OMG OMG OMG I feeling the giddyness of a teenage girl meeting her prom date

OMG OMG OMG I feeling the giddyness of a teenage girl meeting her prom date

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Yeah, a prom girl with PTSD.

Can't wait for more suffering

she couldn't beat the cock but can the cock cure her?

the cock is absolute
the cock forgives all


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wasnt she just screaming at the end of this with the memories coming back AGAIN?

pretty much...
do you think schierke will know/learn any magic to keep her PTSD away or will be she like this forever?

but now we are pretty much like over halfway of the story; guts just has to beat griffith and get rid of the brand on him and casca...

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is that batman

Casca is going to faint seeing guts and they have to put her in a medical coma under the fairy tree just so she's basically out of the actual story and guts can go wreck griffith without having to have casca around anymore

oh damn i never even thought of just taking casca out of it like user....
but how will guts beat griffith is the main meme here
nobody other than the godhand can really fuck with him
unless skull knight is more powerful than we think because he was able to hit griffith in the eclipse i think
also sorry for so much shit, im just really glad to be discussing berserk with people again...

personally I think this will end with some kind of insurgency under griffith. Because humans will not live with the demons/monsters peacefully forever. It's all going to implode and the godhand will just take griffiths power away in the end just cause they can and then it'll be an even field again for guts to fight with him.

I don't think there'll be any reconciliation, this story is 100% set up to have guts walk into the sunset ALONE continuing a quest with no end.

It's been obvious since the very beginning that there will be no direct conclusion to this story I think.

Guts might kill griffith but casca won't want to be with guts and then he's going to say some shit like 'I'll make griffiths dream come true(without the demon and sacrifice shit)' then guts will walk off and fight off screen basically, become the new king of some country or whatever etc etc

cont. I actually think that somebody might just make another sacrifice maybe even guts to fuck with griffith. Some convoluted scheme. There's never going to be a fight against the godhand but probably a deal could be made.

damn i never really thought of it ending so arbitrarily like that
i dont see the godhand just memeing griffith like that for no reason unless if it was for more power because other than that i dont think they really have a reason to fuck with him
but if they did do that, then coup d'etat thing could definitely work since he wouldn't be strong as FUCK
it'd very gay if miura just ended it with conclusive ending after all these really think he would just cuck everyone like that?

point of the God Hand has always been that they're pretty much neutral and only align with your desires if you sacrifice shit to them. I can see them switching sides whenever they feel like it or somebody just sacrifices more.

I can see miura doing a cop out ending totally. There won't be an 'old guts sitting in front of the fireplace with casca and their child' scenario. No way in hell.

People who are WRONG will disagree about this being the best Berserk theme

I've not been a fan for very long when it comes to berserk, around 3 1/2 years now and I'm loosing interest by the chapter.
Last months chapter gave me hope because it was one of the best ones in the entire story, but endless breaks, inconsistent artwork (meaning sometimes it's outstanding sometimes it's just ugly) I see myself becoming less and less impressed by the way miura handles things now.
We know now that he can work digitally and he still takes breaks and refuses to fucking work and bring the series to an end already, or move it forward in some kind of way.

Trust me, I do hate everything associated with it, but this is the same as bleach, where the artstyle went downhill and then the narrative repeated itself endlessly. Luckily miura hasn't repeated himself too often but it's almost like he doesn't give any fuck at all anymore.
Also I don't buy into the "hurr suffering let's suffer together" memes at all, an artist has to stay consistent and on his feet if he wants to be the best and past successes can't carry you forever.

>around 3 1/2 years
>same as bleach
>wall text of complain
To me and every other user that has been dealing with Berserk and Miura for 10+ years, your complains sound like a little kid whining over something so mundane you can not only take him seriously, but you get irritated too.

Miura doesn't need to give a fuck, he can continue playing IDOLM@STER like he's done for forever now until the end of his days, just be glad story fucking moved somewhere over the last year. Then again, I can understand how someone young and from a generation that's used to instant gratification would lose interest so quick.

>real fans just lie back and let the author shit down their throat haha what a pussy you are actually expecting shit like Miura's getting paid to churn out Berserk or something and not spend all day playing vidya
>inb4 muh entitlement

Guts will have to provide her with some Cartesian Therapy.

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I don't see berserk at a typical manga , but rather as pretty much Miura's life.

To me, where ever it goes, it's easy to accept at this point. I'm fine as long as it's still being worked on by him.

Except that I'm not from that generation and you should stop making assumptions about people online.
An artist who really honestly believes in his story would not do what miura has done to berserk.
And of course he could do whatever he wants, but an unfinished story is far, far worse than a bad one.

Sorry if I saw hope that miura finally cut the bullshit and wants to actually finish this story.
Just look at something like jojos, despite all the meme cancer it keeps going on and going on only slightly lessening in art style but with that series there is a passion that is rarely seen.
We KNOW miura can do it, we KNOW miura has a plan and unfortunately we also KNOW that he does not give a single fuck about this series anymore.
With ever hiatus the greatness of early berserk gets lessened and lessened.

I imagine that she will have a mini freak out but Guts, who was just walking toward her, will embrace her and tell her it's all over now. This will be enough to snap her out of it and they will cry and hold each other and the chapter will end. It's kind of like how Guts had that brief psychotic episode when they first had sex that Caska nurtured him out of. Now the roles are reversed.

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