One Piece

According his editor, Oda is currently working on Chapter 900.

What are your expectations, is it gonna be a big chapter for the x00 mark?

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"The Ninth"

>source: my ass

Jinbe's death

no, it's sandman

We will know depending on the cliffhanger this week

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Oda hasn't really done anything big for the previous ones has he? 100 was a big chapter, 500 introduced Rayleigh, and 700 introduced the mera mera, but the rest weren't really significantly crazy chapters or anything.


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We need an official Lovemaker on the crew

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How about starting with the thread with this instead of spamming Reiju's ass you useless retards?

800 was the formation of the Straw Hat Fleet, and 600/601 was a callback to Romance Dawn and swore in the second half of the series. 200 and 400 weren't anything remarkable though, so getting something huge for 900 is no guarantee.

No he hasn't. Numberfags tend to appear, get delusional, and circlejerk around every major landmark.

>implying they won't just threaten zeff again and molest nami in front of sanji

What are you a faggot? Fuck off

>In terms of pure physical strength
>In terms of striking speed and rate of attack
That’s how Sanji won. SIMPLE.

If he’s working on it now is he planning on releasing it with no break next week?

Sorry I'm more interested in new info than seeing an ass I can see whenever I want by going into the thread or reading the chapter on Jaimini your fucking brainlet.

I didn't realize before but Reiju really has a nice ass

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"working on it" probably means some final finishing touches before it gets sent off to the printer.

There has to be something big happening on Chapter 900. There's no way Oda could have dragged out this whole arc for no reason.

>only 2 weeks ahead of release date
I thought he would at least be a month ahead. That shit is dumb

They have shit taste, both Robin and Carrot are better girls than Nami.

Why? because of Yuen? Sanji would be capable of the same if not for Pekoms distracting him.

They haven't seen Robin and they aren't furrycucks

>replying to bait
Have fun!

Robin isn't there and Carrot is a degenerate furry, they want actual human women like normal people.

how about checking last thread or looking up information yourself, lazy faggot?

having to draw backgrounds in every single panel and all those bystander Charlottes really takes a toll on time management

I'm so excited for this week's episode.

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I'm normal and I want Carrot.

They're totally going to get the swirly guy to animate it, aren't they?

>ctrl+f sandman : 0 answers
>ctrl+f twitter : 1 answer, not sandman
Oh excuuuuse me princess.

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As long as it's not CGI I'll be happy.

>D: When an artist is drawing Chapter 10, for example, what chapter is being printed in the newest Weekly Jump?
>O: I see. I wondered about this myself, years ago. So I understand your curiosity. At this EXACT moment, Issue 46 of Jump is hitting the stands. It contains One Piece Chapter 60, "Solution". But I have finished the drafts up through Chapter 63, "I Ain't Gonna Die". So a chapter comes out roughly 3 weeks after I finish it. But that's only my CURRENT schedule. The people doing these weekly serials aren't actually all the same. I could change if need be. There are various cases.
Granted this was two decades ago. We're probably getting a break after 898 anyway.

Anyone who isn't expecting a break after this chapter is delusional. Especially with the info from this sandman post. Just accept that we'll have to wait two weeks, and then in a one-in-a-million chance that we're wrong we'll be pleasantly surprised.

In addition to Yuen.

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don't get the hype about chapter 900.
just becuase the last few chapters weren't up to standard doesn't mean its because Oda's dragging his feet.

by that logic Reiju > Smoothie

big mom chokes on the cake on chapter 900
Sanji the yonko slayer.
And because its a woman who died. Sanji will lose his wits

You realize Sanji clashed with a halberd attack while Yonji attacked the genie while it was holding Carrot with both arms, right?

Numberfags are stupid and delusional. More news at eleven.

Who /oven/ here?

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Reiju has hax poison. Completely different from Yonji, who has done nothing but physically engage all of the opponents that blocked Sanji.

Avec Oven je positive !

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Is fucking funny how these redditors are hyped for 900 when it will be just another regular chapter.
800 was shit
700 was shit

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Oda. where's my friend Zoro?

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>800 was shit
How could you not like Straw Hat Grand Fleet?

>had to be saved by all of them
>"w-will cuck them i swear!!"

Its not completely different. The kick was what made her drop Nami. The poison wasnt really responsible. The Yonji attack was also done while he was holding onto Carrot. Its not the same.

How is that any different than a regular chapter? Retard

>800 was shit
>The formation of the SH Grand Fleet was shit
Get the fuck out

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How is him being saved change the fact he will cuck them? They are not connected in any way.

Yeah Luffy sure does recruit underlings every chapter right?

The kick wet her arm with poison, which she needed time to wring out of her body. The strength of the kick meant nothing, considering it was completely blocked anyway.

Fixed it!

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Germa are redeemed user. Oda literally showed he would go to the lengths of disgracing Sanji to flash Germa.

>the formation of the Grand Fleet was a regular chapter

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Delete this.

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Does Carrot see this as racist?

Will you shut up when we finally get some Wano action?

Everyone knew that was going to happen.
Did every strawhat join in 00 Chapter?
Fat retards

If he's working on it now, next chapter will have a break then.

This is Luffy's soulmate/wife. Say something nice about him!

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Everyone knew Ace was gonna die that didn't make his death chapter a fucking normal one you dumbass.

Disagree with Sanji being disgraced but them being redeemed doesnt change the fact the will be cucked. As long as they are assholes to Sanji and like Nami it will happen. Its just a matter of time.

Katakuri is a dude.

>Everyone knew that was going to happen.
You clearly weren't here for the Dresrossa threads
>Did every strawhat join in 00 Chapter?
That has nothing to do with the question at hand, nice damage control

Was that a 00 Chapter?
Oh okay faggot
All that lard is making retarded

>replying to shitposter bait

So you are saying Smoothie let go of Nami because she was worried about being poisoned and that the kick did not affect her? Not that it matters because I already gave you another reason in my previous post btw.

>Everyone knew that was going to happen.
why are you lying?

Does anyone have any fanart comics of younger Katakuri being bullied in his childhood because of his ogre teeth? I need something to laugh at

>That has nothing to do with the question at hand, nice damage control
It does because it proves them joining is not special and could've happen any chapter like when people joined the crew
Everyone with a brain did

The fact that the Carrefour logo is a C in disguise has always bothered me

Rabbits don't have a history of being portrayed in media in a demeaning way or have visual clichés and recurring tropes that reference those times.
I think.
Actually now that I think about it they'd probably get offended everytime a rabbit stars in a magic show "many of my ancestors died in that tophat!".

>disagree with sanji being disgraced
>failed to save his captain
>saved by the people he said he will never see again a while ago
>shot even after having a great coo
>made fun of his speed

>as long as they are assholes
Read the latest chapter

>it will happen in a matter of time
Sanji is nearly at Sunny. Germa is way back at Cacao. They aren't even paying attention to him at this point and have bid their goodbye. Do you honestly think they will get another sanji interaction this arc? Give up to the shit you're holding.

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Can't wait to see anti-numberfags get BTFO by 900

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viz scans give it justice

>joining is not special
>Luffy gaining a massive fleet full of allies is nothing special
>Even when the fucking narrator at the end of the chapter says'' Hey this moment is special''
Are you braindead?

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I discovered this very recently, I grew up thinking it was an anchor. And I still have to force myself to see the C.

I bet Nami had to pull Carrot aside and teach her about "underwear" and "modesty" at some point.

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>Are you braindead?
Well you clearly are if his first post didn't tip you off as to who you're dealing with and what he's trying to do.

>is special
The only special one here you you.
All 00 chapters are regular.

nothing particular happened at any hundred mark chapter

>anime will censor Katakuri's ass
Damn Toei

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I would consider the Yonji and Daifuku clash a complete fluke if not for Oda having Yuen get the better of Sanji to set up Yonji for a better showing, again.

Literally what ass

Not like Sanji, Zoro, Franky or Brook are oggling over her anyways.

Gonna ignore the Sanji being disgraced part because I have honestly done this conversation too many times already. I mean as long as they are jerks to him, which they always will be. Right now they are definitely tsunderes but of course they will still laugh and mock Sanji. Niji did so this chapter. I also dont mean it'll happen this arc. They are attracted to Nami more then any other women and they will be back. Do you think that wont be brought up when they see her again?

I wonder which one of them picked the fatty.

Brook already asked to see her panties like twice and she just ignored him, Sanji hasn't oggled because he hasn't had a chance and Zoro/Franky aren't the type to oggle over women anyway.

>headcanon : the post
>changed : the opinion
Have a (you) and goodbye user. You're probably the most delusional guy I've seen.

Her reaction afterwards clearly highlights the threat of the poison to be her most dangerous aspect. The kicking power meant nothing, and it shouldn’t mean anything to a Sweet Commander whose powers show a large focus on physical strength.

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There is no headcanon in my post. Niji still laughed at Sanji and that is why I think they will still get Cucked. They also do like Nami more then other women. Do you think they wont be back? What is headcanon in my post? My thought it will lead to something? That's "the most delusional guy I've seen"?

Don't bother with retards user. How many times do I have to tell you? Don't argue with them because it's pointless. That's why I always just trigger them and don't brother arguing

Your pic shows the opposite really. It was here that she realized the kick was poisoned. You might be able to argue the poison strengthened the kick but thats it and it still means Reiju > Smoothie by your earlier logic.