Are there any habits that you because of anime?

Are there any habits that you because of anime?
I yell "ORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORA" when I'm overtaking cars on the highway, and I feel great after I do it.

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started to say "thank you" more and be a bit more polite

Instead of giving up half way, I try my best to break my limit and go beyond.

wanting to kill myself

masturbating to myself in trapmode

I say oh hoh hoh kawaii desu and then bow

I started to say "yoshi".

i run like this when theres no one around

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Secret flowers 12 when?

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Whenever I'm tired, depressed and angry I usually make threats in Japanese
>Naaaandeee yo, bokurosuzo! baka yarouuu! teme da!

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>Patting my pet ferret in my lap
>"Yoshi yoshi!"

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realized trivial daily shit leaves me in despair

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I despair as the real world is dull, uninteresting and at large one big mistake.

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Whenever replying to a menial task I always go "hai hai-" with the second one drawn out. No one ever questions it.

That and subconsciously bowing my head when saying thankyou

Taking off my shoes when going home. I wonder why all of the people around me always walked with their shoes at home.
I don't have much guests (I get guests once or twice a year, mostly relatives), but when I do, I tell them to take off their shoes and they sometimes look at me weirdly for requesting that.
If they're just there for a minute or a couple, it's fine, but I don't want them to walk all over with their dirty shoes, that's just extra work for me afterwards.
pic related is me when a person enters my premises with shoes on

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I don't think that the bowing your head while thanking is uniquely Japanese.

I decided to move to Japan and become Japanese.

Maybe not, just something I found myself doing more I guess, just feels more polite

Yeah, I understand that. It feels fairly natural and polite, and I've found myself doing it too.
To contribute to the thread, in addition to the bowing your head thing when thanking (and apologizing) thing, I also say "It can't be helped", and say "ano" when I'm thinking about something. Because my language has a similar sentiment that sounds somewhat similar ("ami"), it's not all that weird. People have told me that it sounds cute.

I pretend im a little girl now.


I get raped by faceless old men daily

Sometimes it just cannot be helped, even if you want to help, it can't be

i turned into a big asshole

What a waste of water!

I grew my hair a bit longer than usual, I keep it short but I've found longer hair to suit me more. I also turn my back against the wind when it's very windy and close my eyes as my hair flops about and slaps my face.
It feels really manly.

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That's cute as fuck.

I look at myself in the mirror more for some reason. Also .
I have turned myself into some sort of egoist.

I became even less social and productive, but happier.

I started taking daily long baths. Haven't been sick in years since.

v12 when?

Good for you.

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All those, "fight for yourself, make your own luck, believe in your own justice" shows watched over the years converted me into a normalfag wageslave

I started browsing Sup Forums

glasses tipping

Is this from the doujin Secret Flowers?

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is keeping your shoes on in the house just an american thing? who else does this shit

i try to get as many people to scream "KANPAI!" with me when im drunk enough

That's kinda cute. I started with headpats, also I've become more of a perv.

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Y'all can't be for real with these, r-right?

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Mostly just using common words like "sugoi" and "baka" in speech, usually when talking with myself or fellow degenerates

To always do my best!
yeah sure lol

I'm really hoping this thread just attracted some minority on Sup Forums
Some of this is incredibly painful to read

>usually when talking with myself or fellow degenerates
same, but i do it so often that ive caught myself about to say it with regular people and i know one day im gonna let it slip

I don't know about the others but I said nothing to be ashamed of and meant it.

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Brat looks sad

niggers out

it could also be Applejack.


>become Japanese

Somewhat related
My normalfag brother has been poorly whistling and humming a cruel angel's thesis nonstop for about 3 days straight, and he's never been interested in anime. I don't even know why, It's driving me insane.

>This thread

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When something silly happens I deadpan say "Yameroooo"


Do Yuros do it? Otherwise it seems to be an American thing


if you were wondering why liking anime is stigmatized, these people are why.

yeah, we do. its mildly infuriating watching american tv/movies and seeing everyone running around the house with their shoes on

unless aussies or some shit do it too i think americans are alone on this for whatever reason

Are you me?

At some point when I was a teenager I was pushing up the glasses with the palm of my hand like that one OP character when they recruited Usopp.

now I speak Japanese on N2 level and pretend I dont know shit about anime irl.

That's disgusting

Whenever I'm bashed in the head with bats I cry streams of tears and yell that it wasn't my fault.

yeah this is bad

Fuck now I want to do this too

I tilt my head forward use my index and middle finger to push my glasses back up.


Also I sometimes bow slightly and produce a sound to signal that I'm listening to the other person talking. Though that hardly has to do with anime and more with actual Japanese beans.

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i'm doing that always when accelerating
ofc only when i'm alone in the car

tomofag too?

more aware of vehicles now, don't want to get isekaied

I think I mumble yare yare due to how many characters i like using that as a sign of grief.

I eat pocky like Kyouko.

This too. It’s a bad habit of mine.

when i talk to my doggo i sometimes say various weeb stuff to her

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It’s catchy

the southern accent is a thing you know

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ive actually gotten more in touch with my feminine side thanks to anime, and try wearing more skirts and dresses

I frequently say "Eeh" when acknowledging what someone's said and I've been translating my thoughts into Japanese.

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What you say to her?

Incorrectly, no doubt.

you're a fucking huge faggot thats embarrassing

Driving alone truly is the best place to weeb out. Trouble is, I can't submit any dashcam footage with audio because of the weeb music I have playing most of the time.

Anime got me into short haired girls, policewomen and tomboy fetishes.

Anime character design best design.

I headpat the teen girls I work with when they did good or need comfort, pretty sure I got that from animu.

When I visit my family I sometimes tell my brother "omae mo shindeiru" and we laugh like hyenas.

Bro also says "subarashii" when something exceptionslly tasty is served.

This behaviour annoys our dad since he's japanese but not a weeb

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>tfw blazing 180km/h on a dark summer freeway while blasting heart goes boom at max vol in a rental car
nothing has ever given me quite the same thrills in life

Sometimes I say "Eh?" where I would be saying huh or what

I would say that's a perk of learning nip instead of watching too much anime-kuru. Anyway, I bet retards here would do it without that reason.

I had someone like you guys in one of my college classes. I never told anyone I'm into anime because of it.

ITT: severe autism

>he's never been interested in anime
Maybe he's just better at hiding his powerlevel.

>this thread
This is why I hide my powerlevel.

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>always yell "ORA!" in my head when i punch something at full force
>always say "good grief" in my head and imagine myself tipping my hat when someone does or say something dumb
>every time i see something scary or ominous i imagine the ゴ symbol around it
i wonder when my jojo phase will end

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"No, you don't understand!"

I like to listen to weeb music on long drives, problem is my car has no AC so I have to drive with the windows down on the highway, which means the stereo has to be loud to hear. My fear is I'll forget to turn it down when I pull into a gas station, next fear is I won't have enough gas to get to the next stop and I'll actually have to fill up there.

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>No fun allowed
Fuck off


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Fucking kek

I never leave the house

Sometimes I speak with Osakan dialect for no reason.

>small head tilt forward like i'm bowing

This thread confirms that most of you guys are faggots, degenerates or autists.
It was expected, so it's ok.

I'm really socially awkward now like all the beta male MCs

I used to do that hand flip thing they do in Saki when drawing tiles a lot.

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