Finally ignored the people on here and watched Death Note for the first time

Finally ignored the people on here and watched Death Note for the first time.

>Compelling story
>Great characters
>God tier soundtrack.

The only flaw is that the main dude sets himself up to fail alot which is dumb.
Admit it. You only hate it because it's popular Sup Forums

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>ignored the people on here
Nobody on Sup Forums would tell you to not watch death note.
You were probably being shitposted and you were too autistic to realize it was sarcasm.

I don't hate it, it's just okay.

Nobody hates Death Note.

Sup Forums only hates those kids that populated my high school and college classrooms wearing all black and carrying a Death Note with them. On the other hand, female fans either turned into one of the earliest instances of modern fujos, or became crazy gothic lolita sluts

People don't have a problem with the show, it's just kind of babby's first anime that isn't shonen, and they'll rave on about it as if it's the second coming of Christ. It's similar to how people react to Eva.
tldr, take everything Sup Forums ever says with a truckload of salt

It get roped in with Naruto alot which was what put me off. I avoided it because of that pretty much. You gotta admit people call it trash often

No shit it gets roped in with Naruto, it was babby's first anime for half a decade.
Basically what Attack on Titan is now.

Only newfags despise death note as it got a normalfag resurgence after pewdiepie talked about it/gaiafags lost it over the series. The series is pretty damn good overall, genuine entry level shit for a reason, just get that it'll give you jojos level of hate for liking it.

>Great characters
The characters are shit and barely exist beyond what the plot demands of them. Which is okay because that's the focus of the show.

1rst half is good,2nd half is garbage.

>falling for shitposters
>trusting Sup Forums's opinion on anime

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Why would you ever not watch death note? It's pretty much a classic by now and it's really short.

Nobody hates it, however the fall in quality past the first half is very noticeable.

It's the bad writing.

You forgot
>oc donut steel characters with 4 digit IQ
>exposition galore

It's probably the best popular manga, which doesn't say much, but I'd easily put it in my top 10 manga, but that also doesn't say much as it includes 5 series of Kaiji (so far), Akagi, Kurosawa, Buraiden Gai and Ten

I hate it because it should've just ended after 25

Just like OP.

now tell me what's your impression of what you should watch according to people on here, assuming you didn't ignore them

>Draw a male shikigami
>call it a girl.

I don't think many people here hate DN. But many do hate the fandom. It's pretty cancerous.

Also, the show went to shit after L died.

>Nobody on Sup Forums would tell you to not watch death note.

I would. The anime is shit because most of death not takes place in inner monologues, and they didn't translate it well into anime. You should read Death Note, not watch it.

People hate the second half, not Death Note as a whole.

Rem ruined Death Note.
Not Near.
Not Mello.
Not Misa.

>implying Naruto is bad
Neck yourself retard.

>Admit it
Hello Sup Forums

Agreed. The writer was smart enough to make Ryuk not pick sides, but then he introduces another shinigmai that does. It's too easy when you can kill while invisible and not needing to know the name. Light realizes early on that he can just have Rem kill L for him and even though he has to go through the whole Yotsuba arc first, that's exactly what happens.

This. He probably mistook people telling him not to watch death note as death note being shit. When really it's just your typical case of READ THE FUCKING MANGA. It's particularly egregious in this case because there's nothing to gain from animation here. It's not exactly action packed, rather it's entirely reliant on narrative and mood

>You gotta admit people call it trash often
Sup Forums calls a lot of things trash and half the time it isn't even shitposting
This place has questionable taste in the best of times

Season 1 is great. Even the english dub is reasonably good.
Season 2 stumbles in the first few episodes. If you can get over that it's pretty good. It's nowhere near as good as S1 though.

I've read the manga and I disagree. The anime adds a lot of dynamism to scenes in a way a manga can't. Death Note at its core is very theatrical and campy, and the anime plays to this strength very well with its exaggerated motions and voice acting when Light is using the notebook or gloating over his adversaries. The OST is also excellent.

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It was a 9/10 in my book but the second half made it a 6/10

Should have finished with L's death. The second half introduced a lot of shit that didn't worked all that well in conjunction and thus made for a weak ending.

The OST is gold though.

>The anime adds a lot of dynamism to scenes in a way a manga can't
Do you have any examples?

The J-drama is way better than the anime in my opinion. It actually had me genuinely sad even though I knew what was going to happen

If we compare this part with its anime counterpart:

The manga version is only 1 panel, attached to my post. In the anime between the zooming shot and Light's repetition we get a better sense of his arrogance and self-satisfaction. This is the first example that came to mind, so it might not be the best one, but in my opinion direction like this is what makes the Death Note anime a great adaptation.

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Even Light was surprised lol.

>isn't shounen
Death note is shounen

It's a fantastic and enjoyable anime all the way through. So long as you consider episode 25 to be the final episode, and then stop watching.


I always liked the manga. And the anime end is a fun change.

The anime saved the ending. Literally every single aspect of the last chapter was improved.

The one where Light wins? Or the one where L dies?

Ladies was the peak of the series

Going against the general consensus on Sup Forums is usually a good idea.

>God tier soundtrack.
Check out Kaiji next.

I didn't like it. I can see why people love it. It has some really good moments, but I can't get over the fact that Light is an enormous Mary Sue. Every single thing goes right to him, he can predict all of L's actions. His motivations are retarded, too. You're are obviously not gonna do much to the world just by killing random criminals that are shown in the news in Japan. And killing all criminals in the world with he Death would just be impossible. And there are people who commit crimes but never get caught, too.

The premise is interesting as fuck, but the story sucks on overall.

I guess eva since no one shuts the fuck up about it

Mello's wild ride was actually good

Those things both happen in one episode.

You were supposed to read the manga dumbass