Can we have a thread where we talk about classics that hardly anyone talks about anymore?

Can we have a thread where we talk about classics that hardly anyone talks about anymore?

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'posting a picture' isnt talking about it

How about the fact that it's one of the few 10/10 anime in existence?

No. That's what you have friends for OP. Sup Forums and discussion doesn't go hand in hand.

It's a 7/10 at best. Too much exposition. Shitty no-shade artstyle. Simplified plot so every dumb mouthbreather could understand it in the end.

Watch more anime

go back to your 3x3 containment thread, cretin.

can someone on this site dedicated for anime recommend me one that makes me feel a emotion other than 'that girl is cute'. old or not

Kaiba's good but it absolutely SHITS itself after Vanilla dies in episode 7. The reason nobody talks about it is because the actual plot of the show isn't good, as soon as focus gets shifted onto it the show starts dragging hard. It's best episodes are the characters just wandering around in a weird world, there isn't much to say about that. Chroniko, Vanilla, and some other characters dying is sad yeah but there's nothing to say about it beyond "ooga booga me feel sad about death" Kaiba and Kemonozume are interesting early projects from a good director that grew past them and did better, watch Yuasa's newer work instead. Devilman Crybaby is essentially a better Kemonozume. I have no doubt if he ever decides to revisit Kaiba's themes again in a new show it will be better than Kaiba was

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Compared to other shows that have it, I'd say Kaiba's was less overused and actually served a purpose other than fleshing out the plot. For the first half at least, all of them were akin to nursery rhymes or short stories designed to make you think about whether it was right, wrong, or what lesson could be learned from it.

>no-shade artstyle

I agree that it'd look better with some more depth.

>simplified plot

How was it simplified?

Kaiba has its weekly "why is it praised so much" or "just watched this masterpiece hurr hurr love yuasa" threads though.


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Remember that feeling when the plot was mysterious? When you first saw Neiro on the TV, good music kicked in, and you speculated how things would turn out?

>but other shows
Stopped there honestly OP. I just rather discuss this shit with friends. Like people that have read books in their lives. Discussing things on the internet just lacks that emotional impact. Also I can talk while doing other things. If I have to sit down and write I rather just not.

True this, I've got exactly eleven anime with a 10/10 rating and this is one of them.

Nah, I think I'm fine.

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>barely above 10k episodes
pretty sure i had more episodes watched with half the amount of completed shows. how much of your total count are shorts and music videos?

I've got 63 music videos, hard to say with shorts since they aren't counted seperately. But definitely some of the best anime I've seen were shorts.

>watch Yuasa's newer work instead.
I agree that Kaiba isn't a 10 but you are fucking retarded. Yuasa's newer work consists of:

>Night is Short, Walk On Girl
In which a lot of random shit that is at best mildly amusing happens for an hour before a completely unearned conclusion in the pairing of a character defined solely by how much he gets slapstick fucked over with a literal mary-sue.
>Lu Over The Wall
Which is essentially a discount Ponyo, but all characters are irritating and none of Ponyo's childlike wonder is to be found, making the overly-simplistic plot feel all the more uninteresting
>Devilman Crybaby
Which starts okay but completely falls apart after episode 5. In fact, this goes to shit so fast after that that it makes your complaint about the second half of Kaiba absolutely laughable. Everyone is so fucking retarded and so much forced cringy shit happens that when the actually bombshells hit you, you feel nothing because by that point you are unable to empathize with the characters.

Yuasa peaked with Tatami Galaxy and Ping Pong. Kaiba is good. His latest work is mediocre at best.

Today on Sup Forums, we witness as OP makes a shit thread and calls it "discussion". Now lets join our thread already in progress.

theres maybe a handful of shorts with a script good enough to justify that claim. all others are tech demos and usually lack a coherant narrative and/or proper acoustic direction. i really dont see how you could possibly reach that conclusion, unless we are talking about actual antalogies here, and not just single, 5-10minute shorts.

night as short is vastly superior to toonami galaxy. people who disagree with that require the self loathing shutin retard MC as a way to self-insert and relate to the characters. lu and crybaby are utter garbage, no doubt, but pingpong also is a more 'recent work", at least when compared to kaiba, mindgame or kemonozume.


What are some of your favorite anime?

what exactly is the relevance? why dont you instead list all the shorts that tick more than a single box and can arguably be considered to be the absolute peak of the artform? because, like i said, to me theres about a handful that fulfill those criteria. the rest are visually interesting tech demos, but very often lack any substance beyond that. not saying this this is a bad thing, since they werent intended to be more, i just have a hard time understanding why someone would outright dismiss narrative depth or acoustic direction because something is well/uniquely animated.

>night as short is vastly superior to toonami galaxy
It was fun at times but not all that memorable, I didn't really relate to toonami's MC but at least it had a decent message executled decently through it.
Ping pong is yuasa's best by far though

>at least it had a decent message executled decently through it
may i ask why you think that night is short doesnt have a decent message?

For me it didn't feel much different from your typical romance movie where tons of fun shit happens in the middle just to confess at the end.
That being said, watching both anime, the author really has this tendency of putting random funny shit in the middle just to have a strong redemption in the end, not too fond of either.

Watch more shorts.

unless i am missing something here, the message quite clearly was that coincidences arent a thing, that the "red string of fate" isnt a thing. getting a relationship to work requires a lot of effort, which is basically what the entire film is about. so the "random shit" that happens throughout the movie solely exists for that reason, and isnt random at all. its just a more or less abstract way to depict struggle. even if the character delude themselves into believing that its fate, the movie made it very clear that it isnt.

very substantial, as usual.

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>didn't feel much different from your typical romance movie

Then you must've missed the point entirely. My impression of it was that the entire romanticized notion of romance, fate, and finding "the one" were all ignoring the nitty gritty work involved of putting yourself out there to actually find someone you'd want to be romantically involved with.

Not sure if that'd be the message, it's pretty damn clear from the very beginning that none of those "casual encounters" of the mcs were accidental nor fate, to me fate was more of a theme in Tatami.
>getting a relationship to work requires a lot of effort
Making "casual" appeareances without interacting much with the person doesn't seem like terribly hard work to me, so dunno.

To me the movie was more about, having a fun carefree life is great and at all, but sooner or later you'll need some deeper kind of relationship and that's where the romance comes in.

>but it absolutely SHITS itself after Vanilla dies in episode 7
Some of the best, most important for the narrative moments only start near the finale.
Popo's descent into utter madness with everything he ever loved being stripped away from him even by blind accident like it was with the chip of his mother was fantastic.
Power struggle between him and Warp clones was extremely well-done as well as memory trader guy's declaration of love towards Hyo-Hyo.
The only part that lacked a proper punch was the scene of Neiro shooting into Warp, purely because at that point anime has already established that Warp is indestructible. Otherwise it was an excellent finale.

>implying all romance media relies just on fate
nah m8

Don't talk to mentally ill people dude. No droppers are mentally ill and only watch for epeen sakes and aren't capable of having their own opinion. Someone just starting anime and dropping something they dislike is more capable of discussion than this guy.

these depressingly pleb opinions...

Nobody talks about it because it broke their hearts. The series is 10/10 up until episode 7 where it all goes to complete shit.

Great intro, great art style, amazing soundtrack and the first half is absolutely flawless. Everything after is a completely utter mess and the best example of Yausa being an incompetent writer.

>actually watching the whole thing
>can't have his own opinion about it
Maybe he only have a lot of free time to spend.

Nobody cares about PoPo because just having the little campfire scene between him, Niero and the other girl isn't enough to establish him as a character.

But also, nobody cares about the second half for how it's rushed into. Yuasa might have wanted one of those "The answer was right in front of you when the show started" plot twists but to do this we needed episodes to loop right back around to Planet Lala or whatever it's called.

Instead, Vanilla and Chroniko die and we end up back on the world with no explanation and in a way that makes the Neuron odyssey pointless. Like, what the fuck even happened to Palm since she was with the body last? She was on the Neuron post launch, in Kaiba's indestructible body. Literally how the fuck did it get back?
It just jumps into it all and we have PoPo who just comes across as an insane dumbass, but you can hardly analyze that because the entire concept of all the Warp clones hardly makes any sense to begin with.

>he only have
Nope. No droppers are mentally ill.

Some people just don't archive drops, like me. You may have a point about someone with 1k+ anime watched tho

As I said. Mentally ill.

Someone explain part 2 for me, help me decipher the clusterfuck
>How did Kaiba's body end up back on the planet if it was on the ship with Parm?
>How did Kaiba's memory chip get there if it was plugged into Vanilla's ship?
>What the fuck was going on with the Kaiba plant, how did it get that fuck-huge?
>What was the point of all the Warp clones?
>Why were the old Warp Clones leading a resistance?
>What was the throned Warp clones plan?
>Why was the final villain just a tiny Warp Clone?
>What the fuck even was Kaiba/Warp?

Nobody talks about it because it is shit. BOO HOO LITTLE GIRL DIES is it.

>Little girl
Chroniko was menstruating the entire anime.

Unfortunately this show goes to shit about halfway through, but the first half is indeed amazing

>People unironically posting their MAL as if it makes their terrible opinion better

>don't talk to mentally ill
>said the mentally ill to the mentally ill


>How did Kaiba's memory chip get there if it was plugged into Vanilla's ship?

Kaiba's memory was transferred from the chip and uploaded somewhere else if you recall what Vanilla was describing about what he'd do.

>What the fuck was going on with the Kaiba plant, how did it get that fuck-huge?

As it consumes memories and material, it grew in size. Pretty sure that was mentioned.

>What was the point of all the Warp clones?

There were multiple Warp clones for multiple reasons. In story justification would be because the cloning process was needed to produce individuals that would have the right bodies, strong enough to withstand the weight of having millions of memories stored within them. Inferior ones would age and decompose normally.

A more thematic reason would be to allude to how so many different versions of Warp would all end up going in their own directions/aspirations even if they were the same person.

>Why were the old Warp Clones leading a resistance?

Because each of the Warp Clones wanted the power of the true Warp position to live out their own dreams, each one of which was slightly different if you looked at their projected memories.

>What was the throned Warp clones plan?

Plan for what?

>Why was the final villain just a tiny Warp Clone?

On the surface yes, the final villain was just a tiny Warp clone. One of the main thematic messages however, was that the villain was version of himself. One version of himself filled with bitterness and apathy for the world who didn't see any reason to change the way things were in society or in his own life partly because he kept himself chained down by his past. Memories that were misinterpreted because of how he felt.

>What the fuck even was Kaiba/Warp?

Kaiba was many things: A memory/world consuming creature, the Japanese word for hippocampus, and a representation for a person's memories or their past.

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>doesn't know anything about anime
>1500 completed since last season
sure thing retard, please stay in your 3x3 containment threads

Hahahaha are you the faggot from earlier who thinks your epic mal score means anything

literally who? you're the one defending a score for the show, retard. it definitely isn't anywhere close to a 10/10

I literally said half the show was bad

>Kaiba's memory was uploaded somewhere else.
That's not good enough for explaining how it managed to to be obtained by the wheelchair guy, who also obtained his body back from Parm through unknown means.
>It consumes memories
I got that, but the sequences were out of whack. One episode it's found on the memory bank planet and the next it's a world eating dragon. Maybe it got huge because it had eaten that entire world but the way it was presented just made it very confusing.
>They were cloned to obtain ones who could store millions of memories.
But why? The reason I ask is Kaiba is the original Warp or at least this is confusingly established. Warp has a hole in his chest caused by acidic poison his mother fed him.
So why clone himself? It seems like his original body had been missing for quite some time considering all the clones and that ship full of Warp-clone chips but then they show him hover boarding down to the poor-fag slums with amnesia from the storm meaning he couldn't have been there for that long.

>Yes it was a tiny warp clone but it was thematically a war with himself
That would be great if we were given a more literal idea of what Warp was and maybe more than an incredibly rushed background of a vague royal family and Kaiba's mother's "poisoning out of love".

All I got was Warp was from some ancient kingdom, he had some "power" that made him indestructible from the outside, he became ruler of all, invented memory chips and stores memories in his body and moved the upper-class to an elevated landscape over his world. He then for whatever reason cloned himself, left and got amnesia and his clones fought over the throne.

>That's not good enough for explaining how it managed to to be obtained by the wheelchair guy

Wheelchair guy was a memory trader, one that Vanilla had sold memories to before I believe. Not sure about the body, other than it possibly being purpose built for attacking Warp's palace.

>but then they show him hover boarding down to the poor-fag slums with amnesia from the storm meaning he couldn't have been there for that long.

The first original Warp is long dead. His memories were continuously transferred into a fit successor. He could have and had been there for quite some time before. The one issue I had was that it wasn't really clear why he flew down into the slums in the first place. The way he was shown doing it made it seem almost as if he was committing suicide or trying to anyway.

>But why?
>So why clone himself?

Because he had a vision of an everlasting human race that would never die and would advance to something greater, bettering themselves and being happy due to never forgetting anything. Instead he realized that vision would never be possible because all it did was show humanity's true nature, though due to his position he was kept away from the more positive aspects that people can exhibit, being alone at the top. He took up the mantle of all those memories of his in the hope that the future would change. That's why the requirement was that the successor's body could sustain the load. Presumably every Warp after the first took on the memories of the previous. It's just another version of deep cognitive memories that's been toyed with as an idea in science/fiction. The idea that if people remembered their previous generation's experiences their mistakes wouldn't be repeated.

>That would be great if

I guess it seemed obvious enough for me. In a show like this, much like when you read a book reading between the lines becomes the primary goal, but I tend to approach media trying to figure out what the writer's trying to say.

You're just OP right?

He's not.

I meant the 1k mentally ill original poster faggot OP. Not the opening poster OP.

>wheelchair guy was a memory trader.
I'd have to go back and look for that connection, if it's established then ok fine, Vanilla sent "Chroniko's" memories to his dealer to save them. But that was easily missable if not barely established as a thing. It's also incredibly convenient that it happened to be Warp's memories considering that Dealer was close friends with Neiro against Popo, almost asspull tier.

>Original Warp is dead.
Ok, so they expect the viewer to believe that the damage done to his first body would transfer over for powered clones? Fine, whatever.
I guess all those chips on the onion ship were of non-special Warps since special Warps are always up to date on their memories?

Either way it's all messy and hard to follow. What we needed was a continued journey on the Neuron with hints of things regarding who warp is along the way that would eventually bring Kaiba back to the world. Things like his family and how he came to be needed to be developed so we could understand what Yuasa was going for with the last few episodes better and be more satisfied from it.

It's not like the concept (at least now that you've explained it a bit) is that bad, but the execution was horrible.