Post anime without posting them

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Sekko Boys


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lmao is that kaiji

Kaiji? He gets his fingers fucked like that at the end of s1


Kemono friends?


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Not what I was thinking.
Hint: The jam tastes really bad.

Yorokobe shounen


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>Jun maeda
Ok I'll give it you.
I was thinking of Kanon.

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Is this K-on!! 's 3rd Season?!

the band, not the song

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Cheeky little cunt.

I'm interested in this one tell me.
The only thing I can think of is Perfect Blue. But that doesn't have supernatural things.

Some day one of you will get this

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Ao no Exorcist?

I hope not. That would be boring.

Inferno Cop?

You'll probably be disappointed, I was thinking of D.Gray Man

Death Note?

Yeah I'm a bit disappointed.
At least it makes more sense than ao no exorcist.

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Now this is quality.

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One Punch Man

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I would give up on love, fuck this court

Grave of the Fireflies

>Grave of the Fireflies

Nope, it's an OVA.

Anything from war in the pocket to here and there.

First one it is.

You for real?
I mean, I haven't even watched it yet.

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Spice and Wolf?

delet this

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Gurren lagann


jojo part 4 vs part 3?

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Space Dandy

Cardcaptor Sakura

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Dragon Ball Super

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TTGL is wrong

Hint: 2011

fullmetal alchemist

Seems like the final episodes of Garo HnK

looks like Akira to me

Attack on Titans?

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Already a thing


forgot the image. the lava and shadow resembles the arm-boys hair. the gross human lookin dudes resemble the deaths hes caused hence the seepening towards the spikey hair abyss

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Blasterknuckle if it had an anime adaptation.

made in abyss

Nope, that non-subtle but not that


Refer to


well i had a go at it

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tfw didnt crop

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girls last tour?

Took literally one second to get this, this is not healthy.

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I-it was either dream or the metal cube was teleporter to some sort of sanctuary, right?

They just moved on.

>rad dad

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Iron Leaguer

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fragile was a pretty terrible album with a few good songs. yes didn’t have enough material to make an album but they released it anyway to get money to buy rick some new keyboards. it was only successful because of muh roundabout edit. It’s also babbys first prog album

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It was Texhnolyze btw