get you down. Really good.

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I have no idea what that show was about I just remember jerking off to it

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The two manga were good too.

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High school dropout turned Carrot farmer bones cute alien girls, some of whom are related to him.

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Be honest, how many of you here loved Ryoko?

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And then he becomes god, fucks the concept of the universe, and then goes back to farming carrots.

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I loved her in both dub and nip

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Well, good news for you.
They're dubbing Ai, and htey canned the OVA3 cast and brought back most of the old cast.
Ayeka and Washu's VAs couldn't return, I think Ayeka retired and Washu is doing Shakespeare now.

I love Ryoko's nips too.

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I always liked her mother better.
I didn't realize when I was young that she was supposed to be Sasami's age in her small form, so I just thought she was petite and turned into a MILF.
That and smart chicks are always the best.

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Ryoko's just as smart as Washu, it's just she never utilizes it.

Girl in the picture looks really cute. they dont make anime girls like they used to.

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>Mihoshi never gets naked

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She did in the baby episode.

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Who won the tenchibowl?

They all got the light hawk DICK

Sasami was my waifu.

That is hot and ryo ohki is cute.

Paradise War animated when? I want a new tv series/13 episode ova.

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