How would you Rate the various seasons of Digimon Sup Forums?

How would you Rate the various seasons of Digimon Sup Forums?
For me personally it's

Adventure=Tamers=Applimon>Xros Wars>Savers>Frontier>shit>02>Young Hunters

Haven't really watched Tri, so it's not on the list

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Well you have a shit taste.

Tamers>Adventures>Savers>Frontier>02>Young Hunters>Xros Wars>Applimon

>putting Hunters over anything
>telling others that they have shit taste
You really need to kill yourself.

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>Young Hunters better than Xros Wars
You have no right to claim jack shit about other's tastes faggot!

>Hunters above anything
>02 above Xros Wars

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Please stop samefagging OP.

Stop being salty that people called out your shit taste, user.

adventure>tamers>savers>frontier>xros wars season 2>xros wars season 1>appmon>02>young hunters>tri

>appmon that low
>young hunters that high
And you have the nerve to claim other people have shit taste.

>Liking S2 of Xros better than S1
What, you got a boner for shiny pits?

>Young Hunters
You user have shit taste.

>02>young hunters>tri
Kill yourself

Adventure / Tamers / Xros
Xros 7 Generals
Fontier / Savers
Xros Time Hunters
02 / Tri

That is the order those should be in.

>liking season 2 of XW over season 1 of XW
God you have massive shit taste.


There are people who actually think Xros Wars season 1 is better than season 2? How?

Because it completely obliterates death generals.

What do you mean how? Besides Apollomon the other death general where shit and poor replacements for Tactimon, Lilithmon, and Blastmon.
Yuu was a shit tier villain and Kiriha was better off as a lone wolf.
DarkKnightmon while still great in S2, was more entertaining when he was causing mischief for all sides of the war.

Tamers>Frontier>Adventures=Savers>Applimon >Xros Wars>02>Young Hunters

I watched all in dub excepted applimon,and savers

>I watched all in dub

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It was more fun.
Swapping out Taiki's buds for emo boy and shiny pits was a mistake

The only reason people put Adventure in first is because of nostalgia goggles
it's objectively:
Tamers>tri. chapter 3>Xros>Adventure=Frontier>tri>appli>Savers>hunters>02

>Any part of Tri that high
>Appmon so low

>Tamers>tri. chapter 3
>tri. chapter 3
This is some crazy autism at work here.

You can't pick and choose episodes like that.

Yeah nah fuck you. It's probably more likely you are some contrarian faggot and rate it lower because others rate it so high.
Human World Arc and the Dark Masters Arc are miles ahead of any season that isn't Tamers.

Are you the ratings police off to take user to Sup Forums jail?

fair enough
The Dark Masters Arc was among the best in the franchise, and the ending was pretty great too, but the majority of the series isn't that amazing.

The search for the Eight Human Child is great. Even though we fucking knew who that person was, you were at the edge of your seat wondering who would get to them first. Not to mention the interactions the kids with their families has only been surpassed by Tamers, and only Tamers. Savers tried but it was never that close.
in addition, Vamdemon was a good villain and a threatening one. I argued that the only time we ever got that again, a threatening villain, in the anime was the D-Reaper and Kurata.

It's the same as Tamers, the last cour is the one that really shines by bringing together everything that the show's been throwing along the way.

Kurata is such an underrated villain. He's just such a bastard.

It is the best part of the show.

I didn't watch adventure for the first time until I was in high school because as a kid I thought it was a pokemon rip-off (like most people did), so I wasn't excited or curious in the least about that.
Also Vamdemon was a fucking terrible villain. He was so fucking stupid, just letting the kids get away when they were right in front of him and going through convoluted plans that couldn't possibly have worked when there were way easier solutions. Not to mention his motives were boring too, just standard world domination shit.
The big difference is that the majority of everything preceding the ending was also about that good too.

Yeah, and it's still horse shit, the rest just happens to be worse.

>The big difference is that the majority of everything preceding the ending was also about that good too.
Nah, Tamers last arc is quite better than the rest, the rest was on par with Adventure first 3 cours.

1 was just nostalgia feeding
2 was mostly a pointless waste of time
4 was pulling shit out of its ass
5 was 4 but even worse
but there wasn't anything hugely wrong with 3,

>2 was mostly a pointless waste of time
It was worth it for this.

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Fuck now I'm too scared to watch Tri
Is it really that bad or are people just memeing?

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5 minutes in the first movie you'll ask yourself what the hell is this budgetless pile of nothing/nonsense.

It's not the best.
In fact, the Rosemon/Vikemon vs Imperialdramon fight at the end of part 2 might be the worst thing I've seen.

Well, it's not like Adventure was the epitome of animation either

Seeing is believing.

Tri is getting theaters releases and yet it looks cheaper than Appmon. Even Adventure digital world background looked better than the cheap crap Tri is getting. It's not just animation, it's like writers and storyboarders were replaced by janitors.

Classic Toei.

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Tamers>Adventure=Savers>Frontier>Appmon>Xros Wars>02>Hunters

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the others i still have to watch


adventure is literally rpg tier.

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