Fooly cooly

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>No Male MC
>Mostly female casts


in the trash

Haruko is kween
Eyebrows chan is a qt
I wanna know the second song

This is a vile stain on the original FLCL.

stop making these threads it attracts retards

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Spiky seeds

Yay!Another good anime getting a shitty sequels.
What's next?Serial Experiments Lain?

>Remember those things that happened in the first series? Here's a bunch of references to them! That's what made it good, right?

we've only seen like 30 seconds of actual stuff, how can you all say its shit?

>Sup Forums hates flcl now

what happened?

Another season isn't necessary and everyone defending it is acting like a crossboarder

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Looks like K-on, dropped it.
Is gonna be crap.

I hated the original FLCL, overrated trash, i hope the new one is shit and flops just to spite the fags that like the original.

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>a trailer that shows off an entire retread of the original with worse animation and style
This is a mistake that we can't take back, only ignore and push aside.

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I actually just fucking cried watching this. This is so important to me. Hearing Haruko's voice again, and having her say Naota's classic lines... I cannot wait. All doubt I had was washed completely away with this.

These look beautiful, grandiose, and incredible.

You have to smoke pot and THEN watch it. It becomes the greatest show of all time if you do that, trust me.

Jesus fucking christ, I haven't heard english dubbing for all those 18 years, and it still sounds like utter shit. Is this a time capsule to the 90's? Why do people actually pick english dubs at this time and age?

You are a piss stain on this life
Fucking retards like this only think they're true fans, really they are emotionally stunted freaks.

>smoke pot
What do you think i am, some sort of degenerate?

Japanese trailer?

Welp, I waiting too long to buy all my Japanese CDs again and The Pillows are back to being stupid expensive. Anyone got any good torrents for an updated pillows discography?

>Trigger isn't involved

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>Trigger isn't involved
Picked up

What’s your justification for thinking it’s shit without seeing more than a minute of it user?


I hope it's recieved well. Catuously opromistic.

You know what? I have hope. There's a spark of the original there, but it also looks like its own thing.

I do not have high hopes.

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>we want the K-on aduciance
Well this whole thing is ruined.

>i hope the new one is shit and flops just to spite the fags that like the original.

That would be the opposite of spiting people that like the original.

dude, you watch anime all day and shitpost about it on a chinese image board. chances are you probably fap to 2D images and dont have healthy relationships either. i think you're already well into being a degenerate at this point.

>you watch anime all day
Sup Forumstard please

please what?

One of the best things about FLCL is that's it's only 6 episodes, and I mean that in the most positive way possible. It didn't overstay it's welcome, it was just long enough to tell the story it was going for.

In a world where every ending is ruined by sequel hooks, where every series is written to go on forever, there's just nothing like it.

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