Watch SAO

>watch SAO
>first half is okay aside from the retarded pretend daughter thing
>second half
Why the fuck is this getting a season 3?

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Because tits.

Because it's for children.

I like those tits

You're probably retarded yourself if the only problem you have with the first half is Yui.

>complaining about more tits

Thanks for the new thread.

That's not season two, that's the second half of season one. Season two is the sniper girl.

>First half is okay
Maybe just like first episode and that's it.

Eh, who cares? Leafa has nice tits

Did we watch the same thing? This show nose-dives right at the start of the second episode. They have this god-like setup where they present an insurmountable task and the entire episode is about them struggling to defeat the first level, which makes you think that it's going to be hard for them to advance levels and they'll all have to pull together if they want to survive. Cut to a time-skip where emo-boy is off defeating levels on his own and they're already fucking ten levels deep without so much as a fill-me-in.
The incest angle might have been its saving grace if they hadn't decided to do boring nbr instead; but they even make that the lamest thing possible.

I want to do lewd things to sugus butt

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Sugu's are nicer.

Sugu was the best thing to happen to SAO. Her, and Sachi.

They're still cousins.


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>le die girl
She’s shit

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What happened to her eyebrows?

I enjoyed all of it

This girl needs a hug.

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>mc is a HUGE hikineeto
>he suddenly has social skills and is a pussy magnet
Who the fuck unironically likes this crap?

Since when was Kirito ever a hikkiNEET.
He was just a fucking skinny-ass nerd.

Getting laid really increases your confidence.

many anime are like this, it's a self insert

In his defence most girls would lust after you if you were the strongest and just saved them from death

Whatever, my point still stands.

Will Ichigo win the darlingb owl?

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There is literally no reason for Kirito to be the strongest though.

In no MMO does solo play result in faster leveling than guild play.

My favorite part of season 2 was when Sister's friend called her on the phone to warn her about the enemy faction attacking and she's acting like it's a serious matter.

Have you seen hardcore MMO players in real life?

They take that shit ridiculously seriously.

He was like level 40 when most people were still level 20 because of the beta test shit

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In classic Maple Story, the one and only reason leveling in a group was faster was because they had to give Clerics a skill that gave an EXP bonus to their party, since Clerics couldn't grind on their own and healing wasn't important enough to bother partying with them. Before that skill, and when you didn't have access to a Cleric, partying did nothing but net the best player in the group less exp.

Given the non-linear nature of leveling, any EXP advantages gained in the early floors where the beta test knowledge still applied would be overtaken extremely fast on later floors.

is the game good? it looks fun

Hating SAO is not gonna win you any popularity pool user

Fuck off

But SAO takes itself too seriously, it's hilarious.

Adding onto this (), The best way to get girls, is to be popular with girls. Girls want what other girls want, (pseudo science incoming) thats why the best cologne for men is the scent of another woman, because it tells other women that you have something other women want. Why do you think the phrase "the good ones are always taken" is a thing?

kirito only became a shut in computer nerd in 2016 when he was 8 and then he got trapped in sao after he turned 14. He can't really be considered a neet. He was just a nerdy gamer kid that has learned programming languages. After logging out of SAO he has become very sociable and actually has a nice job.

The gameplay is fun but the story shits the bed near the end.

>and actually has a nice job.
>hunting down murderous psychos
>nice job

Sugu's sugus!!

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>baww oniichan pasta
now this is a fine one, i haven't seen it in a good long time

His not sister was the better choice, and would've given that pussy up easy, why did he pick asuna

It's worth playing just to bully Kureha.

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because retards eat that shit up like that plague

Because Asuna had already given up her (virtual) pussy at that point.

But he could've gotten better, hotter, thiccer (real) pussy all from the comfort of his home

Enjoy your deformed babies fag

>he hasn't read versus or alicization

Lmao they're not blood related retard, that's why I said "not sister"

>cousins are not blood related

>Lmao they're not blood related retard
Since when were cousins not blood related?

>not fucking AI girls
Real girls are overrated.

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cousins on moms side are not blood related and is actually normal in japan and other asian countries. most arranged marriages in both east and west were once like that.

you're both aware the show literally spells out the fact they're not blood related right?

No one is hating SAO, we're just stating fact. I mean, I don't mind people liking it as long as you're aware that it's objectively bad.

It doesn't matter. Did the girls even know he's already taken, though? My point is how the fuck he got to that point to begin with. It's just for self-inserting purposes, that's it.

Am I the only one that actually enjoyed this show except for the Excalibur part?

>SAO Thread
Time for the List

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Trolling SAO typically involves watching a review on youtube and knowing absolutely nothing else about the genre or what it is referencing, I hope this helps.
Have some bullying for your time and trouble.

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>Did we watch the same thing? This show nose-dives right at the start of the second episode
Hi Digibro

Argo is clearly best girl. Didnt read the rest of your post

That was a good choice.

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I thought she was pregnant from the thumbnail. not that I wouldn't mind.

>Hi Digibro
That would imply that you watch Digibro, user

The show blows except for GGO and even that was lackluster. The LNs are ok and Progressive & the games are all pretty good overall.

>Itsuki making Kureha go nuclear
Bad end is true end

I want Suguha's scent all over my body.

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Hi, Digibrony

Depends on the MMO desu

>no MMO does solo play result in faster leveling than guild play.

Maybe in shit ones.

there is zero evidence that kirito is the strongest in aincrad

Worst girl.

kys urself you’reself

I would enjoy SAO but I hate the AI daughter with every fiber of my body. Can't stand her scenes.

my wife Shino is so cute!

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Hurts knowing you'll never have children huh?

>having children
what am I, a masochist?

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If I wanted children I wouldn't get a filthy AI, I would get a genuine human baby.

But user, you already are a filthy human baby.

Because the anime made her tits bigger.
In the novel she is apparently just as big as Asuna and Linith the short stack is actually the girl with the biggest chest.

Thankfully I am not my own child.

SAO is notorious for having 3 month cycles that alternate in quality
>mmo isekai but still enjoyable
>incest, alolan character designs and rape
>competitive FPS with cool plot
>crappy quest for a sword and AIDS chan

You forgot your image.

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What about the movie?

>ggo arc
>cool plot
pick one.

Is this the Tawawa guy?

t. soyboy anime reviewer

I didn't watch it.
"find out how someone's seemingly killing people using a mmo that shouldn't have that function" is way more interesting than "your princ... girlfriend is in another castl... game" or "my mom doesn't like videogames and my bestie has AIDS"


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My wife Strea for example is perfect

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nice argument
>Everything perfectly set up so kirito can showcase his PTSD to sinon and score another bitch into his harem

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Has she lost it?......... does she know she can kill?

All I have handy is the best girl, thank you though!

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There's no arguing against the soy, just accept it.

Better than pretending one of his harem bitches actually has any personality outside of being an onahole. Asuna's parents were a plot device to make her helpless and arousing to virgins with power fantasies, trying to pretend they have any depth and shallowly strapping bits of generic tragic teenage angst to her is like sprinkling feces with chocolate.
You can't build a house without a foundation and that applies to characters. Kirito is the only one with any sort of foundaton to be built upon(though it's mostly unexplored otherwise virgins wouldn't be able to project on him). SAO is only good at being what it is, generic shounen harem isekai, and trying to make an arc based on something outside of this only makes it more painfully obvious.

>le soy meme
grow up