Will there ever be a better tiddie anime?

Will there ever be a better tiddie anime?

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Ehhm, Queen's Blade?


Valkyrie Drive.


Not possible

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Just a reminder in case you forgot, Chifusa is perfect.

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How could anyone forget?

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But it's not a tiddy anime, it's Japanese feudal politics using magic breasts instead of wealth.

There already has been a better tiddie anime.

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strong challenger

Flat elf is cuter.

I wish I had a valkyrie drive mermaid image that wasn't softcore H

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>maid cafe in Edo period Japan

>Fat huge tits in Edo Japan

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Queens Blade vexes me. It's got the tiddy game down pat, and yet somehow, despite all the glorious tits on display, it manages to be so very boring. Holy fuck Reina is a shit main character.

Big nips or small?

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If you don't say big nips I question your taste in 2D tiddies

Source on the left image?

It could happen among the wealthy probably.

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Big tits need big nips. They look goofy as fuck otherwise.

bless up

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>this dude's succubus manga

Those breasts are too big.

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Yoko got chubby.


>tfw I can never decide if I like chubby or fit girls more

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Only if Lady J and her 10kg milktanks had been the main characters instead.

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how about strongfat?

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Stupid sexy Minori
anime when?

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This guy draws the best tits, the exact right amount of sag.

At least that doujin finally got scanned

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A man of culture.

Cathyl is the best. Love the tanlines.

Medium sized, inverted nipples.

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Why can't minotaurs milk themselves despite having hands?

because the author is a retard and a hack

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this thread is lacking penis

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Smartest person in this thread.

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Someone get that poor girl a sports bra


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I decree that all titcows must go braless.

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Cowtits are love
Cowtits are life

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Depends on the artist.

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>posting that 1 second loop

Don't blueball people. Manyyu aired on regular television, just spoiler it.

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What anime is this?

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>watch cow tit anime
>end up liking the notits
What's wrong with me?

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Your thoughts are warped. It's terminal I'm afraid.

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yer gay

Boku no Tito

reminder: If you're smaller than this, you're basically a boy

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>nipples in the 2nd season
I did not expect this but my dick is pleased.

Get your shitty nippleless trash show out of here.

Guy just sneaks in a glance and she eagerly plays along and undresses within a second. Our Minori certainly has come a long way. At least she is honest with her body and own desires now.

Still waiting on him to work out those pics of her seducing a shota into a full doujin

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Season 3 never

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Was VD the last titty anime we got?

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proportionally sized areola
thick as fuck nipples to chew on

But we have one though. It is airing this season.

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....s2 had nipples?


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I love the Horizon balloon tits.

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Nanatsu no Bitoku

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Reminder: Minori is half American, and her mother is a retired JAV star.

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I want to see her as a MILF

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no, that's just the glow on the balloons

Kizumonogatari III [Monogatari Series]
Rail Wars
Tenioha! ~Onna no Ko Datte Honto wa Ecchi da yo

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tangerine size minimum
i just realized why chestlets are forever second place for me, pretty much none of them are drawn with big super ripe and puffy lactacting inverted nipples like a ripe female should have

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Big ______ tits.

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Do OVAs count?

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