Fooly Cooly S2

FLCL season 2 is set to premiere DUBBED on Toonami in June.

How does Sup Forums feel that the AOTY and by far the most desirable anime of the year is going to premiere with a DUB and not start with weebspeak? Literal savior of anime, airing in English first.

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FLCL is perhaps one of the only Dub I like at least as much as the sub.
So I'm okay with that.

These will also be airing in japan as two theatrical releases as well at some point.
Dunno if that means jap voices.

>new seasons to a complete series
>none of the original staff
Yea knock yourself out

>FLCL Progressive
What did they mean by this?

AS is also airing the sub on their website, so it doesn't really matter. We already went through this with Space Dandy and it wasn't that big of a deal.

It's a rock genre.

The Last Jedi of anime

It does, OP is retarded. The theater release comes first. So the subbed version will be available months before the entire dub, considering the dub will only air once per week

Posting this in advance.

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It's not a big deal because it's another trash, forgettable series. Japan is never going to give some dying gaijin block first dibs on anything they consider a potential success. Dandy flopped, and FLCL will flop too

That's because the only shows that do well are harem/fanservice shit for sad otaku. If a show flops, that's basically a sign that it's worth your time.

Dandy did not flop in the west
The japs were too busy jacking off to their seasonal waifu the same time Dandy aired

I hope this is true. Got a link?

Does nobody give a shit flcl is coming back?

We already had a big thread earlier.

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cool, i was wondering when this was gonna start.

now give me more Space Dandy, goddammit

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I don't want it.
FLCL wasn't good because its an IP. It was good because of the circunstances it was created as well as the people who worked on it.

It's just another nostalgia cash grab. It will be shit.

Back to , you dumbass.

i am driving a bomb truck to the [as] offices in LA as we speak

I haven't seen any of the previews or anything, but I'm kinda worried about it coming back. It was a nice 6 episode series with a nice wrap up, I don't think it needed sequals, especially when it's almost 20 years old. With them announcing 12 episodes already, it seems more like a business decision.

Why should I care about a cheap cash grab? FLCL was a fine series and didn't need a sequel.

Based FBI-caught poster

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Reported to the FBI

I don't want it to come back, it ended perfectly.


Now Sup Forums is going to go down for another 16+ hours...

no FBI here baby you better call the CBP

People who willingly watch the dub should be banned from Sup Forums.

>How does Sup Forums feel that the AOTY and by far the most desirable anime of the year
By who, exactly? Shit looks flat.

Why does is it feel like some sort of cash grab and doesn't feel like the original?



>Why does is it feel like some sort of cash grab
Because that's what it is.

The crowd you’ve decided to bandwagon with most likely


Adult Swim literally admitted it is.

why the fuck are they shilling those stupid kickstarter headphones so hard?

They did? Last interview I saw with them they were all "oh yeah we're doing it because we want to because we love the original" and shit

RoB all over again, but this time Nina cosplays Daoko

It will blow and that will surprise no one.

I don't give a shit about dubs

Fuck off

So is Japanese dub being released same night as English dub?
I'll probably watch and enjoy both, but curious if one will be released first.

the character design is so bad.

Wow look! Generic anime girl 473974

I don't see the point in continuing a series that was 100% about a specific group of characters if you're just going to focus on a different group of characters. FLCL wasn't known for it's setting or continuity it was always about the atmosphere and characters. Haruko pulling a Han Solo doesn't change anything.

what the fuck are you talking about

imagine being this upset

Quit posting this Sup Forums shit here.

It seems to be making the themes of the original more obvious, i.e. Haruko as a kind of harbinger of adolescent spirit and achieving your potential etc etc
The dialogue is a little on the nose, isn't it? Haruko actually saying that she sees what's inside them... in the original we get insight into characters through weird crypto-poetry about sandals with pressure points drawn on them and pandas with mean faces. There's barely any exposition

Though, to be honest, I did enjoy the gag with Haruko scoping the woman's head and her little frown. Visually it's looking pretty strong, although it lacks the cold washed-out colouring of the original.

It might turn out good but I'm remaining very cautious.

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>they're making a third one after this

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FLCL was perfect as it was. It makes me sick that this is actually happening.

Literally Star Wars 7: Toonami

>The dialogue is a little on the nose, isn't it?
it sounds like something AS wrote themselves for this trailer

>airing in English first.
So? It's still a dub.

Yes that's very possible. Like with their original promo:

The dialogue honestly felt like something you would hear on a prime-time TV ad for an ebin new Netflix show.

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>more obvious
is that even possible?

>two lines in

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Here it is, the trailer for S2

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wow, yeah, that's very similar in tone. They should stop doing that.

Yeah there's quite a bit of messy ambiguous stuff in the original
Somehow Barbara Goodson saves it though. She's so great at playing a tryhard smarmy school kid. God that English voice cast was good

This has to appeal to the retarded Toonami audience who typically only watched shonenshit. If it's not on the nose, they won't understand and won't watch

>trailer just happens to air in english first
>show just happens to premiere in english first (never mind we've known this since it was announced)
>all of a sudden "FLCL WAS ALWAYS SHIT BACK TO Sup Forums DUBKEKS" crops up in droves


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FLCL was garbage, what makes americucks so fond of it?

This. AS knows exactly who they are marketing to. Look at the current Toonami lineup. It's pathetic that it airs on "adult" swim

I mean, until it airs this is just an excuse to bring dubshit/Toonami to Sup Forums. So yea, they need to go back

It's an anime women can't understand

well now i wont have to wonder what star wars fans feel

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Because NOBODY wanted it to
Toonami just threw money at a studio to make it happen because their network is dying and they need something to keep people watching

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You know sadamoto invented generic anime girls as we know them today?

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Still, you can see a clear difference in colour scheme between the two.

>This. AS knows exactly who they are marketing to. Look at the current Toonami lineup. It's pathetic that it airs on "adult" swim

Anime has no other home on U.S network television. Nickelodeon and CN do not do anime, straight up, none of their channels accept it. CN just finished axing off all programming that they did not make themselves, which means gutting Pokemon after a decade of airing it, they're 24/7 Teen Titans shit now. Disney Channel doesn't do anime, but their sister channel Disney XD airs all that kiddy toyetic anime like Yokai Watch and Beyblade. It's also where Pokemon ended up going.

After that adult swim is all that remains.

Will FLCL2 better or worse than Diebuster?


Right doesn't look like FLCL at all. Looks more like Soul Eater or something

Season 1 had a segment done in South Park's style, so will season 2 have a segment in Rick and Morty style? Family guy style?

Diebuster really truly is a spiritual successor to FLCL

And it is very good.
Deeply flawed, but very good.

i hope you get shot
no sorry user that was mean of me, it was a kneejerk reaction
what i meant to say is that i hope they dont cause i will shoot myself

Damn, sadamoto art went to shit

I honestly find Sadamoto's designs quite distinkt.

based cynic poster

>bu bu bu de colors are difrend

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Rick and Morty because [as]

The irony is that left still looks better in that image.

It will be in anime-style

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And? Just because they are the last network doesn't mean they have to air shonen for literal preteens

But they are. It does look significantly different from the original. Is it a bad thing? Maybe not, maybe yes. We'll have to see

Well there's always (((Netflix)))

The guy in charge of the lineup is a dumbass that won't even risk airing something like Panty and Stocking.

Its gonna be good, but people will pretends its bad because they don't remember how bland the original anime was.

It's literally the same style, we've been over this.
The only thing that's different is that you personally are not 14 anymore.
If anything you could shit on it for being too similar.
I see it must be hard for a contrarian shitposter to form opinions when the shitposter hivemind hasn't quite settled on a consensus about what to bitch and cry like giant babies.

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FLCLfags on suicide watch

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They don't actually.
The difference is that you're used to seeing shitty old mpg videos of flcl that you downloaded from kazaa and watched on your crt monitor.

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>Make a retarded pic
>Some people still fall for the bait despite the 1999 year number for old FLCL

FLCL looks like shit because no BD (BDs are upscales). So why does a show animated in 2018 look like shit?

We have to get this shit straight. People are not complaining that "it looks different", some of us are just saying it looks bad, and some are countering "but it looks EXACTLY like the original". No, it doesn't look like the original; it just tries to in some places like obvious closeups of Haruko, but it has telltale 2018 digital anime signs like the garish unpleasant color palette, the burned out feeling to the lineart in some scenes, the unremarkable background art, the animation itself. Maybe the actual show will be better but if you are showing a trailer you tend to choose what you think stands out, and that trailer isn't very good

Very true. I wish Adult Swim would have followed that idea and funded a spiritual successor rather than a direct sequel that nobody asked for. They could have actually done something very special rather than making themselves look like greedy gaijin.