DBS Movie

It looks like shit
If you disagree then you also like Pokemon Sun and Moon

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I do.

Nothing will ever be more shit than Ash's SM design.

still better than super

>going back to the 23rd Tenkaichi and Saiyan Saga artstyle

Keep your copy/paste plastic shading if you want, but I'll revel in the fact that the sameface won't be as bad anymore and that the shading won't be butt ugly.

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What the fuck were they thinking with that Ash? The design is fucking awful

That not the style.
That looks like One Piece

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SM anime is the best Pokemon anime yet

not even remotely similar

It looks like shit AND I like sun and moon, what now faggot?

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>If you disagree then you also like Pokemon Sun and Moon
Yes, and?

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i do like sun and moon though

I like both

This place really is infested with underage garbage

>Implying SM is shit
I bet you like Attack on Titan.

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Ash doesn't actually look like that in SM tho, he looks like this

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says the retard who created a thread about spic ball super

Yeah, it's easy to tell by the OP.

Don't you have a Anime News Network article to be writing?

>hurr durr S&M are for kids they have kiddy designs bawww

everything points you are just an underage edgy teenager who needs edgy teenager designs to take things seriously though, I bet SAO and attack on titan are your favorite shows too, hell, even the implication you like DB "serious designs" undermines your reputation drastically.

i wanna impregnate lillie, mallow and the other bitch

The Dragon Ball design looks dramatically better than most of the SM anime designs. There's simplifying designs for the sake of animation and then there's making no consideration for your designs look at all, and SM is closer to the latter.

do kids even still watch the pokemon anime? outside of nippon

SM Ash causes me physical pain.

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>DB looks like One Piece
why are parents giving phones to children?

Hi goku

Way to prove that Sup Forums is borderline retarded, especially when it comes to Sun and Moon.

A fucking 30 yeard old who complaining about CHILDREN'S game to not appeal for adults.
Gee I wonder whos is the most retarded person here.

SM anime designs perfectly reflects the fucking game, stop being such an idiot in denial.

What if I think it’s shit but I also like Sun Moon?
Checkmate atheists

This is true
It perfectly reflects how shit Gen 7 was

>SM anime designs perfectly reflects the fucking game
This is true. They are both shit with no effort put into them

>This is true. They are both shit with no effort put into them
What? For a NDS game it looks great. Stop talking shit.

But it’s too easy. No HM needed, TMs are unlimited, etc
I want every faint to end in death and every lost battle to be my last!

Sup Forums seriously needs to fuck off

>But it’s too easy. No HM needed,
i know you're joking but some people actually complained about the removal of HMs being casualization

>New DB movie has a better artstyle and better animation than Super
>Sun and Moon has a better artstyle and better animation than XY


>having taste this shit

Fuck off, I can't believe we have Yamamuro-shills now

>better animation than Super
not that much of a higher bar, the trailer still looks like shit

>Nothing will ever be more shit than Ash's SM design.

Except for your opinions.

being better than super is an incredibly low bar
XY was shit because it just attracted narutofags and made shippers even worse

How about Ultra Necrozma? That thing had some effort put into. And that theme thoygh...

I'm more of an animation fag and don't mind the simplistic style(kinda similar to old DB) as long as we get really amazing animation.

Are you blind? What's wrong with Dragon Ball fans in general?

It's not underage, it's more likely pathetic manchildren. Everyone on Sup Forums is already a manchild, but these are the guys that wear diapers and drink from a baby bottle.

>he actually thinks the garbage for the new movie is comparable to that pic or anything in the Saiyan arc
Are you blind or just fucking brain dead?

This looks nothing like old dbz


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Fuck you I'm legit pumped. We didn't see much, but the animation looks
>fluid and dynamic
>hand drawn
It doesn't look like Z, but it captures the same spirit in a way that Super never did. Look at Goku's happy little hops, like a boxer entering the ring but blissed out. It's so emotive. Super 130 looked great in its own right, but I've missed the older look and this movie will scratch that itch.

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>hand drawn

Hi goku

Super looks like an animated graphic silk shirt. This movie looks like an older school anime. I'm happy. You can't change that.


fuck off lol

someting looking better than super isn't a fucking archivement, everything is better than shit

How did we go from this...

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it doens't look like old school anime the fuck are you smoking, looks like modern simplistic digital shit
any of you faggots comparing it to the DB anime actually watched it or you just looked at pictures of what things used to look like?


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but i love pokemon sun and moon
mallow is best girl

Not an argument.

opinion discarded, bet you're also the U6 sluts shitposter

>projecting this hard


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it's worse than original dragonball but much better than super

Goku looks better in this art style than Ash.

Its still a step down

>It looks like shit
It's the best looking Dragon Ball since 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai.

go back to Crybaby edgy faggot. Or maybe moe blob like Pedo Colors suits your preferences?

dragonball niggers should be exiled to Sup Forums where they belong

I love the soft art style. Glad Yamamuro isn't supervising this movie, a lot more expressive art from something that isn't so sharp and static.

>resembles DB, early DBZ art style, just more polished to fit into our time
>DBS embryos say its bad
What a fucking surprise

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>being this retarded.
Goku actually looks like Goku, while SM Ash looks like a kid with down syndrome.

I'm just glad DBS is going to die with this movie.

super and the new style both look terrible. buu saga had the best artstyle for dbz and the most consistent art out of this animated mess. as long as the manga continues, i don't really care about what the anime does


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It's only easy because of the EXP share. Try beating the game with the EXP share turned off. It's significantly harder unless you get a Golisopod.

>Current DB Super design: overly detailled, to hard for animators to animate, shitty highlights for absolutely no reason
>DB Super movie: simple but with enough detail, actually easy for animators to animate, actually looks like early DB designs

Tell me why the new designs sucks again?

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>It looks like shit
I agree

>Soy Goku

>overly detailled
Are you stupid
Actually don't answer that, you're a fan of dragon ball, I already know you're stupid

They mean that trash Whis student costume of vegeta's.
And the Super people have been using beyond cheaply designed and easy to animate cg trash for years now.

Why do you think they have a big SSJ3! FUCKING SUCKS thing going and why all of the new characters are either bald or spike haired saiyajins.
Flowing hair and stuff costs money to animate.

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The design itself is fine. The design within the context of his past designs is understandably bad.

Don't post normalfag twitter images on Sup Forums ”please”

I just don't understand why Goku's gi designs are going backwards, right back into what he wore during the Saiyan arc. I miss the Cell/Buu saga gi with no emblems.

goku started using his namek arc gi in super again
he wore it in the battle of gods, black and universe survival arcs

for some reason in the manga it was only brought back for the battle of gods arc and goku never used it again

>If you disagree then you
Someone ban this underage faggot.

Is this Jap Steven Universe

false dichotomy

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>People unironically liked XY's emotionless Ash
>Hate expressive Ash

to this

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Pokemon Sun and Moon is by far the best Pokemon anime ever made, especially visually. It's actually the only one worth watching. If you disagree you're honestly a retarded brainlet.

Clearly you're retarded but whatever I'll still explain.
Pic related: left is Super and right is Z (Buu arc).
Z had less detailed Gi and muscles.

If you still don't see the difference then you should consider killing yourself.

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Oops wrong image

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Looks like you got to kill yourself user.

Should I watch Super before the movie?

>no counter argument

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Do not make a fool of yourself. SM is pretty boring, uninteresting from the story and the characters are ridiculous ... I do not even want to talk about the art style, considering how ugly the characters and especially Ash looks like. And the fact that you insult people if they do not like SM confirms then that you have one of the retarded brain.