Darling in the Franxx

Who are you hoping to hear in PV?

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Treat her well you fags.

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>activate it

How does Nana feel about sexual intercourse? Is she repulsed by a thought of it, living her life like regular adult scared of unhygenic things? Or does she consider it as just an inconvenience that is affecting parasiteses, linked to this strange puberty phase. Does she get her doses of happiness?

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Someone has to teach the children about sex, positions and techniques

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>older Onesan
>instantly best girl

Never fails

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Honestly I would love a Nana flashback episode.

Dr. Franxx and Nana obviously have a history, and Nana was the children's caretaker even in the Nursery (zorome says something like how they're so lucky to get Nana again).

She definitely has a huge role in the background but has only been the "lady that issues commands" so far. Plus you can't go wrong with more Nana.

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>she's gonna die protecting the children

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Trigger always makes the best cakes

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I wouldn't mind this.

I'm glad she's getting more attention, I've enjoyed her since episode 1.

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I want her to give Hiro an "adult kiss" like Misato gave Shinji, before her death.

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>the children's caretaker
What exactly does she take care of?

Their "instruction".

testing from last thread

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if by instantly you mean 10 episodes for a bandwagon to start


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just use your imagination gfycat com/ RealisticRemorsefulArrowworm?speed=8

Don't fight for nonsense.

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gfycat com/RealisticRemorsefulArrowworm?speed=16

Why is 02 so damn ugly?

don’t miss your ship

Can't wait for 02 to take a bite of the strawberry.

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Poor diet

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>filename not "activate it"
tsk tsk

What a cutie

>this is unironically someone’s fetish

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Hello anons, editfag here.
I'm continuing this week's shitposting flavour.
Another user gave me this idea yesterday. It's not much more than a doodle, but I might finish it up properly later.

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I want this adorable creature
about forbidden love

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I want her to get milked? Well, it's going to happen eventually.

more like 402 amirite

I want a Kokoro of my own.

holy shit nice

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lmao good one

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Marina Inoue's in bombshell body produce the absolute girl!

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Isn't this the cutest thing you've ever seen?

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If she have never had sex, how would she get flustered like that

Not quite

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>mfw forbidden love

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I dunno how to feel about this

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Say it with me, Sup Forums!


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The way she synchs up with the song is just perfect.

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>watching your secret shota crush pilot with a demon girl that threatens to kill him every ride

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I can't unsee some faceless squid-beard pink dude grinning with his fist to his cheek.

why not both?

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>when he thrusts into the wrong hole

02 is gonna have more bites off of Ichigo tasty strawberries

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so im not the only one

that maternity book has appeared too often to be a red herring
somebody's gonna get knocked up

thumbnail looks like a creepy smile of a certain muv luv creature

Why is everyone trying to push this ntr garbage?

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>Dare yori mo tokeaitai yo daarin

Fuck. I know. Get's me every time.

push what? something getting posted here is not going to change shit in the actual anime
>inb4 no fun allowed

>2 girls 1 boy
It is called harem, nobody is taking dahlin away from zero tsuu.

Is there anyone who was ever more /ourguy/?

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that image just keeps making me hysterical

>forbidden love
>Ikuno steals Kokoro from both Milkman and Futoshi

Nothing else to shitpost from the last episode this week. Nana is hot yes but 02Hiro is a PAIR. No third wheel allowed. Nana probably doesn't even know shit about sex considering everything else.

harems are just soft ntr to the female caracters
monogamy or bust, there is no 3 pilot franxx

welp, to each their own

>monogamy or bust, there is no 3 pilot franxx
Well, let's ask Dr Franxx for one then?

He's pretty great
Sadly onifags dont like him because he isnt Hiro

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I don't even


Is this the favourite the most overused meme word of Sup Forums?
Seriously, nowadays you retards would call Romeo and Juliet NTR

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>there is no 3 pilot franxx
>he doesn't know
See you in the finale.

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>boy whose purpose in life is to take the one and only other girl that actually has motive and purpose to act on Hiro
>hated by onifags

he is too good to be alive
I just hope he gets kissu at least

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because people love to see drama, and with this angle chucklefucks can generate bucketloads of drama

>>Sadly onifags dont like him because he isnt Hiro
He's saving Ichigo from 02's wrath.

Uh. I like him.

But you dont love him

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I love both.

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He's a total bro and I wish him nothing but happiness.

that would be gay desu

Princess carry when?

B-but that's gay

The Bog(s)

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i'd let hiro and goro dp me desu

Zero Tsu. I want to know what she's thinking.


Nothing gay about loving your bro

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wtf i love both goro and 02 now

hiro pls
it's ok to suck your bro as long as it's not in an homo way?

She doesn't seem to have that kind of sympathy for the kids.
She is only here for giving orders and sometime blame them when they start making shit.

Ichigo is so manly

Just so "no homo" first, and you're in the clear.