Pick only one to protect you, the others will try to kill you.

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Obviously Kazuma, he is so lucky.
(no homo)

Wiz. Not only best girl but also is easily stronger than every other character.

Wiz can cast ekkusuporoshuns just as big as Megumeme. I sit back as she manablitzes everyone.

Give me Lalatina

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I imagine fanboys are going to murder me but I started reading the novel from the beginning and honestly the anime is better so far.

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I'm pretty sure many actually agree with you, me included. The novel doesn't have the visual gags or voice acting or comedic timing of the anime, and the translation doesn't do it any favors. The only thing it does better is the chapter that aren't completely comedic, and that's only because the aren't in the anime.

wait until Kazuma gets into the royal castle with Eris

>translation doesn't do it any favors
I'm reading in moon, but just out of curiosity, is the translation bad? Isn't there an official translation for a novel this famous?

>The only thing it does better is the chapter that aren't completely comedic, and that's only because the aren't in the anime.
Right. I imagine a few things that felt skipped in the anime are probably gonna be done properly in the novel but I'm not there yet. Like that zombie shop owner. In the anime she just shows up and they are like "oh yeah, she is a friend we made off-screen".

anime looks janky as fuck and will never ever get all the way through to where the LNs are at now.
it was a nice intro to the series, but honestly don't even care about it now that i'm caught up with the LN.

Sena needs more love.

t. Kazuma

Except aqua can fuck her up

Aqua she can always resurrect later

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Yeah, but explosion. Without passing out

I cam here to post this, Aqua is the safest option.

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Wiz please, before Aqua can attempt to purify her she could probably cast off a couple of spells. Any injuries can be healed with a simple lap pillow with her breast covering my face.

Are there any better translations? The copy I grabbed is engrish af.

Skythewood is pretty good, decent at worst. I think they shut down tho, the TL work got uploaded to crimsonmagic iirc

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Kazuma is the only right answer. He is lucky enough to succeed. Meanwhile, the powerful people are varying shades of useless, except Vanir who will protect you but probably troll you too much along the way.

Re- edited editions of the Tls.


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