BNHA thread

How powerful is the current finger flick smash

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I liked Yakuza arc

It's a 20% one so it'll be 1/5 as strong as the original

Someone make a Mei edit of this

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I don't know why I spoiler that

I want a small skirmish but think this is the first time I want a antagonist and protagonist to not fight and talk things out.
I don't want Gentle or LaBrava in jail or the festival ruined.

infinite pleasure/10

I'm sorry user, but I'm afraid you have been diagnosed with chronic shit taste. You only have a few months left. I suggest you use that time wisely.

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I don't think izuku will arrest him even if he beats him, deku's in a hurry to get to the festival and la brava probably has a quirk that helps them escape whenever they're defeated

I made the other one. Just pure coincidence just let the other one die.

Good you've passed the pleb filter, unlike this brainlet

who cares about Deku, post couples who fit thematically
>lighting and thunder

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as strong as it is required to be to win in that arc

Explosion and boom.

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Masochist and the sadist

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Whose your fav character and why?

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Lightning and propane.

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It was okay

>shit taste
Pick both

Give them just one more cute moment together Hori, please.

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Jirou has no character. Dead serious.

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But he did

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Also Iida the eternal third wheel

Unironically this, since if you’ve been following it long enough, having this relatively lengthy SoL that simply gives focus to the kids is long overdue

I agree, but I could have done without the gentle stuff if I have to be honest.

I really want Todoroki to have more main focus with his female companions. I really can't understand why the strong and silent types in shonen align more with aggressive men than women in action manga.

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I want more 1B, I hope we get to see their play and Kendou in her beauty contest outfit

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I see. Odd how mods are deleting comments from this thread.

>Every single day
>Every word you say
>Every game you play
>Every night you stay
>I'll be watching you

>That's a cute love song, Kaminari.

>Yeah. Love song...

This must happen before their second semester ends, right
RIGHT? ;_;

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I just want more of 1-B that isn't just Kendou, Monoma and Testutestu.

Why everybody wants Deku? Mei, Toga, Ochako, the kid, All Might, Bakugou

Literally just Toga and Ochako. We can justify via memes Mei and Bakugo as well but we know the truth.

Be fair she has about 2 personality traits
And that's about it

I think most people want the exact opposite of that

Deku, I want to see a lot more character development for him