Why are there so few sukeban characters in anime?

Why are there so few sukeban characters in anime?

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Because we live in shit times.

I don't know but it's a travesty that needs correcting. The delinquent genre in genre needs a renaissance
Also this.

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That's like asking why people don't wear their hair like Farrah Fawcett anymore, or why newscasters these days don't sound like the ones from 30+ years back. Things go out of style, aesthetic tastes change.

If someone tried to unironically revive sukeban these days it'd just be met with eye rolls or outright mockery.

Because there aren't any in real life

It's strange how little the trope is used for a nation with such masochistic tendencies. I'd be happy with just a story about delinquent girls.

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Niche market

Why are long skirts so erotic?

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Rebellious but not slutty.

Delinquent-chan best girl

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Enkou killed the sukeban star.

I agree.

Anime? Can't help you there. The VN Tsujidou is pretty much translated with the patch for the final route in a couple weeks

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ow my dick!

People like moeshit nowadays unfortunately.
We need to nuke Japs again.

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is that way

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Cuz animu is mysogine?

sauce me


Would you watch a monstergirl sukeban anime?

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Yes. The genre is so sparsely populated that I'll take what I can get.

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Anime nerds don't like strong female characters because they're too intimidating like real life girls and the viewer cannot feel a sense of power over them as they could with a lovable-doofus-type moe character or younger character.

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Would that turn them into super rapists?

You faglords prefer "strong" women because you lonely weirdos get imitated by the thought of asking one out by yourselves or of being the dominant partner

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