Why do I hate her?

Why do I hate her?

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You'll never meet a girl like her.

this is one of those anime where they just tease the whole fucking thing. fuck these.

inferior version?

because you're GAY

Because you are a fruit. And I don't mean an apple, a literal fucking homosexual.

Because she's in love with someone else that isn't you. Also you're either gay or an uglier female jealous.

I know right, I wish anime was more like Game of Thrones

Let's see, does this do anything for you?

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Because you are gay. And not just any average gay, you are extremely gay. Homolord tier.

Her schtick gets annoying quickly, unfortunately. Still hot though.

You have shit taste.

She's trying to seduce the MC in an extremely roundabout way.
You, being the virgin that you are, are subconciuosly assuming that your virginity is caused because your dozens of crushes weren't bolder pursuing you.
So you hate her because you assume girls like her are why you're a virgin.

Why do I hate her and her stupid head?

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Shitty fucking glasses that ruin everything they touch.

imagine the shit you could come up with

Imagine embracing her body as she shakes her hips with the head held between her legs to give you a blowjob

Celty did it better.

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Imagine Gorilla Gluing her hands on her head so she can never let it go.

Because you're a pedo faggot with shit taste.

Why does my penis twitch all the sudden?

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imagine doing the same thing but her heads upside down

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Your a faggot, that's why. I'm not even a cowtit fag and yet I really enjoyed watching her.

Glasses, old hags, ugly purple side bang hair, and literally only good for her tits.

>"Your" instead of "you're" in 2018

Come on, meow.

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Did you just correct a mistake I made?

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please leave and dont come back

She's a succubus that intentionally dresses that way to make herself look uglier.

Because you have bigger tits than she does and you're male?

I watched the show because of this gif

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That's a jpg, son

worst girl by a mile every screen second on her was wasted

You have bad taste.

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Because you are a cock-lusting homo, OP!

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I’m a brainlet in math so she’d look down on me

Yeah but what about your cock size?

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There is no reason to not like glasses teacher

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Shit hair. Makes her look like a JRPG protagonist.

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Would she like it if one were to gently caress the edges of her flame?

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>LWA nigger
fuck off

Are you retarded?

>not liking ursula's design
Wow, that's some shit taste there user.

Man, there was just something i didnt like about this show. It tried to be emotional and have a story to tell but i just felt bored o annoyed during it.


>Responds to OP
>I'm not referencing the OP at all!

Same. I think my issue with it was how it constantly pushed the idea of these demis and the obstacles they face, but then when it came down to it their attributes were so watered down that they were barely any different from a normal human. I mean, maybe the fact that they weren't different at all was the point, but if that were the case then it felt like they should have focused more on societal views of the demis than the mundane physical afflictions each one dealt with.

The dullahan was the only one who really had anything drastically different about her, but even then pretty much every one of her challenges boiled down to "My hands aren't free because I need to hold my head"

you have good taste.

I want to rape them demi and purge them

Because you're fuckin retarded.

This picture is delightful

Because her manga is fucking dead.

10/10. Ursula a cute.

Because she is a product of A-1 pictures, the satan of aniplex.

shes too perfect

oh boy do I

It's because you are infected with a case of homosexuality.

>Liking Ursula
>Liking LWA

You are a pleb, user. Please, get some good taste and stop liking that shitty show.

Stop being a tsundere, user-kun!

Yeah, one of the worst aspects is how watered down most of them feel. I get the idea the they were going with of "see they are just slight different humans" but then you choose the most unbelievable monster with the dullahan. The whole "diferent throat universe" just annoyed me. It also did the classic "instead of creating new characters i will use one from a previous chapter that barely fits" with the bullies which i hate. I never was angry with the show but it felt kinda preachy as well? Despite not being based on reality the way the scenes played out just bothered me.

It was a hate build with a thousand nitpicks, and i usually like monster girls series.


I thought it was cute but the dullahan was definitely the worst part. I wish the vampire got more porn.

Because she'll never be yours.

out of your league?

Dear god why is she so perfect

maybe because you have a very bad taste in woman?