Dont watch remakes dipshit

>dont watch remakes dipshit
>watch the series you dummy
they said

>there will be blood
there wasn't any. WTF. Angels just shutdown, or... did they not have a budget for fake blood for the series?

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Rebuild Evangelion is an Abe approved anime

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101 was great. 202 kicked fucking ass, but 303 sucked goose balls. What went wrong, Abe?

>202 kicked fucking ass
>What went wrong, Abe?
You did.

And why the fuck did you approve of that gay fucking piano? ABE!! EXPLAIN YOURSELF!

...wait a second, is that gay piano crap also coming up in the series? Will there be an episode with 20minutes of gay fucking piano faggotery? Please, nooo...

Anno went wrong, Sup Forumsnon. He just wants to spite his fans 'cause they still fap to Rei and Auska

What. Just in what way was 202 not fucking kino?

Did you only watch like 6 episodes?

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this entire franchise is a mess

dude give me a break, I marathoned already 1-8 (after having seen 101, 202, 303, planned to also watch end of.. but thought nahh, it's pretty gud, so I continued/restarted with watching the series). Will continue later.

...but are you telling me, angels will start to bleed at some point in the series, like in the kino movies?

The show takes a very adult, dark, introspective turn around episode 12-13. The first cour was intended for a shonen audience but the director's crippling depression and a time slot shift changed everything halfway through the series. The rebuilds don't capture any of that. Also the movie that completes the TV series (End of Evangelion) is a masterpiece in so many different ways. If you were planning to watch EoE after watching the remake movies you would have been very confused and would have ruined the true NGE experience for yourself.

Watch TV 1-26 and EoE then come back to me. There's a reason it's a classic.

Shinji came to this world kicking, crying and covered in someone else blood. He can die the same way

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>The show takes a very adult, dark, introspective turn around episode 12-13.
sounds great.

>Watch TV 1-26 and EoE then come back to me.
on it. But I don't really want to rush through it now. I'll just keep watching a bunch of episodes if I got a moment of time, up to EoE. :)

It completetly strips the characters of their depth and makes it into a well animated generic mecha movie.

well yeah, and schinschii is a whiny little fucking faggot (thanksfully this is indeed a lot better in the series; in the rebuild it's just painful). It's still kino. :D

More importantly, how did they fuck up so hard that there hasn't been a conclusion to the series in 10 fucking years???

>kino kino kino kino
Go back to wherever you came from.

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let me guess, you're not allowed/welcome in your local kino any longer?

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kek baby gonna cry??

>angels will start to bleed at some point in the series
Angels leaving corpses is a thing they randomly changed for the worse, it was better when they felt like they were alive.

There's that word again.
What does this word mean?

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2.0 was good except for the end, any parts with Mari and the dumb animal angels and the making Shinji dinner shit.
Also the Angel redesigns in general arn't good. And Asuka's introducion is meh.

>Angels leaving corpses is a thing they randomly changed for the worse
Uhh, you mean in episode 5?

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Fucking this. Also Remial leaves a body as well.

Both the last angel and Zeruel left a corpse.

And the only reason Sachiel didn't was because it fucking exploded.

German for cinema.

Pretty much.
The angels either let bodys, were too destroyed or destroyed themselves some how.

Why should I care about germans? they got owned by jews.

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Sup Forums?

>People are actually responding to this obvious bait

Oh boi where we go again

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>implying brainlets can fully comprehend Lucky Star.

You are right