What the fuck is this? Is this a joke?

What the fuck is this? Is this a joke?
Prison School thread I guess.

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This is still the best w/e/g I've ever seen and I will not turn down a chance to post it

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took me a second

A fitting end for a shitty manga.

The first half was good, but god damn that competition arc was trash.

Stay mad, Shityofag

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I am a Hanafag and I am disgusted by this rushed ending.

Hana's victory

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I was really worried there was gonna be a conventional ending so I can't say I was disappointed

Seriously, the Hana/Chiyo confrontation was good but yeah the rest feels unconclusive.
The true crime is that we won't get more Meiko anymore

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I'm a Chiyofag and I think the ending is fitting

I don't even care about the Kiyoshi thing. I care about FIVE storylines literally just being cut off at the mid-part without any resolution.


This is its equivalent.

I don’t get it

Color of the rain

Is your image official art? Is it a doujin? PLEASE TELL ME IT'S A DOUJIN

Official. Probably for the cross over we got


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what crossover?

Does it exist without the censorship? (the poophole at least, the V was obviously drawn that way)

I'm really annoyed at how this manga seems to have gotten, I remember a while back Sup Forums was complaining about how it had dipped in quality and become slow and boring, if i recall during some school festival arc or some shit like that, and now it's ended abruptly and cut off most of the plot points. But then I see things like the pic in the post I quoted of a gorgeous, detailed image of a contemplatory man covered in piss and it seems so ridiculous and funny I wanna read it. but then I remember everything else and get put off.

The cross over with the school of evil.

I don't know. Probably not ;_;

It makes sense once you realize the story was about immature teens obsessed with sex, and an adult who tried to turn his fetish into some kind of "philosophy" and got cheated by a guy who never cared about tits or asses but pussies. The only prison in that manga was the human nature of every character.

Nah frankly don't listen to those faggots. The cavalry arc, it's true, was kinda slow on release, and not as good as the rest. But it was still great. Nnow that it is finished, you should just read it in one go. It's a great ride, and I am sad it is finished.
Go for it

thanks man, you deserve the trips for helping out, I'm a mekofag too, good taste is hard to find these days

Simply the best

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Hopefully the epilogue ties up the loose ends.

Chiyo was never going to win. Kiyoshi built his entire relationship with her on a lie, and holds himself above the other boys because he represses his perverted side. Hana is just as perverted as he is, which is why they're drawn to each other despite Kiyoshi's constant denial of his true feelings.

But that's the best ending ever.

That's brilliant

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is there actually going to be an epilogue of sorts?
I can't find any information regarding an epilogue

>character does some bad shit and suffers for it
>suffers even more
>comes back
>acts like an OOC retard and suffers even more
>that’s it
Fucking hell

Was being pissed on really the trigger for chiyo to start hating men? If that's the line, then her older sister must of been pissed on too.

This was the funniest manga I ever read. Any others like it? Or just funny manga in general?

>Is this a joke?
Prison school was supposed to be a comedy so yes

Well, it is a comedy. Its the shippers' faults for taking the romance too seriously.

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yes, next month

Shit fucking taste. Read Grand Blue.

I want this mango to go on forever, stupid gook get back to work ;_;

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>that lesbian sex scene

Yeah the ending is shit, but this series also had some of the best art and chapters I've ever seen

What true feelings? He already admitted that he feels lust for Hana. Nothing in the series supports that he likes her beyond her looks/body.

You bastard, you got me

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I like the ending but I want more. Need more side boys side girls. I’d pay for material that shoves Kiyoshi into a half reconstructed prison with the Chairman. Need some more Mari in my life too.

Really too bad.

I just want the Meiko spinoff to keep going. It was a lot more enjoyable than the last half of the actual series.

Did the final volume come out yet? Want to know if there were any changes/additions.

comparing this trash to the funniest ending in movie history

>like an OOC retard
Yeah there was no reason for him to be wearing her panties. He disliked it the entire time of the cavalry arc

very very subtle

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You can't call yourself a Meikofag and not knowing that crossover.
Same applies if you don't own a physical copy of Meiko's official pornbook.


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Still doesn’t explain why he wouldn’t just say that he was when he admitted to everything else

No, here is the list:
Keito>Mari>Leather Mom>Slut>Pissfu>Tits>Chiyo>Fugly>Cake>Anzu
deal /w it nerds

>Keito over all

>I'm wear Hana's panties, Chiyo. They feel the best for me. Will you go out with me?


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He just told her he enjoyed being pissed on and enjoyed kissing her, The reason she was upset was that he still lied to her dispute everything.

She accepted everything else. What else would that do? There are many other men who wear panties. And he could’ve just said that he didn’t have anything else clean, though that is a lie admittedly.

She was completely okay with the piss fetish shit

Why does she look stoned?

She is try to look like early arc Hana. Now that I think about that, Maybe she thinks Yoshi doesn't actually love her so she is trying to imitate Hana? It might not be too far off now that I think about it.


She's high with power

So after Mari fucked off she was never shown again?

That was such a fucking tease after the whole airport chase thing.

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Where are the Kiyoshifags? The Keitofags? The Slut and Mitsukofags?

>mind: broken

best girl won

I'm sad that Kate knowing Hana's secret was one of the plotlines dropped by the finalle.

I'm mad that the fucking wet t-shirt contest was fucking dropped by the finalle

I can almost accept the river ride as a stand in but it definitely wasn't a good conclusion to the rest of the boys arcs. I think Mari, Kate and Meiko got screwed the hardest in terms of actually ending their stories though. I loved the last chapter and it somewhat redeemed the arc for me but it doesn't make up for all the loose ends.

Then please enlighten me bro, would be cool to know both the crossover image source and specially that pornbook, first time hearing about it.

So nobody?

>Hanashitter still believes everybody who hates the ending is a Chiyofag

How hard are we going to celebrate when the epilogue comes out Hanabros?

You don’t honestly believe she still has a chance, do you?

i don't get it

Piss user, piss.

The school competition was so boring that I dropped it, only came back to find out they pulled some weird shit with the ending and it seems like I made the right decision.

Fuck, how couldn't i see it before

When's the epilogue chapter coming out?

Nice try, Chiyofag

>it’s another “everybody is against my ship” episode
You’re really paranoid for somebody who insists he “won”

I know you cockroaches. I know the way you think, you cannot fool me

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Literally nobody is nearly as obsessed with this shitty shipperfaggotry as autistically as you are

This manga was a joke tho, anybody who actually take it seriously after cavalry namek were delusional

Doesn’t forgive plot inconsistencies/shortcomings.

>Waaaahhh baby can't take slow pacing!!!

>we will never have more kate
it hurts so deeply

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Why are you Hanafags so delusional?

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>Meiko's official pornbook

When is the Epilogue chapter coming out?

April, apparently? 18th iirc

Also, is there any similar works to Prison School? The first half got me laughing like I was retarded, I miss that shit

>Is this a joke?

Prison School is a comedy series, so...

>Actually defending cavalry namek
I bet you enjoy rape namek too

These are truly, the times of trouble...

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