Boku no Hero Academia

How will Deku's encounter with Gentle play out?

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Decuck will job

This is my sunshine. Say something nice about him.

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Apparently Deku was spotted in the new Ready Player One movie

Thanks for filling empty space and reminding me of tintin.

So was Danny Devito and "Mr Sans Undertale", what's your point

He had one of my favorite fights in the series.

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Gentle will deny wanting to do anything, wipe his sweat and start walking in the other direction

Gently of course.

They won't fight for sure. If Gentle is whipping out the camera he's definitely not fighting.
Deku might do retarded shit though and I hope he gets shit for being an idiot.

Who would win in a fist fight; All for One or La Brava?

Who would win in a fist fight; All for One or Midnight?

Reminder that Momo is the only one who can defeat All for One.

I think after this, they are probably going to stop letting deku go off on his own
Just about every time they do, he runs into a villain

Reminder that Mineta is the only one who can defeat All for One.

>a formed villian that we already saw defeating 4 adult heroes at the same time
>no loli to save him
if anything deku winning would be bullshit


He is best boy

If Momo can defeat All for One then how come all she can make is a fucking stick?

She can make anything. She just doesn't have the creativity to think of anything other than a stick.

I really want Todoroki to have more main focus with his female companion. I really can't understand why the strong and silent types in shonen align more with aggressive men that women in action manga.

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isn't it a bit disrespectful? covering his scar like that

>female companion
You mean Momo, who he doesn’t talk to anymore, or the other girls he never talked too. He’d need to find something in common with one of them, since he’s still not super social and won’t just start up some small talk with them.

>female companion

how can call themselves heroes when they dont save everyone?

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Clones don’t deserve to be saved

Twice wants to be a in a relationship with a girl who's at least 10 years yonger than him!

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la brapa is also there so is 2v1



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Cute high tier boy and janitor

You made me laugh quite hard, user.

Drawfag here, here's Joke making a joke of Shota's ass
that was bad
i am not a comedy man
and also not that great at drawing, but this was fun

may draw eri next

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That's the problem, the strong genius type in shonen can find nothing in females that have no fighting ties hardly that they find in men on par with fighting prowess or dark backstory, it makes them less human.

To be fair, most pro heroes are garbage. Everyone in 1-A is probably stronger than an average hero.

Good work drawfriend.

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Great work user
>may draw eri next

Why won’t that laughing whore leave Aizawa alone?

That's the problem, the strong genius type in shonen can find nothing in common with females socially, especially if they have no fighting prowess or dark backstory like the guys do, it makes them less human. And todo has not acknowledged girls like bakugou in being as strong and has failed to understand Momo's plight in being a top of her grade student.

It's not that deep user.



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It's not that deep user.

You say you're not great but this drawing is everything it needs to be.

Don't mind me, just sneaking my deviant agenda in the door here.

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>Pictures of Ochako that don't involve her being cucked or fat

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Friendly reminder that Aoyama agrees

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could an icest relathionship with todo heal icymom?

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Does this mean that Aoyama is a contender of the Dekubowl?

Hey, that's a cute looking boy you have there!

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Do not.

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Just let them be cute together for once

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Paintfags are unfunny cancer.

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I think Ochako’s head would explode if he actually held her hand

I think they're worth one post each and when they get reposted it gets awkward.

It’s too bad they can’t dance together

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Hori is really not giving them any opportunity to develop together. What if he's actually serious about Ochako getting over him? A main hero and a main heroine who wind up with other people would be weird.

Jirou has no character. Nobody knows what her aspirations or morals are. We know more about Ojiro as a person than we do her.

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>A character is only his/her morals

this shit post deserve a jirou

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still 4 heroes at the same time, even if those were 4 aizawa clones that's still something

That’s not true, we know lots of stuff, like her interests and her family. She’s also shown more personality, we only know about Ojiro’s personal pride.

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Aizawa beat the shit out of like 50 ordinary villains by himself at USJ, stop this meme.

Honestly it's wild that he isn't taking the opportunity for them to interact during the dancing. Since this arc is going to end with zero Izuocha, I'm beginning to wonder if he really is going to have them end up with other people- or even just alone.

Alone makes more sense than with anyone for Deku. All might never had time for a relationship, despite it being clear he could get one if he wanted to (girls fawning over him, etc)

>her character is that she loves music

Wow how interesting, I really wanna read that for 3 months

It’s not like we’ve had a whole chapter of dance practice though, it’s a really small part of the plot.

Meme magic is working

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a weapon to surpass metal gear?

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Mei would be more concerning if she had interactions with Deku that didn’t revolve around her babies.

Gentle will just use his world bending powers to send Deku back to UA, and Deku will keep quiet because he doesn't want the festival to be canceled. Following that, Gentle will invade while they are playing, and will cause a massive problem. As the school evacuates, he and Brava mop the floor with the teachers and students.
The VA shows up late, ready for a fight. Gentle was there just to show off, he doesn't want anyone actually hurt. So he turns against VA, sends them away, but at the cost of his quirk/life.
Because of Gentle and past experiences, Deku will start questioning the oficial governamental structures around heroes.

You can quote me on that, it's all going to happen.

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We still have the whole manga to build this, no need to needlessly rush it

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>Deku will keep quiet because he doesn't want the festival to be canceled
The rest of your post is regular bullshit but I'm legit concerned that Hori will do this one, which would shit all over Deku's character.

Oh please, this is “Deku will not tell the authorities about Toga” all over again

He has 400 chapters to fill. If you rush the female lead to be suddenly cool and engaged then you risk sakura haruno syndrome.

I mean if that's true I'd be pretty surprised. Doesn't feel like Deku has been around long enough to be part of "Lol look at all this nerd culture" the movie.

who cares this manga is shit

>you can't rush a main character to be making appearances
That makes them not a "lead" of any kind

He's also not a fucking video game character, that would just be a waste of budget.

I'b be honestly interested how a fight between these two would turn out. Deku obviously has the speed and strength advantage but with Ochako's quirk he'd always be at risk of becoming zero-g

That's cute user

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neither is overwatch but the fast yellow slut is there

>Deku will job against YouTube man

Are people really this stupid or is it just the same shitposters every time? Even with how telegraphed the set up is? It’s just a sparring match with Deku given a time handicap. I mean Gentle isn’t even a villain. He doesn’t even have a goal outside of breaking into the school. His entire threat is that UA calls the festival off. Spoiler: they won’t.

This is just a chance for Deku to style on some irrelevant nobody. Again.

>b-but he defeated four adult heroes

Four nameless jobbers you mean? When did it become a rule that every pro is above UA level? Most of them are barely public servants with quirks. Fact is half of Deku’s class is already pro level. Deku being a close second behind Todoroki right after reaching 20%. Now he can punch people with wind

what? I mean that deku losing against a villian that has been around for along time can't be called jobbing

Mei has a lot of interactions with Deku that revolve around babies.

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She'd turn him zero-g and he'd use air blasts to fly around and try to blow her out of the ring.
Or she turns herself zero-g and he blows her out of the ring much more easily.

All Deku has to do is punch the street with enough force to leave a crater.
The noise will alert civilians and the size of the obstruct will alert police as it blocks traffic, then the school will go on high alert/lockdown.

Unless Gentle's quirk completely nulls it and bounces Deku to the moon or some shit.

Well the iron giant isn't a video game character and he's there. Although he's also a cult classic.
I dunno maybe it's that annoying contrarian part of me that secretly cringes when small stuff I like gets picked up by more people and seeing it flaunted about but it just feels wrong for them to be in it. Although in all likelihood it'll just be for one frame in a crowd shot or something

I love tiny panels like these

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There is over an hour until the festival starts. For maximum "suspense", Deku will probably get BTFO at first by Gentle because he doesn't know anything about his quirk, but then find a way to defeat him in their second round. Then Deku will have to make a mad dash to bring back the rope and get to the school moments before the dance is about to start.

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No no no. Lockdown mean Deku lose.

>he doesn't get the obvious trope
It's the goofing looking but way too powerful character. Gentle seems retarded in every way, but will simply turn out that he is either some genius in disguise, very luck or simply has an overwhelming quirk that allows him to be this much of an idiot.

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He'd be even cuter if someone were to give him some babies

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i don't think momo will have to whore herself since she is already rich

These background moments are what the anime is missing

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Hmm. What were you saying? Me and him were to busy getting along.

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