Best midriff?

Best midriff?

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1st for Suzuka-hime

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From a connoisseur of tens of thousands of midriffs, I believe the answer to be yet inconclusive, I have many favorites. I am always looking for more evidence, however.

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Time for breakfast.

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The one with the hardest abs wins

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How many extra points does ticklishness earn?

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If we're being honest, that should be the default. But god damn was that scene excellent, I was so happy they finally called attention to Zoe's exposed belly. The way you frame the midriff is almost as important, and crop tops are top tier.

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Midriff/Navel windows are top tier.

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I spilled about a million gallons of cum to her in this outfit

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Sauce pls.

For me? A lot.

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>bring up yozora's sexycute outfit
>she immediately changes out of it instead of wearing it for the rest of the series
Despicable. She must have noticed people staring at her, though.

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It was a tragedy

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Ticklishness is always a plus.

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Obvious choice

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I honestly prefer her default outfit.

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I prefer the jammies, girls wearing clothes that are way too small for them is one of the all-time best ways to show tummy.

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Top taste right there

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first thing that came to mind

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>no one has posted Merry
Thank you for this thread. I can now officially declare Sup Forums is dead and move on with my life.

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This one.

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Best midriff wouldn't wear a fucking school swimsuit for her beach episode.

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And Noi and Miyakozawa and Maki.

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It's extremely important

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My first midriff waifu

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How is a midriff waifu different from a regular waifu?

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That ending kickstarted my midriff fetish

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Some Sup Forums?

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What a terrible figure

Ninja midriffs are so cute and delicious.

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None of you understand

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>i'm going to quote literally everyone, that won't be obnoxious at all

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Misty/Kasumi, always and forever.

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Captain Earth

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>tfw 80% of Americans have fat deposits in their midriffs

>MC's reaction to having a bellybutton shoved in his face is to recoil in horror
This is why we need to phase out the archetypal harem MC. Their behavior makes zero fucking sense, in any universe.

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Bonus armpit.

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Ume LOVES midriffs

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Jeans + belly shirt is even better.

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>I will never be killed slowly and painfully while pressed up against these abs
Why go on lads?

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Let me give you more proof bros

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Why couldn't she put it all the way inside?

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this is the best thread ever holy shit

where does a lamia's midriff end exactly?

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I want to download a navel fetish onto a 2D girl.

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Why are ticklish midriffs so hot?

I agree

the lil navel peak

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Look at it this way: if a girl is getting tickled, she's going to laugh, and she's going to smile. Even if she's not really enjoying herself, it'll look like she is. And if she's especially ticklish in a certain spot, she'll be nearly powerless to try and stop you, leaving her fully in your control.

A great midriff should be soft and pliable to the touch, and her skin should jiggle ever so slightly as her belly moves up and down from laughing. The position in which she is tickled should depend on the shape of her midriff, however; if she's chubby like pic related, you should keep her lying in a position where she can curl up instinctually, increasing the density and gropability; and hopefully, you can wind up with your finger trapped in her navel, the promised land. If her stomach is flat and taut, however, one should consider restraining her in a position where her stomach can only move upwards, to emphasize the long, unbroken curve of her body, and the sensitivity of you exploring every inch of her pristine midriff will drive her crazy.

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