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Looks like early Goku, early Z.
Not old Goku who has fought GoDs and beings above.

looks like shit
and anyone comparing it to the old DB anime stye is blind

Weird that it's still titled super then. Also the opponent kinda looks like he's wearing saiyan armor too.

>Lucky 7 OP
SOUTH AMERICA is hating on the artstyle already
Check any of the big db facebook pages
>looks like they ran out of budget
>Looks cheap
>no detail ugly colors
What the fuck did yamamuro do to this fanbase

it finally dawned on them that their show looks like utter garbage and now they're lashing out

This looks like fucking shit. Any hype I could have had has been destroyed. Dragon Ball needs to die.

Sup bitches

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Reminder that anyone claiming it's Broly is a retard

Can someone explain all the different layers of subtext to this image?

Animation actually looks cool, albeit a bit wonky when Goku does the pose. It looks like someone who hasn't worked on DB was given the job to animate DB. It might be interesting to watch.

Never forget the Great Ship-Jump of January 18th: desuarchive.org/a/thread/167240785/

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>cute thread

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Hello caulifriend.

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Good day Caulifriend

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I hope that animation style is final

Tittled super
Some stupid goddamned bullshit about saiyajins having no limits
It's going to be stupid fucking bullshit and the lie that it's written by Toriyama when he's never had a boner for Saiyajin bullshit is just a joke.

Goddamnit, that saiyajin no limits stuff is going to be about Toie shilling their faggot saiyajins donut steels isn't it.

Why didn't Vegeta's clothes die?

Public banning of spics when?

Just when I thought Super couldn't become more like spic fanfiction they make Green SS4 a thing
Superfags WILL defend this

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Can't wait till this weekend.

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no one told me growing up will be so bleak and boring

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>looks like shit

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who is asukas favorite db character

Way better than rock the dragon.


I know. It's going to be wondrous isn't it?

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>that forced animation
It's going to be shit.

Indeed it is, praise queen caulifla.

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Why Caulifla when you could have Kefla?

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Look at little goku, did you ever imagine he would become stronger than gods

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saiyans arent supposed to age fast you know

Let's see...
>they're implying that only goku can defeat him
>the villain is stronger than blue
>the villain is stronger than ultra instinct or at least on par
Is it really Yamoshi? Isn't he only SSG level and doesn't it depend on your battle level? Yamoshi should be weak as fuck, so who could it be?

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The shading is shit tho. DBZ movies used to have like 3 or 4 shades

They're all great.

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Love her, praise her, adore her

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he wears freeza styled armor so yamoshi would be strange.

I prefer Caulifla but you're welcome to your opinion

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>ywn massage her feet
Oh well.

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Thats just the artstyle. Also already confirmed it's post-ToP

How did you go from this...

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Indeed they are

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The artstyle does look like shit tho

I kinda want a small special of King Vegeta and Bardock being stranded in a planet and having to work together

To this...

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How did we go from this...

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They look like a cute happy family.

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Yeah, I kind of expected the art style. Why are they trying so hard to be so different? Why are they so scared of what DBZ used to be? They're ruining the fucking fanbase that helped build them up in the first place.

...to this?

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To this...

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Yamoshi was defeated by some low level sayan grunts, how can he be better than Gohan Blanco??

Don't fall for me, user

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Too late.

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Are you ready for it CHADhan bros?

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Onwards and upwards

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I'm ready to watch you faggots disappear and/or jump ship the moment your husbando jobs.

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So basically ancient saiyans are SSj4?

Yummy Yuri

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>shipping a 13 y.o. girl with a 50 y.o. married man

No, now get back in the trash where you belong.

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Too late

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what is this


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So is Bardock still canon?

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Nothing. I messed up

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why are people in these threads always asking such retarded questions?

>can only reply with a meme pic to pretend he's smart
dumb wojakposter

She loves her ane-san very much

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Interesting character designs tbqh, I got a good feeling about it :^)

Time already expired in the ToP
This frame shows the timer falling after Jiren powers up and its already on its last level before the time ends
Goku, Vegeta, and 17 win by time

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moar of him

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We don't know how he looks yet

Someone else thinks it looks like sun wukong?

Yes and she'll protect her.

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Its been confirmed that its post universal survival arc and that its gonna kick start the new arc for super

Where this come from...

I legit can't tell anymore if the canon material is being based off of the manga or anime.

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hot. also bardock is in the manga.

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Bring on the super saiyan 4! Enough of this phony god shit, I want golden monkey magic.

>anime specialist

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>DBZ with actual animation

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For some reason the 'villain' looks like the GoD Liquiir.

>ywn enjoy dragon ball as much as the spics
It's not fair.

And what about Gine?

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It looks like a very loose style that prioritizes motion over detail. Refreshing for anime but alienating to some fans.

toriyama added her in his minus manga

This is gold.

You kidding? Spics hate how the new movie looks, they are two-faced bastards

kek, speak for yourself cuck

t. peruvian