Why does anime pander so frequently to foot fetishists?

Why does anime pander so frequently to foot fetishists?

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Like pedos they buy merch?

die teen

Because everyone loves 2D feet

Would Ichigo be better with long hair?


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Because it's simple to pander to, Just show a characters feet and it's a really popular fetish appreciated by gentlemen.

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Footfags are autists
Autists buy merch at a significantly higher rate than others

Because foot fetishism is literally the most alpha of fetishes.
Only faggots don't like them.

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Because Jap girls have 10/10 feet. They meme baka gaijins into liking it only to be bitterly disappointed by the state of degenerate Western women's feet.

>yellow fever

this but unironically

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Question for footfags: Is it embarrassing?

these are 10/10 and i don't even like feet

Because feet are the biggest fetish among pretty much every demographic? Can you not just start a foot thread without asking such fucking retarded questions? What the fuck is wrong with you, you piece of shit. Just say "hey guys, let's have a thread about anime feet" and you're good. You have your fucking foot thread without being a massive faggot. But no instead you have to throw in some disingenuous bullshit hook for fuck knows what reason. Like you can't ever just be honest about your intentions. Seriously. You're a cunt.

it's also the most common fetish in the world, so statistically, it's not unlikely that whoever you tell will have it too, assuming you tell somebody

Are you fucking telling me how I should make my threads? You arrogant bastard

It's not

they pander to guitarists too but i bet you havent noticed.

Tell me which on is then.

Have some professor reddit itt youtu.be/VAVHzGBRjdE

General BDSM

>it's not
Here's literally the first 4 results I got after duckduckgo'ing "most common fetish"
>#1 - feet
>includes sources at the end
>#1 - feet
>#3 - feet
>#1 - feet

Here's what wikipedia brings up upon searching sexual fetishism
>In a review of 48 cases of clinical fetishism, fetishes included clothing (58.3%), rubber and rubber items (22.9%), footwear (14.6%), body parts (14.6%), leather (10.4%), and soft materials or fabrics (6.3%).[7] A 2007 study counted members of Internet discussion groups with the word "fetish" in their name. Of the groups about body parts or features, 47% belonged to groups about feet (foot fetishism)
>To estimate the relative frequency of fetishes, in 2006 researchers at the University of Bologna examined 381 internet discussions of fetish groups, in which at least 5,000 people had been participating. Researchers estimated the prevalences of different fetishes based on the following elements:
>(a) the number of discussion groups devoted to a particular fetish;
>(b) the number of individuals participating in the groups;
>(c) the number of messages exchanged.

>It was concluded that the most common fetishes were for body parts or for objects usually associated with body parts (33% and 30% respectively). Among those people preferring body parts, feet and toes were preferred by the greatest number, with 47% of those sampled preferring them. Among those people preferring objects related to body parts, 32% were in groups related to footwear (shoes, boots, etc.).[3]

Basically what I'm telling you here is that you're a fucking idiot, and "people" like you who like to talk about shit they know nothing about should be worked to death in labour camps.

>worked to death in labour camps
Seems unreasonable

It's barely even a fetish.

To give another perspective that I know from experience, artists, especially animators, spend hundreds of hours just drawing models from life and when you do that, you eventually naturally throw out all societal programming. You fixate on parts of the body that are simply sublimely designed and complex and maybe more subtle or less focused upon in daily life.

IOW if you draw a hundred naked girls, you will always find a lot more appreciation for feet than your average person, it's already pretty much a default fetish, and this is reflected strongly in anime. And fine art, for that matter.

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>its a fetish thread
>3DPD garbage is being discussed
Everytime time on nu-Sup Forums

Is liking tits or ass a fetish? Or liking readheads? Or girls?

>tits or ass a fetish
No, because these are secondary sexual characteristics.
>or girls
Obviously not.

What a shit analogy.

I was contemplating "executed at gunpoint against the wall so their brain could serve at least some use for once as some quirky modern art" but I figured labour camps would end up being more utilitarian.

very nice digits, my friend

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I'm into it, but not the ultra-detailed, steam covered way. Just enough to know I'm less than them.

steam is the best way to make a 10/10 foot pic a 1/10 foot pic

I dont have a foot fetish but I can admit feet are sexy, if fact, they might be the sexiest part of a female (Im not a foot fetish because I dont want to lick them)