New episode is out, it was alright.

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Why did his eyes glow?

Holy shit stuff actually happens this episode.

What the hell mods?

It was anime thread we can't have that here

>This thread has been pruned or deleted

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Why delete a thread with 300 replies?

And i was having such a good time

>that blueballs ending
2 nukes wasn't enough

>lupu as shit as always
Not surprised at all.

That sword covered Solution's face.

Because the previous OP started with edition.

It had edition in it, the mods were right.

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>Sebas fight
>Entomas fight
>the rest

I am so upset over this being shit.

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Lupu, Sol and Entoma should go on an adventure.

>local retarded mod delete thread without reason
It doesn't bode well for Overlord

Oh no, stop the presses, janitor scum does it free of charge


Looks like the japs are having good time and we are here arguing about god knows what.

Evileye > chair

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>Yuri always the cutest
As expected.

Actually, I still don't get how Hilma id Mare as a boy from that distance. Does her levels in high class hooker gave her passive abilities to detect hidden dicks?

>The anime gives Demiurge a mask when he encounters Blue Rose
>Which means that Evil Eye never saw Demiurge' real face
>this was the main issue with the hopes that Evil eye would be spared since she saw Demiurge' real face in the LN before Momon showed up
>now realizing that the LN never mentioned that he wasn't wearing a mask when he first encountered them so they can bullshit their way into saving Evil Eye in the future

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fug the bug


She saw lots of traps in her career.

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Obligatory image

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How many floor guardians would Touch Me be able to defeat?

Can Touch Me defeat Dragon Lords?

Can Momon beat maids with only his swords?

>you dropped this user

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>Which means that Evil Eye never saw Demiurge' real face
You again? She never saw Demiurge's face in LN. Don't make me to go over and wreck your shit with citation.

>Yuri cute
Nope, Yuri is a middle age onee chan. She ain't cute. She is serious.

Non, she will die, user, accept that.

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>weak fake vampire
>true vampire chair goddess
shittaste lad

She was the only one to detect that he was a boy. She has skills in whoring. S[eaking of, I'm kind of disappointed that they didn't show her trying to seduce him.


>Can Momon beat maids with only his swords?
If he had a "sword" there'd be a queue from his room all the way up to the first floor.

oh no Entoma ! I dropped my main hand, how am I going to masturbate now ? Mind helping me ?

>Can Touch Me defeat Dragon Lords?
I'm not reading the LN but i'm going with yes easy.

uhh, I'm pretty sure you ripped it off me

I don't know who you are user, I just post here once every blue moon. Take your anonymous grudges to the shitposting bin

Be preparing yourselves for the best fight in the year

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Sebas fight suposedly to end in few second in real time unfortunately.
Entomas is not so bad
im just disapointed with Helma

It was shit. They seriously wasted the Sebas and Entoma fight scene.

Do we have Sebas vs Fingers yet?

I was disappointed with the Sebas fight. It is like he never even fought. Not that the noobs stood a chance. Just that the LN is way better in presenting the fight.

Entoma a qt


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>Just that the LN is way better in presenting the fight.
It literally gone through all their dialogues, motions and facial expressions, barring the inner monologue of opponents. Pretty fair adaptation in my book.

this desu. Best so far

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>middle age onee chan
even better

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cakes are the cutest

I liked this episode but it makes me think.

Wouldn't an OVA be a much better medium for adapting the LN?

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It was garbage but I lost my shit at this.

What is ainz trying to accomplish here? That he is a friend of humans?

A monster not fit to serve anyone.

Evileye is a demon like Demiurge?

He skills were cool as fuck, I give her that

Semen demon.

She's an alien judging by that head shape

same, the build up with the bad guys showing up making it look like it's going to be something and in the end it's just a wet fart

Vampire, pal.

Also this

Who has the most poweful nuke attacks in Nazarick?

Why is an elder lich bleeding, madhouse? Was he just a disfigured dude after all?

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I was afraid he wasn't going to de-cork the last guy, but then he goes ahead and completes the whole set. What a good butler!

The fights were fine this ep, you're just contrarian faggot shitposters.

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low level vampire. hardly powerful enough to destroy a country.

Mare has strongest AOE.

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Real spoiler here

He wants to add a character that the entire city can trust and love. So when he takes over the city with his undead King (everyone hates undead) he can use Momon to ease the people and prevent a rebellion. Well that's what ends up happening but he never meant it to happen like this. But he tells his NPC's that he meant to do it.

She's ~50lvl, that's mid tier by Yggdrasil standards.

I turned myself into a tomb morty,
I'm NazaRICKKKK!!!

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That's literally the canon explanation

Sebas' fight wasn't a fight but I liked it as a joke
it's not being contrarian, it's a fact

dragon is not even really top existence in ydgrasill anyway..they probably have some elder god as bosses

He didn't even tell the NPCs, Demi basically spelled it out for him.

F-fuck you.

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Seriously.. you 2.

If one party hits don't land - it's still a fight if they fly. Stop being contrarian.

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Great, I bet she could detect length too.

This should be punished by ban.

I meant single attack damage with one attack against an single enemy.

So CZ is weakest maid?

Relatively, given they have specialized skills.

So is Demiurge going to let Momonga defeat him so Ainz can advance his agenda as an adventurer?

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It's rock-paper-scissors user. Sebas has strongest melee attack, but not against heavy armor, Cocytus is good with damaging heavy armor, but shit against evasion enemies etc.

He wasn't supposed to have meat.

No, Demiurge can't recognize Ainz, he's going to try to kill him with all he has.
I bet Ainz has to put him down.

>you'll never go to a convention with your gf and female friends dressed as Albedo and Pleiades and see them sleep with the organizers in a crappy hotel room while you watch in a closet dressed as Momon

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Both Yuri and CZ have the lowest levels in combat classes.
There are other stuff that comes into play, like race levels, special abilites, specs/builts,etc.
So low level don't not mean weak.

Ainz will die

Only in the game, cocytus's ice attacks are way more useful now so I think he can take out both of them, maybe even beat shalltear.

Fuck you

>cocytus's ice attacks are way more useful now

>Only in the game
No, it's still true.

Is Rubedo, Albedo's sister?

She was created by the same player. They don't have any sort of real relationship beyond that.

So when's the next LN out? How long should I expect the suffering to be?

>Sebas has more Phy. Def than Cocytus


user, step up. A real man won't want that.