ITT: Characters that you like that the rest of Sup Forums hates

ITT: Characters that you like that the rest of Sup Forums hates.

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Nobody hates that sweet gyaru. I will fuck her brains out

I think she is one of the best characters in Code Geass.

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I like Lilith,

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I second this

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Rach a turbo cunt

Lately you can't bring her up without someone going on about how fat she is or calling her useless despite being exactly as useful as a typical shounen heroine.

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Are you this faggot? official shit taste/

Rei is bae. Fight me faggot.

That would be a character you hate that the rest of Sup Forums likes.

Not him but I don't like her.


Might as well post Sayaka. I'm not counting tripfags.

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Maybe you're the only one that hates her.

No worries, literally everyone loves her.

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Galko is gross. It's hilarious how people said she was superior to my waifu during the winter season.

Wait why would people hate silver? She's basically a jojo autist just like Sup Forums
Prime breeding material.

Not the best waifu from this show, but above the average by far

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